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Marysville Appeal - 1/3/1919, p4 - Funeral of Sutter Pioneer Saturday - The funeral of the late George W. Eager, pioneer resident of Sutter County, who passed away at the Rideout Hospital New Year's night, at the age of 88 years, will be held from the chapel of Kelly Brothers, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, and from there to the Sutter City cemetery, where interment will be made. - George W. Eager was the father of George, William, Henry, Warren, Walter, Oscar, Albert and the late Arthur Eager, Mrs. Mary Wren, and Mrs. Ada King.



Appeal Democrat – 3/15/1971 – Funeral and burial services for Charlie Eagle, 62, of 227 Third St., Marysville, will be in Springfield, Ore. He died Friday at Yuba General Hospital. A native of Oklahoma, he lived here eight months. He is survived by seven sisters, Mary Anjun and Beatrice Hilton, both of Springfield, Ore., Julie Powell and Francis Dear, both of Coyle, Okla., Ruby Wright of Milpitas, Helen Adamson of Muskogee, Okla. And Beaulah Harriman of Guthrie, Okla. Arrangements here are by Lipp & Sullivan Chapel.  (Transcribed & submitted by Brad Sharpe)


Marysville Daily Appeal - Tue 7/15/1884, p2 - Died:  In Marysville, July 13th, Bertie, infant son of Thomas and Dellia Ealy, aged 4 days [months] and 8 months [days].


August 4, 1950  Santa Rosa Press  page 7 - Petaluma, Aug. 4--Funeral services will be held here tomorrow for James F. Early, about 70, 401 Walnut Street, who died yesterday at the Petaluma General Hospital. - He was a native of California and had lived in Petaluma for 40 years.  He was employed by an oil company in San Francisco. -      Mr. Early leaves a wife, Mrs. Harriet Early;  a son Allen Early, Petaluma;  two sisters, Miss Katherine Early, Petaluma and Mrs. Robert Ayers, Pengrove.  He was the grandfather of Edward Early.  He was preceded in death by two brothers, W. H. and Warren Early, and a sister Mrs. Mary Murphy. - Funeral services will be held at Sorensen's Funeral Home at 9 a.m. and low mass will be celebrated at St. Vincent's Church at 9:15 a.m., interment will follow at Calvery Cemetery.  (According to his WWI registration card, he was born in Yuba County on 18 Dec. 1879.  He was the son of James Francis Early and Catherine Louise Kelley.
His wife's maiden name was Butler.  Transcribed and submitted by Mary Thomas.)


Sacramento Daily Union - 1/25/1879 - Died:  Smartsville, January 22. - Mrs. Mary Ann Early, 43 years.



Oroville Weekly Mercury – 1/02/1880 – DIED – At Brownsville, Yuba county, November 30, William Henry, son of J.H. and Annie East, aged 1 year and 5 months. (B. S.)


Sacramento Daily Union - 3/27/1861 - Sad Accident - A miner at Timbuctoo, named Alden Eastman, a native of Lincoln county, Maine, was killed in the Cement claim, owned by McAllis & Co., byt he caving of a bank, on March 3d.


Marysville Daily Standard - 8/1/1872, p2 - Died:  At Camptonville, July 4th, Lilian M. Eaton, aged 2 years and 1 day.


Sacramento Bee November 23, 1859 - Died Nov. 21st  Marysville, Nellie Maude daughter of John L. EATON, aged 5 mos 14 days (R.T.)


Marysville Appeal - 1/5/1902, p1 - Mrs. Ebert's Funeral - The funeral of the late Mrs. Hedwig Ebert will take place at 2 o'clock this afternoon from the family residence, No. 623 D street.  Rev. Avery G. Hunt, pastor of the Presbyterian Church will officiate, and the church choir will sing appopriate[sic] hymns.  The interment will take place in the family plot at the City Cemetery.

