YUBA  COUNTY (& surrounding areas)


Stone House


Thanks to Sharon Jones for sharing this post card, as well as the description!

Photo postcard of Stone House, Yuba Co, California.  I have scanned it at a very high resolution to bring out the detail. The original is very faded & very had to make out. This postcard is considered in the public domain due to its age. It can be used freely without my permission.

Research shows that Stone House was in the Loma Rica area, near the intersection of Loma Rica Rd & Scott Grant Rd. All that exists today are some ruins.  The folks in the picture are:
Papa - Horatio Grant
Bessie - possibly Elizabeth Grant
Mabel - Mabel Alexander Grant
Myself - Zelma Grant, wife of John Martin Kane
Alfred - Alfred Grant
Ray - unidentified


Here is a cropped scan of the previous postcard, Stone House, hopefully showing the people in more detail.

It was addressed to Albion Richardson of Clinton, Maine by Zelma (Grant) Kane, the wife of John Martin Kane, on March 25, 1909. The message on the back says,
"Winter view of our home. Papa on porch, Bessie by tree, then in succession - Mabel, myself, Alfred, Ray. Shall write a letter soon. Lovingly, Zelma."


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