Great Registers - Affidavits of Registration

Feb. 18, 2004: The following photos were taken of some Yuba County record books that were purchased today.  This is only a partial inventory shown, as I will be picking up another 6 boxes of records that would not fit in my car!  So far, there are over 200 ledgers of the original handwritten records from 1910-1930, and 28 typed original versions from 1922-1950.  The bound volumes shown are the carbon copies of what were filled out by the voters before being entered into the very large/bulky handwritten Great Registers commonly seen. Each one is a different precinct within Yuba County.  I do not think there are complete sets, but will take what I can get.

I never knew until now that there was obviously a three step process in the Great Registers.  The carbons - which I now have -, then they were handwritten into a VERY large ledger, and then made into a typewritten transcript of the large ledger.  I was only aware of the last two.  That makes these the original originals!

THE STORY:  The records were discarded by a County office - along with many others that later ended up in the California State Library - and were "rescued" by a Marysville book dealer at the time.  They were subsequently sold to a book dealer in Sacramento, and have sat in storage for 17 years.  I found out from the Sacramento County Coordinator, Nancy Melton, that these records were available and I contacted the book dealer.  He told me that there were 51 volumes from 1910 & 1912, and quoted me a price. He assured me that they were original records (not transcriptions) and plans were made for Nancy and I to meet at the book store today.  We were shown one of the boxes and found the damage to be fairly minimal, the carbons readable, and overall a GOOD find.  Were we ever shocked when we were taken to the storage building where the remainder of the boxes were kept and found not 51 volumes, but 21 BOXES full of records!  I fit 15 of them in my car, with my shocks groaning all the way back to Marysville.  I can not adequately express what it felt like to be bringing those records "home" to Yuba County - where they belong. It brought tears to my eyes.  Still does as a matter of fact. 

We have Nancy to thank for these records becoming available to us.  She told me about them so that we would have the chance to get them back to where they should be! 

Now, here's the photos!

Guess you know what I will be doing for quite some time to come!!



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