Marysville Appeal - 1/7/1902, p1 - Last Rites Performed - Funeral of Mrs. Hedwig Ebert Last Sunday Afternoon - The funeral of the late Mrs. Hedwig Ebert, who was a much respected resident of Marysville and West Bear River Township for many years, took place on Sunday and was largely attended. - The services were held at two o'clock at her late residence on D street, where Rev. Avery G. Hunt, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiated. - The following ladies and gentlemen constituted the choir:  Mrs. F. H. Greely, Will B. Davenport, Miss Anna McKenney and Dan Sharp. - The following gentlemen acted as pall-bearers:  Harold Cornforth, C. C. Hampton, Peter Engel, Hugh McGuire, Tom E. Bevan and J. C. White. - The services were conducted at the City cemetery, where the interment took place in the family plot. - Several beautiful floral pieces were sent by friends, including a very handsome piece, "The Gates Ajar."

Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/8/1902, p1 - Mrs. Ebert's Estate - Its Probable Value is $15,000 and it Will go to the Children - In the matter of the estate of Hedwig Ebert, deceased, the petition of J. E. Ebert for letters testamentary was filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court yesterday and was set for hearing Saturday, January 18th, at 2 p.m. - The estate is valued at about $15,000 and consists of a half interest in the Ebert ranch in West Bear River Township, containing over 2000 acres; $5000 insurance in the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York; 100 head of cattle; 15 head of horses; farming implements; household furniture of the value of $2000, and notes and mortgages of the value of $1000. - The heirs at law are Miss H. Ebert, a daughter, and J. P. Ebert and Attorney J. E. Ebert, sons, all of whom reside in Yuba county. - W. H. Carlin and J. E. Ebert are the attorneys in the case.


Marysville Daily Appeal – 4/25/1874, p 2 – Died:  At Ebert’s Ranch, April 22d, Jacob Ebert, aged 48 years. – Funeral this morning, services to be held at his late residence.  The procession will move from the residence at 10 o’clock and arrive at the City at 1 o’clock and proceed to the City Cemetery.  Friends are invited to attend.


Marysville Herald - Fri. 12/20/1850, p2 - Melancholy Accident - Mr. M. S. Ebright, of the house of Tay, Brooks & Co., was, on Wednesday morning, at about 10 o'clock, examining some German percussion caps, which are used as both charge and cap, and are quite powerful.  He placed one of them upon the counter of their store, and exploded it with an iron weight, when the discharge communicated with a large quantity of the caps, creating a terrible explosion, the report of which sounded like the report of an ordinary sized cannon.  Mr. Ebright was shockingly mangled, and portions of the poisonous caps were deposited in different parts of his person; many of these were extracted by the surgeons.  A young man who was a clerk in the establishment was injured considerably, but not dangerously, in the face. - Both Mr. Ebright and the young man were last evening much better, and we are happy to learn that Mr. E. is considered out of danger.

Marysville Herald - Fri. 1/10/1851, p2 - Death of Mr. Ebright - We have to-day to perform the mournful duty of announcing the death of our very worthy and much respected friend, Mr. Ebright, the accident to whom we published some time since.  He expired, after much suffering, on Monday last, at about midnight.  Mr. Ebright was a man universally liked in our community, where he had resided nearly ever since our town has been in existence.  In all the relations of life he was most exemplary, and his death leaves a void in our midst which will be long felt by devoted friends - friends who have become so by the contemplation of, and acquaintance with his many virtues as a man and a citizen.  The melancholy manner in which he was stricken down, in the prime of life, while it calls forth the tear of friendship, may serve as a lesson of the frail tenure by which we hold our earthly existence, and how unexpectedly we may be called away, to be seen no more of men. - In the appropriate column of this day's paper, will be found an obituary notice of Mr. Ebright, written by one of his many friends.

Marysville Herald - 1/10/1851, p3 - Died:  In this town on the 8th day of January, in consequence of injuries received by an explosion of German gun caps at the store of Tay, Brooks & Co., M. S. Ebright, formerly from Millesport, Ohio, late of the firm of Fall, Ebright & Co. of this place, aged 28 years.

