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[The transcription below is from papers belonging to James Lague, Historian, kindly shared by Rosemarie Mossinger, Challenge, CA.]


Thursday Jan. 9 - This evening I find myself at the Westerner House, Marysville, where I meet several old acquaintances - Major Tisdale, Dick Stamer, Judge Crane and others. The weather is too cold to rain much but we hope for some before too long. Capt. Emerson and I promenade this evening. We walk out to see the sights.
Fri. Jan. 10 - This morn is cold but moderating in slight degree. I expect to go to Biggs tomorrow. Friend Emerson and I purchase watches for ourselves and wives. I think my purchase a good one and I know the present will be appreciated. Eve. - I write my wife. I pray that she and our Eddy may be well and that I may return in safety to enjoy our home together once more.
Sat. Jan. 11 - We are having rain - what the people of Marysville and all miners and farmers have been anxiously looking for. I take the train for Biggs at 1:00 p.m. We pass Lomo, Oakville and arrive at Gridley Station at 2 o'clock and twenty minutes - some rain falling. We arrive at Biggs Station three p.m. I find my friend Mr. Braddock at La Pointe store in Biggs Station. He and I go to Mr. Downing's residence where I have a good room and at home with every necessary comfort. Eve. B. and I enter upon our work which is a huge undertaking on my part, requiring much patience on his. The rain has nearly ceased.
Sun. Jan. 12 - Braddock and I take a long walk, which we find rather unpleasant, owing to the recent rain. We do not attend church. Reverend Mr. Jesse, his wife and child, Mr. Allen and Mr. Rigg besides seven of the Downing family and myself dined here today. - Downing's boarding house. Eve. - There is preaching - B. and I do not attend as we have Masonry to attend to. I am lonesome without my little family but find good friends here. I find the town of Biggs Station much larger than I had expected. Houses are not very compactly arranged - covering a large site.
Mon. Jan. 13 - This morning is very cold - there being a heavy frost - Mr. Braddock walked and lectured. He has a fine school, we walk to and from his school then lecture in the evening. B. tells me I am doing well but will take time to get thoroughly posted. We will have more rain soon or signs will fail all together. I hope to hear from the loved ones soon - time drags and I am anxious. Eve. is cloudy and before bedtime rain starts to fall.
Tues. Jan. 14 - This morning is nearly clear after our second rain since I left home at Woodville Tollgate. Eve. I called at the post office to see if there was a letter - but there was none. I am slowly but surely progressing with my lectures - hope to be proficient in time. Good Templars meet in the church.
Wed. Jan. 15 - I take my usual walk up the track of the railroad but go up toward Nelson - the next station on the road toward Chico. Eve. I get my wife's first letter. Thank God my folks are well and have good friends and neighbors.
Thurs. Jan. 16 - I walk out and rehearse by myself. P.M. is calm - we are having more moderate weather. There is a Degree Templar's Lodge tonight. Mr. Downing attends it. I would like to be present but have not the necessary work to admit me. I have other studies to think of.
Fri. Jan. 17 - The store of G. K. Smith was burglarized last night. This was their third or fourth burglary in a month or so. Quite an excitement in town about the matter. Eve. and I get another letter from my beloved wife. The burglars were caught this afternoon - they were Chinamen.
Sat. Jan. 18 - I commence on my third part of my lesson in the work. The day is beautiful and Braddock and I walk out on the track towards Gridley. The boys and young men of Biggs went to Gridley Station to play a game of baseball.
Sun. Jan. 19 - Mr. Braddock and I walk and lecture as usual when he has leisure. Eve. - We attend church and listen to a sermon by Rev. Sharbrough. There was quite a congregation out but the collections only amounted $3.25.
Mon. Jan. 20 - This morn who should come here but Dr. Karoner and Miss Brown from Forbestown, having brought Miss Brown here to take the cars to Red Bluff. Eve. - Braddock see Miss Minerva B. safely on board the train for Red Bluff. The trial of the Chinese burglers has been going on today in town.
Tues. Jan. 21 - This morn is cloudy. Lulu Downing is four years old today - a bright little daughter of my landlord. I am still a pupil of Braddock.
Wed. Jan. 22 - I start on my usual morning walk to find myself over a mile from town. P.M. - I walk toward Gridley and finding myself nearing that place conclude to see it. Eve. I return, but the car is just starting for Biggs - I jump on board and ride to the latter place for the small sum of two bits or 25.
