Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Individuals who appear in 1854 Diary


Abeal, Mr.                                          Baltimore

Albert, W

Andy                                                   Baltimore

Ann, Cousin                                       unknown relative, Baltimore

Annie, Sister                                      Isaac’s sister, Baltimore

Arnold, Rev.                                       met on passage

Armor, Mr.                              from Baltimore,  kept sign shop in San Francisco

Baiken, D.                              from Baltimore, lived in Frits Flats, California

Bailey, Mr. R. P.                                San Francisco

Baker, Susan Cousin                       unknown relative, Baltimore

Bateman, Mr.                                     met on passage

Bateman, Mrs.

Bebb, Mr.

Beua, Mr.                                           Whig candidate in Marysville

Bowen, Josiah                                   traveled to California with Isaac

Brady, B. Mr.                                      miner in Marysville

Brierly, Mr.                              Pastor of 1st Bapt. Church, San Francisco

Brown, Bro.

Buckingham, Miss church member. Baltimore

Burch, Mr.                                           San Francisco

Burck, Mr.                                           Baltimore

Burd, Mrs.                                          boarded in NY, traveled with Isaac

Burlingame, Mr.                                 Marysville

Carroll, C.                                           Whig candidate, Marysville

Chittenden, Mr.                                  traveled with Isaac

Clark, James                                     met on passage

Cockey, Mr.                                       Baltimore

Cockey, Mrs.                                     Baltimore

Cockey, Susan                                  Baltimore

Colison, John                                     San Francisco from Baltimore

Copeland, Mr.                                    bricklayer, Marysville

Crowell, Mr.                                        bricklayer, Marysville

Cummings, Bro                                 San Francisco

Cunningham, Ann                              Baltimore

Daniels, Rev. Mr.                               Methodist minister, Marysville

Davis, Henderson                             bricklayer, Marysville

Devawl (?), Miss                   lived on Kent Island, Maryland

Dryden, Mr.                                        minister, Marysville

Eliad, Mr.                                            owned lots on C Street, Marysville

Eliza, Sister                                       Isaac’s sister, Harford County, maryland

Ellis, Mr.                                             Marysville

English Tom & Robinson                 Isaac’s employers, Marysville

Faul, John c.                                      Isaac’s employer, Marysville

Flederman, Mr.                                  tailor, Baltimore

Frazier, Mrs.                          Ellen Slicer Frazier, sister of future wife, Sarah Slicer

Fuller, Mr.                                           lived at #61 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Gabriel, Uncle                        brother of Isaac’s father, Harford County, Maryland

Gatch, Mr.                                          Baltimore

Giles, mr.                                            Baltimore

Gill, Mr.                                               Baltimore

Grill (?), Mr.                            gunsmith, Marysville

Green, Robert.                                   Bricklayer, Baltimore

Grimsley, Mr.                                     minister, Baltimore

Grinnell, Rev. Mr.                               preached at First Bapt. Church, San francisco

Hale, James                                      San Francisco and Marysville

Hale, Joseph                                     lived on Kent Island, Maryland

Hamilton, Mr.                                     taught singing, Marysville

Harrison, Miss

Miss C. Hayes                                   met on passage

Hensly(?), Mr.                                    San Francisco

Hill, T. H.                                             miner

Hillman, Isaac                                    San Francisco

Hillman, Mrs.                                      Marysville

Holaway, Mr.                                      jeweler Baltimore

Humphreys, Mr.                                 Baltimore

Hunt, William                                      miner

Jacob, Bro.                                        Isaac’s brother, Baltimore

James, Bro.                                       Isaac’s brother Baltimore

James, Uncle                         James Amos, brother of Isaac’s mother

Johnson, M. S.                                   met on passage

Jones, Bro                                         Baltimore

Kemp, Mr.                                          Kent island

Kingdon, Bro.                                    Baltimore

Knobloch, Rebecca                          Baltimore

Lane, Mr.                                            New York

Leverick, Mr.                                      bricklayer, Marysville

Levering, G.                           New York

Lewis, Albert

Louder, Daniel                                   bricklayer, Maryville

Martha                                                unknown relative, Baltimore

Mary McComas                                 unknown relative, Baltimore

Mary, Aunt                                          unknown, relative, Baltimore

Martin, Mr.                                          miner

McClenthen, Mr.                                Marysville

McDonald, Mr.                                   Isaac’s employer, Marysville

McGowen, Mr.                                   New York

Mills, Mr.                                             Kent Island

Minor, Mr.                                           Baltimore

Murry, Mr.                                           proprietor of Western Hotel, Marysville

Nelson, Mr.                             San Francisco  

Nuguest, Mr.                                      San Francisco

Paine, Mr.                                          Isaac’s employer, Marysville

Patriarch Gray                                   attended funeral 1/8/54  Baltimore

Peale, Mr.                                          Isaac’s  employer, Marysville

Perry, Mr.                                           Isaac’s employer, Marysville

Pinkum, Mr.                                        Isaac’s employer, Marysville

Presson, Doc                                    Marysville dentist, from Philadelphia

Reynolds, Mr. B.                                San Francisco          

Richardson, Mr.                                 Baltimore

Richardson, Mr.                                 miner

Ringgold, Miss                                  Kent Island

Roob, Mrs                                          Marysville

Ross, Miss. A.                                   Baltimore

Sandburn, Mr.                                    killed in mill explosion, Marysville

Schott, Bro.                                        Baltimore

Shakespear, Benjamin                     traveled from Baltimore with Isaac

Shuck, Rev. Mr.                                 San Francisco

Shultz, Bro.                                         Baltimore

Singger, Mr.                           lived on E St., Marysville

Slicer, C.                                            brother of future wife, Baltimore

Slicer, Mr. A                                       San Francisco

Slicer, Miss Sarah                            future wife, Baltimore

Slicer, Mrs.                             Margaret Widdefield Slicer, mother of future wife

Smith, B.                                            bricklayer, Marysville

Smith, Wm.                                       Bricklayer, Marysville

Stown(?), Miss

Taggert, Mr.                                       New York

Thompson, Mr. George                    Baltimore

Tirya, Bro                                           minister, Baltimore

Tilghman, Capt                                  Harry Jenkins Ferry

Tolles, Abraham                                Marysville

Tolson, J. C.                                       Kent Island, ran store

Tolson, Mrs.                                       Kent island

Trubody, Mr.                                       traveled with Isaac to California

Virginia, Cousin                                unknown relative

Walker, William                                 Marysville

Wallsworth, Rev. Mr.                         Marysville

Warner, George W.                          Marysville

Watterson, G.                                    Baltimore      

Welsh, Mr.                                          met on passage

Wheeler, Mr.                                      Baltimore

White, S. J.

White, D.                                            traveled from Baltimore with Isaac, bricklayer

Woodbridge, Mr.                               San Francisco lecturer

Woolf, Mr.                                           New York, Marysville

Wollet, T.

Worzingcraft, Mrs. (?)                       San Francisco

Wright, Mr. Hale J.                            San Francisco



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