Obituary Notice:  Death is at all times, and under all circumstances a subject of serious contemplation.  We see the aged and infirm, the helpless infant, the joyous youth, the man of prime, strong as the forest oak, wither beneath the touch of death's cold finger, and we shrink back shuddering even tho' his approach be slow and stately, and accompanied by all the ameliorating influences of home and kindred friends; but when the stout of heart and frame are suddenly, as by a flash of thought, stricken to earth with none but stranger hands to minister to his wants, a sadder gloom settles upon the brow of thought. - Such was the case of the subject of this notice.  He had not reached the prime of manhood.  Health, cherub health had set its seal upon a brow where Time had furrowed ne'er a wrinkle, and to human ken gave promise of many years of life, when the destroying angel came. - It is no unmeaning form of an obituary notice to say that the deceased was a man of sterling virtues, that, as a merchant, citizen, and neighbor, he enjoyed the confidence, respect and esteem of all who knew him, in an eminent degree.  His demise leaves a void in our midst that cannot easily be supplied. - To the bereaved and stricken widow, and deeply afflicted parent, we tender, in behalf of our fellow citizens, our sympathy and unfeigned condolence; let their grief be assuaged by the assurance that from first to last he received every care and attention that kindness could suggest; night and day his couch was surrounded by devoted friends; that eminent physicians were assiduous in their efforts; that everything man could do to save him, was done; but above all let them not forget in their darkening hours of deep distress that they "mourn not as those without hope."  He was perfectly resigned to the will of God; throughout his long and suffering prostration, maimed and wounded, with the light of day shut out, not a murmur or complaint escaped him; he bore all with meekness truly christian and a fortitude more than Roman.  L.W.R.


Sacramento Daily Union - 9/3/1866 - Died: In Forbestown, Butte county, August 22d, Robert, son of Robert and Josephine Eccleston, aged 5 years and 23 days.


Marysville Daily Appeal - Sat 2/4/1911, p3 - Robert Eccleston, Pioneer, Is Dead - Word has been received in Marysville that news reached Oroville yesterday that Robert Eccleston, pioneer resident of Forbestown, dean of one of the best-known families in this state, pioneer of California's earliest days, and the last of the little company of Indian fighters who discovered the Yosemite valley, had died at his home in Oakland.  Death followed a general breakdown of the system and an illness of several weeks. - With the earliest westward immigration, Robert Eccleston crossed the plains to California.  He first came to Butte county and engaged in mining.  Afterward he took up the business of cattle-raising, establishing his home at Forbestown, where, in September, 1857, he married Miss Emily Josephine Young, who crossed the plains in 1852, at the age of 13 years. - Numerous diaries written in the clear script for which he was noted, and illustrated with admirable pencil drawings of country places and people of the early days, were kept by Eccleston and are treasured by his sons for historical worth, as well as for their fascinating reading. - The discovery of the Yosemite valley by the little company of Indian fighters who served with Major James D. Savage under the command of Captain Kirkpatrick, is recounted in one of the volumes of the diary, and vividly pictures the wonder with which the white men first gazed upon the splendor of the great valley when they chanced upon it in their pursuit of the savage red men. - With drawing and story, Eccleston told of the Indians, their ways of living, and the white men's battles and experience with the tribes.  He also told of Major Savage's remarkable family of twenty-six Indian wives.  Such chronicles and numerous poems and personal letters from early-day heroes and celebrities may be found entralling reading for many weeks. - In 1867 Eccleston returned to New York, then came back to the west and settled in Arizona, where for three years he was agent for the Pimo Indians and afterward was one of the builders of the tent city of Tombstone. - After fifteen years' residence there, Eccleston and his family moved to Oregon, where they lived until 1900, when they went to Oakland to make permanent residence there, and established a home on Rio Vista avenue. - Charter Member of Forbestown Lodge. - The deceased was a member of the Masonic order, being one of the charter members of the Forbestown lodge.  He was a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal church throughout his life.  He was an ardent republican and enthusiastic admirer of McKinley and Roosevelt, from both of whom he treasured personal letters and souvenirs of friendship. - The funeral will take place this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the late residence.  The services will be with only the immediate members of the family present and with Rev. Mr. Jaderquist, a personal friend, officiating.  Interment will be at Mountain View cemetery, where a brief service will be held at the grave and to which friends will be privileged to be present.  The four sons will bear their father to his last resting place. - The deceased was born on March 4, 1830.  He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, four sons and two daughters.  The children are J. Y. Eccleston, the banker, Rev. Edward Eccleston, C. H. Eccleston, and insurance and oil broker, all of Oakland; Louis Eccleston, of Fresno; Mrs. Nancy Slater, of New York, and Mrs. Sophia King, of Dublin, Ireland.