Thurs. Jan. 23 - Mr. Braddock gave me a lesson and took his dinner with him to school. I remain in the house most of the time. Rain still continues. Eve. I continue at my work with the assistance of Brother Haddock. It is a huge matter to undertake and it is not everyone who can obtain it readily.
Fri. Jan. 24 - It is raining - I am still pursuing my labors among the craft and hope to come out all right.
Sat. Jan. 25 - I expected a letter from Bro. R. E. Warren, Inspector of the 10th Masonic District at Chico. I telegraph to Warren after which his letter received by Braddock was brought to the U. T. office. B. and I take the 3 o'clock freight train for Chico, where we find rooms at the Union Hotel. We go to the Warren's store and then to the Masonic Hall where we find a fine room lighted up by gas. Rain commences to fall rapidly about 6 o'clock. I obtain my certificate and we retire for the night about 10 o'clock.
Sun. Jan. 26 - This morn we take the express train at twenty minutes to 6 o'clock and return to Biggs where we breakfast at about the usual time. Braddock and I walk and talk. Eve. We listen to a sermon by Mr. Jesse. I expect to start for home tomorrow to see the loved ones there.
Mon. Jan. 27 - This morn I bid my instructor goodby at 9 a.m. and return to Mr. Downing's to pack my trunk for home. At noon I leave on the freight train for Marysville at which place I arrive at 2 p.m. Hear they have a Mson to raise in Corinthian tomorrow night, which will be of great assistance to me as Master Elect of Forbestown No. 50 F. & A.M. Eve. - I visit several Masons at their respective places of business. Bro. Crane takes pains to see me through.
Tues. Jan. 28 - Visit around some - do some trading and get two new watches regulated. P.M. I receive in due form the P.M.'s Degree which it was necessary for me to have so I could take my seat as M. of Forbestown 50. Eve. I attended Corinthian as expected and witnessed ceremonies there, which were very imposing and I profited by them. Elmont Brooks and Hawley are in town. Brooks on his way to the Bay.
Wed. Jan. 29 - This morning I take the stage at 6 o'clock for my home and I willing bid adieu to the city of M. We dine at Hansonville. Halt at Knoxdale long enough to change mail. Eve. I reach my home and loved ones at 6 o'clock p.m.
Thurs. Jan. 30 - I call on Josh's folks - find Mary quite sick. Howard Varney was here for awhile. Eve. - I sent Mary some venison which Kirby killed. Our new neighbors are very kind and duly appreciated by us both.
Fri. Jan. 31 - Tomorrow I have to go to lodge in Forbestown which is quite a trip but my friend G. H. Mallard offers me a horse to ride so I can go comfortably. Mrs. Varney has been quite sick for some time but is rather better.
Sat. Feb. 1 - This morn is fine - P.M. I go to the lodge and as expected I ride on horse back. Mr. Emerson accompanys me. Eve. We have a lodge and I take the "Oriental Chair" for the first time in my life. We now have a good ----- and I shall endeavor to do my part toward keeping it so. Emerson and I stop all night and we talk over matters pertaining to lodge business.
Sun. Feb. 2 - The sun shines hot as we ascend the hill out of Forbestown toward our homes. Mr. Emerson and I start for home immediately after dinner at Courtlands. P.M. we reach Tollgate about 3 o'clock. Mrs. Varney is quite poorly.
Mon. Feb. 3 - This morning is fair - we wash laundry for the first time since my arrival from below.
Tues. Feb. 4 - This morning I begin to saw wood from my wood tree near home. I roll down some logs which I shall split into wood to last several days. Mrs. Varney sick - she is dangerously so in my opinion.
Wed. Feb. 5 - Eve. - Mary is not so well - Mrs. Falck has gone up to sit with her. She is a good nurse, and Mrs. V. prefers her to any other person. Howard went over to Forbestown after the Dr. but he was in bed and could not come.
Thurs. Feb. 6 - This morning Mrs. Varney is quite ill. Howard went after the doctor who is himself in bed with pneumonia.
Fri. Feb. 7 - Emerson, Dodge and myself go to Forbestown. Get there at noon and after dinner we open lodge and march to the home of deceased brother Brooking (?) thence to the hall services were had. Hence to the cemetery and there we laid our brother in the grave with all the grand honors of the fraternity of F.A.M. There was a good turnout of Masons. This is the 5th anniversary of the birth of Edward G. Twogood.
Sat. Feb. 8 - This morn is cloudy and there is every indication of rain or snow. Eve. - Mrs. Varney is not quite so well again.
