Completing A 2024 High Fashion Look: Sequins And Bows

In 2024, sequins and bows have become a trend not just on the runway, but in the fashion scene as well. 

Gone are the days when these bows were worn on hair alone. Believe it or not, be it simple or exaggeratedly supersized, bows are all over the place. Some are attached to belts, and sewn as a silhouette to gloves and socks. Bows can be strapped tightly to beautiful heels too. 

Luckily, bow outfits are subtle but understated. You can never go wrong with these bow outfits.    

  • Bow Stacking

As bow fashion ties up playfulness and feminism together, bow stacking is an interesting trend. It is a multiple-bow look style where ribbons are piled up in a way that makes the outfit less ordinary. 

Such trend isn’t limited to garments, but to hair accessories, bags, jewelry, and footwear too. As foreseen by many fashion experts, this “oh-so-delicate detail” bow trend is a sure hit to millions of Gen Z and Millennial.

  • Statement-making bow skirts

It’s time to bring the bow trend down the waist. Choose a top that goes seamlessly with the length and style of your chosen bow skirt. Pair an oversized bow skirt with an aesthetically simple top to achieve balance. Amp your ultra-feminine aura by grabbing a pair of colorful heels. 

Like bows, sequins are getting the same level of wow factor in today’s fashion scene. As a modern mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe, sequined garments are spotted not just on runways but in the international fashion week too. It is a reflection of futurism and style. Sequins can turn an ordinary day into a glitz and glamour party. 

  • Patterned Sequin minidress for trips

Stylish yet fashionable, this is an ideal dress for going out. It is best paired with lace-up gladiator sandals or flats, for a comfortable feel from dawn to dusk. 

  • Sequined slip-on tank dress for night outs

As much as women want to have fun on night outs, they also want to look good too. To make a glittery statement, put on a slip-on tank sequined dress. You can never go wrong with white, black, and classic-colored choices. Also, dabble it with fine-looking jewels to accessorize your style.   

  • Delicately-trimmed Sequined dress for weddings

Match the joyous vibes by wearing a sequined garment that is alluringly shaped by lots of draping. The length and color must be well thought out. Opt for a dress that goes perfectly with the motif. Add a satin bow detail. Remember, sequins and bows are to-a-T.