Smartsville &



 A project dedicated to discovering, preserving and sharing the

  history of these two unique eastern Yuba County communities

         through images and stories. 





Aerial view of Smartsville, ca. 1940

Kathy Smith and Lane Parker continue to research the history of the Smartsville and Timbuctoo area.  For more information, please visit them at The Smartsville & Timbuctoo Project. They look forward to sharing their findings with everyone interested in genealogy and in Yuba County and California history. If you have or if someone you know has images or stories relating to Smartsville or Timbuctoo, Kathy and Lane would appreciate hearing from you. In addition to photographs, they are seeking material such as maps, letters, diaries, illustrations, fliers- anything related to the region of Smartsville and Timbuctoo. Stories, especially first-hand accounts, are always welcome.


Materials related to Smartsville and Timbuctoo on the YubaRoots website:

Smartsville Catholic Cemetery               Smartsville McGanney Cemetery
Smartsville Fraternal Cemetery              Smartsville Pioneer Cemetery
Timbuctoo Cemetery

Search the YubaRoots website for further information relating to these historic towns.  Type in key words Smartsville, Timbuctoo, or the surname you are researching.



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