Sun. Feb. 9 - I write to D. W. Braddock, Biggs, and to J. L. Taylor in Wichita, Kansas. Taylor wants me to move to Kansas - possibly we may go sometime.
Mon. Feb. 10 - Prindle's folks go down to Brownsville to see Lizzie who is not well. Howard Varney went to Forbestown on horseback.
Tues. Feb. 11 - Prindles return by stage and stay for a visit.
Wed. Feb. 12 - Prindles leave on the stage. Mrs. Varney not so well.
Thurs. Feb. 13 - Wife went up to see Mary, and Howard came back with her. He thinks the chances of his Aunt Mary recovering are against it.
Fri. Feb. 14 - Susie went up to her Brother's. Mary is rather more comfortable. I went to Clipper after having cut a log out of the road above Orlewa.
Sat. Feb. 15 - John Dowell came by on his return home from Clipper Mills after having taken Whitehead and family to Schultz's. Mrs. W. is sick. They have four children.
Sun. Feb. 16 - Susie called on Mrs. Falck this p.m. Mrs. Conr-ad (?) is at Varney's. Mrs. Varney is gaining slowly.
Mon. Feb. 17 - About 5 o'clock Bill Kimball goes by here after the doctor for Mrs. Whitehead who has pneumonia.
Tues. Feb. 18 - The doctor passed here about 9 a.m. to see Mrs. Whitehead. He had "Uncle Jo Pratt" with him. P.M. the Dr. returned to say he got to Schultz's just in time to see his patient die.
Wed. Feb. 19 - Mrs. Whitehead's funeral to be at 12 noon today. After waiting a long time for the coffin which Goulen (?) of Strawberry is making they decided to have the service so that Rev. Corwin can return home. His discourse was broken up by the sudden illness of Mrs. Schultz. Dr. Karsner was called.
Thurs. Feb. 20 - The coffin having arrived this morn. I drive Howard's team from Clipper to the burial ground at Strawberry Valley. I call at Parson's on my return, then take my family and Mrs. Adams as far as Orlewa then return wagon to Ong Goon at Chinatown.
Fri. Feb. 21 - Mrs. Tobin came up on the stage to nurse Mrs. Varney.
Sat. Feb. 22 - I work a while on the road where Kimball is doing a good job for Falck.
Sun. Feb. 23 - I take Eddie and walk up to Sharrer's. We find Mr. and Mrs. Hall at Sharrer's.
Mon. Feb. 24 - Mr. Sweetland took my name for a County map of Yuba co., cost $10.00
Tues. Feb. 25 - I write Masonic Board of Relief of S.F. regarding our late Bro. Christopher Martin.
Wed. Feb. 26 - I work for Varney taking out stumps in Falck's field. He has a contract with Falck. Mrs. Falck bouth a pair of large prunning shears of Rev.J. Pettit and a washing machine of Botsford.
Mon. Mar. 3 - Snow falling at 8 a.m. A team came after Mrs. Andrews as her husband's brother is at the point of death. Dr. Mansfield having given him up. James Andrews, Sr. Proprietor of the Milk Ranch where I boarded in the winter of 1855-56 about six weeks.
Wed. Mar. 5 - Rained steadily all day. Marysville is in danger of indunation again.
Thur. Mar. 6 - Rained all day. Eve, no stage came and no doubt Marysville is flooded.
Fri. Mar. 7 - About 4 inches of snow at 6 a.m. I got a horse of Mallard to go to Forbestown. Eve., the contemplated Dramatic entertainment is postponed till Friday of next week. Nora McCarthy very sick, not expected to live.
Sat. Mar. 8 - This morn is stormy. I help Gildmachen fix up the books of Forbestown Lodge #50. Eve., small attendance due to the severe storm.
Sun. Mar. 9 - Nora McCarthy died at 2 o'clock p.m. I start for home and find Mr. Mallard at home and return his horse. Eve., reach my home and find Mr. Horton there. He is very tired, having walked from Brownsville.
Tues. Mar. 11 - Snow going fast. The stage is not yet on its regular trips since the storm. Water came within 2 inches of the top of the levee at Marysville.
Thurs. Mar. 13 - Is pleasant. We had a turkey dinner and the Falck family and Mallard dined with us.
Fri. Mar. 14 - P.M., we wash and get ready to go to the Dramatic Entertainment in Forbestown.
Sat. Mar. 15 - The entertainment went off in good shape and the dance was very good. We start for Woodville. Arrive at 10 a.m. Then proceed on our way to Strawberry with Horton. We are at Prindle's this eve. We see Millard's wife for the first time since she grew to womanhood.