North San Juan Daily Times – 8/08/1874, Pg. 2 – DIED – At Oregon Hill, Yuba county, August 3rd, 1874, William Edgar, aged 54 years and 8 days. Mr. Edgar leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss.  (B. S.)


Marysville Daily Appeal - 12/2/1860, p2 - Died:  In this city, Nov. 28th, Lizzie, daughter of P. and Annie M. Edinger, aged 3 years and 11 months.


Marysville Appeal - 2/10/1914, p1 - Filed Many Years Ago - Closing Estate Which Was Started Nearly Fifty Years Ago - The estate of Peter  Edinger which is being probated now at the instance of Mrs. H. Berg was first filed in the Yuba county court for probate in 1866 and the last action to be taken on it until this year was on December 15, 1866, when William C. Swain, Charles E. Stone and William M. Williams were appointed appraisers.  Mrs. Anna Edinger acted as administratrix.  All four are now dead. - The order of the court appointing the former residents as appraisers was filed by County Clerk J. F. Eastman, then acting as deputy county clerk.


Appeal Democrat - 10/27/1949, p1 - W. J. Edinger, Fruit Official, Expires Here - William J. Edinger, 55, executive secretary of the California Peach Growers Assn. and chairman of the Cling Peach Advisory board, died last night in Rideout Memorial hospital, Marysville, as a result of a heart attack. - Edinger, whose home is at 1980 Broadway, San Francisco, suffered the heart attack while at the High Low club in District 10 where he had come for the duck season.  He was stricken three days ago. - Edinger is owner of a ranch near Rio Oso but had not lived there since the early 30s.  He was a native of Sacramento.  He was a frequent visitor to Yuba and Sutter counties and was here on Oct. 4 for a peach association business meeting. - Last spring and summer he led the campaign to obtain amendments to the cling peach market - in order, delivering talks at Gridley, Yuba City and Rio Oso. - He has been executive secretary of the peach association since 1936 and recently announced that the organization had grown to a membership of 1075 throughout California. - He was widely known in farm circles along the Pacific coast and in Washington, D.C., where he frequently appeared on behalf of peach legislation. - In World War I he was an Army captain and then returned to Sutter county to engage in fruit-growing.  He was with the Reconstruction Finance Corp. before becoming secretary of the peach association. - Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Dorothy Edinger of San Francisco; his mother, Mrs. Mary Edinger of Sacramento; his son, William J. Edinger, Jr., of Sacramento; his daughter, Mrs. Barbara Edinger Hall of Iowa City, Iowa, and two grandchildren. - Funeral arrangements will be in charge of Lipp & Sullivan chapel of Marysville and Clark, Booth & Yardley of Sacramento.


San Francisco Bulletin – 9/1/1863 – DIED – In Marysville, August 29th, infant child of J.F. and M.C. Edmonds, aged 7 weeks.  (B. S.)


San Francisco Bulletin – 5/10/1861 - DEATHS – In Strawberry Valley, Sierra County, May 1st, Lulu Courtney Edmonds, aged 1 year and 2 months. (Note: daughter of J. F. and M. C. Edmonds – J. F. Edmonds was proprietor of Columbus House, Strawberry Valley [correct location Yuba County ] – at the time. (B. S.)


Marysville Daily Appeal - 10/26/1881, p2 - Died:  On North Cow Creek, Shasta county, October 19th, Barrett Edrington, aged 73 years.


Appeal Democrat - 5/14/1958 p10 - Funeral services for Michael Edwards, 21, of San Jose, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Meridian Community Methodist Church.  Reverend A. L. Baker will officiate. - Edwards, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Edwards, formerly of Meridian, now of San Jose, died Sunday in a San Jose hospital from injuries suffered when his automobile skidded out of control on wet pavement and crashed into a tree. - Interment will be in the Meridian Cemetery.  Arrangements are by Ullrey Memorial Chapel. [buried next to grandparents; Calvin and Alice Reische]


Daily Appeal - 9/8/1910, p1 - Death of a Good Woman - Mrs. Eliza Efken died in this city yesterday.  She was a native of Ireland, aged 71 years, 9 months and 6 days.  She was the mother of Mrs. J. W. Watson and Mrs. Lizzie Mehle of this city and Mrs. F. W. Engle of San Francisco.  Kelly Bros. undertakers, have charge of the remains. - Mrs. Efken had resided in Marysville for upwards of fifty years, was a lovable woman, a good neighbor and a kind friend.  She was known to almost every one in the community.  The date for the funeral will be announced later.

