Records  of  Isaac  McComas

1866  Diary

Entries relating to California


January 3, 1866

I am fealing very anxious to get a letter from Mr. Williams my attorney in Marysville but I know it is on account of hard times there and he cannot collect anything

January 11, 1866

I saw Mr. D. Brown today. He thinks I can do well to go in with him & Bro. at the mercantile business at Warrington, Va. I would like to do so if my affairs were settled out in Cal. As things stand now it appears I will have to return between now and the spring

January 13, 1866

I was disappointed this evening in not getting a letter from Mr. Williams from Cal. My affairs there is quite annoying

January 19, 1866

I am very anxious to hear from Cal. as it has been so long since I received a letter from there

January 20, 1866

I received a letter today from the Rev. Mr. Bollinger of Marysville Ca. In regard to the balance of the money due me on the Church I built there just before I came away. He wants to pay it just as soon as they can.

February 2, 1866

I was disapointed again today in not getting a letter from W. L. Williams of Marysville, California. The mail arrived this morning from New York. I think it strange I did not get a letter from there

February 14, 1866

I wrote to Major Fowler of Marysville California this eve in regars to the cistern I built for the city some time before I left there but never got any pay on account of it leaking for a while after it was finished. But I finelly made it water tight. I see no reason now why they do not pay me. I wrote to the Major in hopes that he would try and have the matter settled.

March 1, 1866

Afternoon I went to the Post Office & got my Marysville papers

May 2, 1866

I was very much disapointed today not getting any letter from California. I thin it very strange that Mr. Williams does not write. I think I shall go back & attend to my own business.

May 3, 1866

I received a Marysville paper. It has the names of the City Officers that has just been ellected. W. Hudson Mayor, W. L. Williams treasurer with a good set of men for Aldermen.

May 29, 1866

I received a letter from Decker & Jewett Bankers of Marysville with a draft for 422.44 the Note of Seward & McDonald I left there for collection. It was for Gold and I sold it for 137 1/8

June 6, 1866

I received a letter today from Mr. Bolinger from Marysville about the Church I built for them.

June 8, 1866

Sometimes I think that I had better go back to Marysvile and try and settle up my affares there first before I get at anything here & I think it is likely I will [--] now and September next

June 10, 1866

Mr. Charles Rison our Marysville man was Baptised this evening which I was very glad to see.( Baptism occurred in Baltimore )

June 13, 1866

I received a letter & statement of my affares in Marysville with a Draft for 445.00 Dollars in coin. Coin is quoted today highest 143 but it is down now at 141. I thought it best not to sell today but I think I would have bought at 143 if I had been out at the time. My affares there now seem rather incurageing. I am thinking some of going back but have not desided what I shall do yet.

June 16, 1866

I wrote to W. L. Williams this noon.

June 30, 1866

I met Mr. Halkings on the street this morning. He is an old friend of mine from Marysville Cal. He is looking well.

August 13, 1866

I saw Mr. C. kisor formerly of Marysville Cal. He is looking well. He is now living in Balto

August 16, 1866

Mr. Kisor called at the building to see me this morning

August 23, 1866

I went to the Post Office and got 3 Papers and one letter from San Francisco. The letter was from a wine seller he wants to sell me wine. I have been thinking some of going in the Cal. wine business but I am now engeged building & I do not know what I will do when I get my house finished

September 3, 1866

I got a letter from the Rev. Mr. Bolinger. He is still asking time on the last payment of the Church. I wrote W. L. Williams about it.

September 20, 1866

I am thinking some of going back to cal. when I get my house finished & rented or sold & then I get my affares settled up there in some way or other as it is not paying me anything of any account.



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