Mon. Mar. 17 - We dined "fashionably" at our friend E. A. Emmerson's by invitation.
Tues. Mar. 18 - Snow falls this p.m. We dined at Drake's by invitation. We have a good time playing croquet.
Wed. Mar. 19 - We dined at our friend Mrs. Prindle's whose table was laden as usual upon state occasions, with many good things at which our Host presided with his customary dignity.
Thurs. Mar. 20 - Still stormy. Mr. Davey is not expected to live. The arrival of Mr. Stone - husband of his very dear friend, lately deceased, excited him.
Fri. Mar. 21 - We are still in Strawberry Valley. Eve., I call at the Dodson's and find Alex. McIntosh there. Dr. Mussey joins us.
Sat. Mar. 22 - Mr. Stone has gone to Marysville in haste for a M.D., Millard's wife poorly.
Sun. Mar. 23 - Alex. McIntosh, Dr. Mussey and I lecture together at G.T. Lodge Hall.
Fri. Mar. 28 - We leave for home at Woodville. I get notice of the death of Bro. McMillan. Also news of Braddock's intentions, matrimonial.
Sat. Mar. 29 - Packard and I go to Forbestown and make arrangements for a Masonic burial for Bro. James McMillan. Funeral well attended.
Wed. Apr. 2 - Falcks folks and my family dine at Varney's by invitation, it being Howard Varney's 24th anniversary of his birth.
Sat. Apr. 5 - Go to Forbestown for lodge meeting. Bro. Chappell of Oroville whom I never met before was with us.
Sun. Apr. 6 - E. A. Emmerson and I return to Woodville via Mt. Hope quartz ledges and Mr. Mallard shows us through the tunnel.
Wed. Apr. 9 - My wife and boy go up to Clipper. I buy a sugar pine of Adams to make into brake-blocks. I dine with Sharrer's, after which I go to Clipper thence to the Ditch House, then to the Cutoff Flume, and get a saw. Have a pleasant chat with Mrs. Champlain at Ditch House.
Fri. Apr. 10 - Snow on ground until 10 a.m. Have Sharrer and H. Varney to saw sugarpine for me tomorrow.
Sat. Apr. 18 - Fulton went down this morning. His collar-bone is nearly healed - after being broken. Kimball and I grind my ax.
Thurs. Apr. 24 - Eve. I went to Adams for eggs. Mrs. Sharrer is helping Mrs. A. about a quilt. Road work commences with a crew of ten men. Jack Leslie came home yesterday from Susanville. He will work on the road.
Sun. Apr. 27 - Hattie and Josie Cartland were here, with Miss Plaskett and they drive with us.
Thurs. May 1 - Instead of going to the Ball at Challenge Mill we are called to the funeral of our deceased friend Wm. Cartland of Forbestown.
Sun. May 4 - Emmerson and I return home from Forbestown - we both dine at Woodville House. My wife is stopping a while with Mrs. Cartland for company and to help do some sewing.
Wed. May 7 - I go to the election with Horton. We hope the New Constitution will be beaten and that the Old will still be the Organic Law of the State. Strawberry went 40 to 2 against the New Law.
Thurs. May 8 - Geo. Sidelinger cut off his thumb and I take his place helping Falck on the new Hall building.
Sun. May 11 - Birmingham goes to Forbestown and brings his wife and Mrs. Drake home. Gulich and Lizzie Sharrer visit with us.
Tues. May 13 - Lucy A. Prindle dine with us. We hear Mrs. Sharrer, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Hall are coming to visit.
Tues. May 20 - I go to Challenge to see Uncle Joe Pratt who got hurt.
Sun. May 25 - Wetmore and family called on us after dining at Falcks.
Tues. May 27 - I work on road again. McIntosh hauls a load of ceiling from Diamond Spring Mill. He hauls chips from my pile to the place where Ball got stuck in the mud. Eve., Bryan and Jennings drive sheep up.
Sat. May 31 - Three or four droves of cattle passed in the course of the day. Eve. Packard and I go to Lodge in Forbestown. There is a Minstrel Show in town.
Sat. June 7 - We attend G.T. Lodge - having visitors from Knoxdale Lodge. After closing we attend a little dance at the Columbus House, Johnnie Robinson, Proprietor.
Sun. June 8 - Harvey and Jodie Drake went to Marysville to meet her Aunt who came from Massilon O.
Mon. June 9 - I repair road with bark, brush and dirt. My wife called on Birminghams yesterday. First time since our marriage, nine years.