Daily Appeal - 9/10/1910, p8 - Funeral of Mrs. Efken - The funeral of Mrs. Eliza Efken was held from her late residence at 209 B street in this city yesterday afternoon at two o'clock.  The services were conducted by Rev. Farrer of Sacramento and interment was made in the Yuba City cemetery.


Marysville Daily Appeal - 2/13/1894, page 1 - Death of Miss Etta Efkins - Miss Etta Efkins died at her mother's residence on Third street on Sunday morning.  She had worked, until her health failed her, at the Woolen Mills. - The deceased was a native of Marysville and was almost 21 years of age. - She was the daughter of Mrs. Eliza Efkins and sister of Mrs. J. W. Watson, Mrs. F. W. Engel and Miss Lizzie Efkins. - The funeral will take place from St. John's Episcopal church at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  The interment will take place at the Yuba City cemetery. - The remains can be viewed at the residence on Third street, between B and C, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, as the casket will not be opened in the church.


Daily Appeal - 7/20/1910, p1 - Death Calls Old Resident - Michael C. Ehrman died at his home at 620 Sixth street in this city last night at 9:45, death being caused by pneumonia.  Deceased was 81 years, 6 months and 10 days old.  He is survived by his wife and three grand daughters, the Henry Flint children. - Mr. Ehrman was a native of Pennsylvania and came to Marysville 25 years ago where he engaged as a hatter.  He was married twice, his former wife being dead.  All of his life Mr. Ehrman has been a staunch Democrat and was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.  In him Marysville loses one of her oldest residents and an energetic and respected citizen. The date of burial will be announced later.  R. E. Bevan will have charge of the funeral arrangements.

Evening Democrat - 7/20/1910, p1 - Michael Ehrman Answers Last Roll Call - Michael Ehrman, an old resident of this city, died at his home, 620 Sixth street, last evening, after an illness of several days, the direct cause of his passing being pneumonia.  Deceased was 81 years, 6 months, 10 days.  He is survived by his wife and three granddaughters, the Henry Flint children.  He was a native of Pennsylvania, and came to Marysville 25 years ago, where he engaged in business.  He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and a staunch Democrat, and during his residence in Marysville made many friends.  The funeral will take place Friday at 9 a.m., from the Episcopal church; interment in City cemetery.  R. E. Bevan has charge of the arrangements.

Evening Democrat - 7/22/1910, p1 - He Sleeps The Sleep That Knows No Waking - The funeral of Michael C. Ehrman was held this morning at 9 o'clock, from the Episcopal church on Fifth street, Rev. Mitchell officiating.  The body was consigned to a grave in the City cemetery.  A number of friends gathered to pay a last tribute to the memory of the deceased.  Undertaker Bevan had charge of the funeral arrangements, and the following acted as pallbearers:  George R. Eckart, T. C. Bevan, J. U. Hofstetter, P. J. Delay, E. P. McDaniel and Tom E. Bevan.

Daily Appeal - 7/23/1910, p1 - Is Laid To Final Rest - The funeral of Michael C. Ehrman took place from St. Johns Episcopal church at 9 o'clock yesterday morning,  Rev. Mitchell conducting the services.  The vested choir rendered several beautiful sacred selections.  Interment was in the family plot at the City cemetery. - The pall bearers were George R. Eckart, T. C. Bevan, J. U. Hoffstetter, P. J. Delay, E. P. McDaniel and Tom E. Bevan. - R. E. Bevan had charge of the funeral arrangements.


