A Women’s Fashion Trend That Never Goes Out Of Style: Layering

Layering goes beyond staying cozy and trendy. Rather, it is a sure way to make a fashion statement. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you think. You may end up troubled with unwanted bulk, if you fail to understand the dos and don’ts of layering. 

Since women deserve the attention of the world, they waste no time to dress up and look their best. “To look more confident.” This is one of the reasons why women use layering even during the usual days.  

Listed below are reasons why layering is popular among women.

  • Good layering makes women slimmer and taller. 

Deceive everyone around you with a carefully-picked garment layer. Long layers can make you look taller and a little slender. 

Refrain from wearing non-complementary colors from your waist down. Choose a layer that bears the same color of the skirt, stockings, and heels you are wearing.   

  • Layers keep you warm and cozy as the temperature shrinks. 

You don’t have to get rid of your favorite summer dress as the winter season starts. Simply add a few layers to it. Then, match it with the right accessories and a good pair of footwear.  

When layering, follow these tips.

  • Have fun with proportions. When it comes to fashion and trend, creativity is the attention-grabber. Play around with the existing pieces of garments you have in your wardrobe. It makes the entire layering process more enjoyable. Now, put on a shorter sweater over a plain nude or white-colored shirt. 
  • Wear different fabrics or garment materials. 

 A wool vest could be a great top garment for a cotton tee shirt or sweater. Finish your getup with a pair of net shoes, wide-leg pants, pumps, and a nice pair of danglings. 

  • Wear skinny jeans under a dress. 

Putting on a dress over a pair of skinny denim or leggings is a trend that is well-loved by many women. It is comfortable and hip. Feel free to recreate this layering outfit idea by grabbing espadrille sandals, and a classy hand bag. Imagine how eye-catching it could be with a cuff bracelet and drop earrings for accessories.

  • Don’t go traditional. 

Unleash your power to innovate. There’s nothing wrong with trying out layering ideas that came out of the blue. Never limit your outfits to the ones you see on the internet, in the fashion week, and in runways. Unique as you are, be bold to try something new.