Fri. June 13 - Mrs. Hankins came up to get some sewing done. Mrs. F. M. Emmerson was here to dinner. Eve, I go to P.O. after mail. Saw Mrs. Willey at Sharrer's.
Mon. June 16 - Received goods from Red House, Sacramento - pair of boots, $3.50. Eve., Armstrong brings up sewing machine for Mrs. Prindle. G. F. Crist is here with his two oldest sons.
Sat. June 21 - We hear of the robbing of the Oroville-Forbestown Stage. (Black Bart)
Tues. June 24 - I make brake-blocks. P.M. we hear of the death of Terrance Dowd who fell and expired without a moments warning.
Fri. June 27 - Travel brisk. $24 toll today, best of the season.
Sat. June 28 - The other Sibley team just sold for $800. I get a cow in exchange for one I already have.
Mon. June 30 - The Birmingham family call at our house and we have a pleasant chat. Johnnie East is trimming cake for the Ball.
Tues. July 1- We are preparing for the "Glorious Fourth". Two cows and their calfs were taken from here, belonging to the Freemore Bros.
Fourth of July 1879 - Is pleasant and people begin to collect at Woodville House for the Ball to take place this eve. Midnight everything is lovely.
Sat. July 5 - We had a gay and unusually pleasant time last eve.
Mon. July 7 - Wedding of Harvey and Miss Myra Boynton tomorrow evening. Horton goes and is take Misses Josephine Drake and Della Goble.
Tues. July 8 - The Strawberry delegation went to the wedding his p.m. We hear that Ed Fulton fell from the stage and was severely hurt.
Wed. July 9 - The wedding was a fine affair and well attended. Mrs. Cartland and Mrs. Crist came over from Forbestown and dined with us.
Wed. July 16 - Is Mrs. Elliots birthday. The warmest day we have had for some weeks. There is a "Big Soup" at Varney's Ranch.
Thurs. July 17 - Mr. Crists folks and my family go to E. Binets for a ride and visit. We take supper with them. Call at Sharrers on way home.
Sat. July 19 - Eve we attend a little candy pulling and dance at Adams.
Sat. July 26 - There is a picnic near Clipper Mill school house. My folks and Falcks attend. Eve I go to Forbestown on Kelley's old Tom. We have a good meeting but slim attendance on account of the Odd Fellows dedication at Brownsville.
Sat. Aug. 9 - Mr. Osbeck and family come back to Woodville. We were glad to see them too.
Sun. Aug. 10 - Mr. O and I walk over to Mt. Hope. Mr. Mayberry gave Mr. O a chance to work in the mine.
Fri. Aug 15 - Wife and boy go to Strawberry to a show, McGinley Troup.
Mon. Aug. 25 - We hear of the shooting of Kalloch by Charlie De Young in S.F.
Tues. Aug. 26 - Birmingham is willing to furnish lumber, nails and paint for a new home. I think of building for a Toll House.
Sept. 3 - This is the day which elects the first Governor to execute the laws under the New Constitution of the State of California. P.M. I go to Strawberry Valley to vote. Eve. I start home with Doc. Wolfe from Clipper.
Fri. Sept. 5 - We have a dance here at Woodville tonight. Dance small but lively.
Mon. Sept. 8 - Brake block trade fair. I'm getting $2.00 a day out of it so far this month.
Thurs. Sept. 11 - Brooks and Parkins have bought the Gildmacher store in Forbestown. Mr. Knox was here - he's not favorable to my building much here.
Fri. Sept. 12 - I hear that Klackenbaum is coming. I ride to Brownsville to get Hawley, the Constable, to come up to the Woodville House and attach K's team. I order my lumber for a house from Leach whose wife has a baby 2 days old.
Sat. Sept. 13 - Hawley gets here about 5:30 a.m. P.M. Klackenbaum came and his team was attached. I have the property in charge as keeper.
Sun. Sept. 14 - Full returns from election come in slowly, but Perkins is our Governor elect.
Mon. Sept. 15 - The first lumber for our new house came in.
Wed. Sept. 17 - We hear of the death of Mr. Shadbolt by cutting his throat with a razor.
Thurs. Sept. 18 - Falck goes with his team to the funeral at Brownsville. We return home about 6 o'clock. Mrs. Shadbolt is in a very critical situation - not expected to live.
Tues. Sept. 23 - I forward by Express $73.40 premium balance on my Insurance Policy with Atna of Hartford. We hear of the death of Mrs. Shadbolt.