Marysville Daily Appeal - 6/14/1885, p 1 - Died:  In this city, June 13th, Sarah, wife of M. C. Ehrman, and mother of Mrs. J. H. Flint, aged 52 years.  [Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pa., papers please copy.] - The funeral will take place Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of J. H. Flint.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 6/16/1885, p2 - The Funeral of Mrs. M. C. Ehrman - The funeral of the late Mrs. M. C. Ehrman, took place yesterday afternoon from the Episcopal Church, the Rector, Rev. E. M. Matt officiating.  The choir consisted of Messrs. E. A. Davis and Charles Hapgood and Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Bingham.  The pall-bearers were A.J. Cumberson, S. M. Bliss, Joseph Brasu, W. G. Murphy, S. Garber and Charles Hampton.  A large number of the friends and acquaintances of the deceased were in attendance.


Marysville Appeal-Democrat-March 24, 1962-Native of Yuba, A. J. Eich Dies- Allen J. EICH, 72, a native of Oregon House, died suddenly yesterday afternoon in the Forrest Manor Convalescent Hospital. – A life long resident of Yuba County, he was the son of the late John H. Eich and Cathryn Dixon Eich of Oregon House. His grandparents were pioneers in the Oregon House-Dobbins area. – He was a cattleman who had farming interests in Sutter County. He was a veteran of the First World War and a member of Corinthian Lodge No. 9 F and AM in Marysville. – Survivors include two brothers, Byron Eich of Marysville and Warren T. Eich of Roseville. – Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Hutchison’s Colonial Chapel. Internment will be in Keystone Cemetery in Dobbins.  (Submitted by Craig Hahn.)


Marysville Appeal-Democrat-June 28, 1972-Byron Eich Rites Planned-Byron EICH, 76, of Dobbins, a native and lifelong resident of Yuba County, died yesterday at Rideout Hospital. – Eich was born in Oregon House. He was a member of Tyrian Masonic Lodge. - He is survived by a brother, Warren T. Eich of Marysville; and several nephews and nieces. – Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. at Hutchison’s Colonial Chapel, with burial at Indiana Ranch Cemetery at Dobbins.  (Submitted by Craig Hahn.)


Marysville Appeal-Democrat-November 15, 1989-Joanne Eich- Private services are scheduled for Joanne L. EICH, 74, of Marysville, who died Nov. 14, 1989 at her residence. – A native of San Francisco, she had lived in the Yuba-Sutter area 40 years. She was a retired school teacher from Walter Kynoch School. – She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Marysville, of the Rideout Hospital Auxiliary and Peach Tree Country Club. – She is survived by two sons, Ronald H. Eich of Boulder, Colo., and Ritch K. Eich of Indianapolis, Ind.; and five grandchildren. – Arrangements are under the direction of Hutchison & Canres Colonial Chapel. Burial will be in Sierra View Memorial Park. (Submitted by Craig Hahn.)


Marysville Evening Democrat-May 16, 1910-JOHN EICH JOINS SILENT MAJORITY-John EICH, an old and highly respected resident of Browns Valley died at that place Sunday morning after an illness of short duration. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at Indiana Ranch, the internment to take place in the cemetery at that place. Deceased was a native of Germany, aged 84 years, 3 months and 16 days and had resided in the district where he died for many years. Two daughters survive him, Mrs. T. J. Housh of Browns Valley and Mrs. Eliza Phalen of Bangor. Undertaker Kelly has charge of the funeral arrangements.


Appeal Democrat newspaper - 11/13/1943, p 1 - MRS. Kate EICH, 80, TAKEN BY DEATH - Mrs. Kate Eich, 80 last March, pioneer of Oregon House and Dobbins communities, died this afternoon. During the past 20 years she has resided at 1200 D street, Marysville. - Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. in the Lipp and Sullivan chapel. - Four sons survive her: Harvey D. Eich, former Yuba county treasurer and Allen D. Eich, both of Marysville; Warren T. Eich, teacher, Roseville, and Byron H. Eich in defense service in Lassen county.


