Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Individuals who appear in 1858 Diary


Annie, Sister              Elizabeth Ann McComas, Isaacís sister living in Baltimore

Aubery, G.

Baker, Bro.

Baldwin, Mr.                           employed Isaac

Barnes, Mr.                            butcher

Bender, Mr.                            employed Isaac

Blair, Mr.                                 Methodist minister

Bliss, Judge                           employed Isaac

Bockious, Mr.                        employed Isaac        

Bowen, Josiah S.                  Isaacís partner after 2/58

Brayton, Rev. Mr. J. H.

Brierly, Rev. Mr. B                 minister from San Francisco

Britt, Tom                               brick layer

Bromburger, Mr.                    Lodge member

Brumagin & Co.

Bruner, Rev. Mr.                    Methodist minister

Buckmaster, Miss

Calvin                                     hanged in Marysville, April 16, 1858

Camerin, Mr.                          employed Isaac

Chase, Mr.                             Downeyville, employed Isaac

Conrz(?), Michael                  worked for Isaac, pit filler

Coopper, Rev. Mr.               

Corwin, Miss

Covelon, Mr.

Craft                                        brick mason

Crammoor, Mr.                      member of Oriental Lodge

Daily, James L.                     Lodge Treasurer

Dame(?), Timothy                 Oddfellow

Deardworff, Mr.                     brick mason

Demott, Mr.                            plasterer

Dryden, Rev. Mr.

Emily, Miss

Emmel, Mr. J.

Gingle, Jacob                        employed Isaac

Gonsarver, Mr.                       lecturer

Graham, E.                            from Baltimore

Grandmother McComas      Martha Amos McComas, Harford County, Maryland

Grant, James

Hach, Col.                              lawyer

Hamilton, Mr. E.                     taught singing school

Hapgood, Mr.

Hawley, Mr.                            store keeper at First and Merchantís Sts.

Hesser, William, C                butcher

Houn, Judge                          employed Isaac

Hudson, W. K.

Hush, Mr.                                employed Isaac

Kusel, Mr.                               Oddfellow

Labef(?), Francis                  Lodge member

Laird, Mrs. L                          employed Isaac

Linn, Charley

Lowery, Mr.

Mac                                         McDonald, Isaacís partner in the brickyard until 2/58

Malott, B. F.                           recording secretary of lodge

McChristian, Mr.                    Lodge member

McDuffie, Mr.                         employed Isaac

McLean, Dr.                           employed Isaac

Merritt., George                     Lodge member

Mith, S.                                   employed Isaac

Montgomery, Mr.                   murdered in Yuba City

Moxley, Mr.                             employed Isaac

Murphy, Bro                           Oddfellow

Packard, John                       employed Isaac

Page, Samues(?)                 stabbed at the Fair

Pain, Mr.                                 sold his brickyard to Isaac

Pasonatt, Frank                     worked for Isaac, brick setter

Pecks, Rev. J. G.

Pierson, O. H. Mr.                 stable owner

Pinkum, Mr                             bricklayer at A. and 2nd. Sts.

Pitts, Mr.

Rafe                                        apprentice until 2/58

Raynolds Brothers Bankers

Read, Mr.                               employed Isaac

Read, Mrs.                          employed Isaac

Rice, Dr. D. W. C.                 nominated for mayor at mass meeting

Rigbee, Mr.

Rimears, Mr.                          employed Isaac

Selby, Mr.                               rented Isaacís house at F. and 5th Sts.

Seward & Bowen                  brick masons

Sherman, Mr.             lived in Isaacís house on D. St.

Smith, J.                                 employed Isaac

Smith, S.                                employed Isaac

Steel, Mr. John A.                  builder

Stone, Mr.                              Baptist minister

Swezy, Mr.                             employed Isaac

Taylor, [--] C. Mr.                    employed Isaac

Tompkins, Col.

Turner, Mr. R. M.                    bondsman on Public School House

Wallsworth, Rev. Mr. Presbyterian minister

Watson, Mr.                           baker

Wescoat, Mr.                         employed Isaac

Westinhuver(?), Mr.               employed Isaac

White, Dan                             worked for Isaac

Williams & Co.                      miller

Williams, Mr.

Willson, Mr.

Wimple, Dick

Whealler, Mr.             Baptist minister

Wheelwright, The                  4th and E. Streets



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