Thurs. Sept. 25 - Commence preparations for building. Shaw starts work.
Fri. Sept. 26 - We make good progress at moving the old Toll House. I go to Birds (?) Mill to get rollers for the house moving.
Sat. Sept. 27 - Get old building on rollers and moved back about 16 feet. Eve. I go to Lodge in Forbestown.
Tues. Sept. 30 - House is in place about noon - Shaw and I having moved it independently of any other help. Commence on the new building.
Thurs. Oct. 2 - We lay the first sill for the house. Weather doubtful.
Fri. Oct. 3 - Hall goes to the mill for the balance of the lumber. Shaw and I get up part of the frame.
Sat. Oct. 4 - P.M. weather doubtful. We get on first rustic.
Tues. Oct. 7 - Rain continues. There are seven teams here for the night.
Fri. Oct. 10 - We get cornice on one side of the house and commence shingleing.
Sat. Oct. 11 - Sprague helps Shaw and me to put balance of cornice on and to put shakes on roof. Rain commences in P.M. We get windows on one end and side of house.
Sun. Oct. 12 - I pay Sharrer for shakes sold - $20. Shaw has ague - a regular shaking kind. P.M. I go to Clipper to get quinine for Shaw.
Mon. Oct. 13 - We finish the roof of the house. P.M. we lay floor.
Tues. Oct. 14 - Finish floor and commence ceiling.
Fri. Oct. 17 - I have a severe cold on my lungs. Party at Strawberry for the benefit of the school.
Sat. Oct. 18 - Warm for this time of the year. I feel rather improved, since Mrs. Osgood mustarded me last night. Malaley's cattle went down today.
Mon. Oct. 20 - My wife goes to Marysville with Mr. Falck, and leaves Eddie with me.
Tues. Oct. 21 - Eddie and I will both know how to appreciate my wife after her return. Eddie very hoarse last night.
Fri. Oct. 24 - Wife returned last night. Mrs. Prindle went to Evan's with Butcher, Horton after visiting us awhile.
Wed. Oct. 29 - Sharrer and Osbeck take up mining ground on Slapjack Creek. Osbeck paints some on our new house.
Sun. Nov. 2 - I am very comfortably situated in our new house. Can write and watch the road from every direction while sitting at my table.
Tues. Nov. 4 - The telephone company are getting near here with their posts. Eve., the telephone is in operation and questions are being asked and answered with people in Gibsonville, Howland Flat and La Porte.
Wed. Nov. 12 - Snow falls most of the day.
Sat. Nov. 15 - Shaw starts for Bangor. Osbeck's folks are getting settled in the house we just vacated. Lizzie Beckham went to Quincy.
Fri. Nov. 21 - Horton dines with us today. We have chicken - this is our Thanksgiving dinner.
Sat. Nov. 22 - Go to Forbestown. We have Lodge and raise three members to the Sublime Degree of M.M.; Howell, Cornwall and Green.
Sat. Nov. 29 - Is very rainy. I hang closet and sink doors.
Mon. Dec. 1 - Rain continues. I find water in our cellar; will have to dig a drain.
Fri. Dec. 5 - Kelly and Falck have a lawsuit at Strawberry before Justice Youlen. We hear that Henry South died from the effects of a gun shot wound. Eve, we hear that he is still living and improving.
Mon. Dec. 8 - I salt my winters beef. Shaw left with Falck for Brownsville.
Sat. Dec. 13 - Nero, Mr. Falck's New Foundland dog, is better. Has probably been poisoned by some enemy of Falck's.
Fri. Dec. 19 - A terribly stormy day. Wind blows fearfully. P.M. Falck's big barn took down by the wind.
Sun. Dec. 21 - I get a few Christmas things for my folks at the Clipper store. I talk to E. A. Emmerson through the telephone - first experience in such witchery.
Mon. Dec. 22 - Snow 10 inches deep. I cut a tree out of the road. China Jim helped me. Birmingham took his daughter Lizzie Bird home to spend Christmas. The Adams family took a sleigh ride.
Thurs. Dec. 25 - We have a fine dinner and Geo. H. Mallard is our guest. Eve, we have Mr. and Mrs. Osbeck to tea.
Sat. Dec. 27 - This is the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Gaylord Smith Wisey Twogood.
Mon. Dec. 29 - Eve. I got out my table to write and there was a surprise party. Came in sleighs from Strawberry Valley. After a good time, lunch, etc. they return by moonlight.

Transcribed by Kathy Sedler.