Marysville Appeal-Democrat-October 29, 1988-Wilton H. Eich-Services are scheduled Monday for Wilton H. EICH, 77, of Marysville, who died October 27, 1988, at Fremont Hospital. – He was born in Bodie, but lived most of his life in the Yuba-Sutter area. – Eich was a retired school teacher. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. 9 in Marysville, Sacramento Consistory of Scottish Rite Bodies, Ben Ali Temple-Order of Shrine of Sacramento, First Presbyterian Church, Marysville Unified Teachers Association, California Teachers Association and National Educators Association. – He also served as president and secretary of the Mid-Valley Scottish Rite Club of Marysville and past president of the Sacramento Valley Shrine Club. He was also a charter member of the Plumas Lake Golf and Country Club and a member of the Peach Tree Golf and Country Club. – Survivors include his wife, Joanne Eich of Marysville; two sons, Ronald H. Eich of Boulder, Colo., and Ritchie K. Eich of Grand Rapids, Mich., a daughter, Kathleen McKinnie of Escondido; a sister, Ivadel Will of Yuba City, and a brother, Donald Eich of Morrow Bay. – Memorial services will be held at Hutchison & Carnes Colonial Chapel on Monday at 9:30 a.m. with the Rev. Harry Vise, pastor emeritus of the First United Methodist Church of Marysville officiating. – Private inurnment will be held at Sierra View Memorial park. – Memorials to a favorite charity have been suggested by the family. (Submitted by Craig Hahn.)


Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/23/1881, p2 - Death of a Well Known Citizen - At a late hour last evening it was learned that Bernard Eilerman died at his residence in this city about 9 o'clock, of nervous prostration.  Deceased was a native of Germany, aged 48 years.  He came to California about 1854.  Beginning life here as a tailor he advanced to various honorable official positions of trust and responsibility and became one of the best known men in the county.  He was City Clerk of Marysville four years, County Clerk of Yuba county four years, Postmaster two years, Deputy County Clerk three years, and has also been Notary Public and Justice of the Peace during the past three years while acting as Deputy Clerk.  He was at the time of his death Past Grand of Oriental Lodge No. 45 I.O.O.F., also Past M.W. of Marysville Lodge No. 38, A.O.U.W., and one of the Grand Representatives elect of the A.O.U.W.  He also belonged to the Masonic fraternity, and the Odd Fellows Aid Association of Sacramento.  He leaves a wife and several children.  Arrangements for the funeral have not yet been made.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/25/1881, p3 - Col. Eilerman's Military Record - Col. B. Eilerman, whose sudden death was announced as occurring Saturday evening last, was a gentleman with much military spirit and pride, and one ever ready to do his duty as a citizen soldier.  The military record of the deceased is as follows:  On September 9th, 1864, he was commissioned as Lieutenant Colonel of the Fourth Infantry Regiment, California State Militia, which office he held until the reorganization of the militia under the name of the National Guard of California.  On October 11th, 1867, he was elected Second Lieutenant of the Marysville Light Artillery, which office he held until the muster out of the company, January 7th, 1869.  On the organization of the Fourth Infantry Regiment N.G.C. March 15th, 1872, he was elected Lieutenant-Colonel, and held the office until August 15th, 1875, when he resigned.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/26/1881, p2 - Died:  In this city, January 22d, Bernard Eilerman, aged 49 years and 7 days. - Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place from Odd Fellows Hall this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/27/1881, p3 - Funeral of Judge Eilerman - The funeral of Judge Barney Eilerman took place from Odd Fellows Hall at 2 o'clock yesterday under the auspices of Oriental Lodge, No. 45, I.O.O.F.  The hall was densely packed with ladies and gentlemen, friends of the deceased.  The remains were inclosed in a beautiful casket, which was covered with beautiful floral decorations.  The service of the Order was read by Noble Grand C. H. Bushnell,  Past Grand L. T. Crane acting as Chaplain. The musical exercises were participated in by C. A. Stratton, A. D. Cutts, Mrs. Geo. Bourne, Mrs. E. A. Davis, and Mrs. Todd.  The remains were then taken to the City Cemetery and interred.  The pall bearers were:  George Miller, F. Buttelmann, D. R. Boulton, B. W. Howser, Geo. W. Pine and D. P. Derrickson.  There was an escort of the Marysville Zouaves in honor of the deceased, who organized and drilled the company, and large delegations of Odd Fellows and members of the A.O.U.W.  There were many vehicles in the procession, making it a very long one, indeed.


Marysville Daily Appeal - 12/1/1883, p2 - Died:  In Marysville, November 29th, Henry Eilerman, aged 58 years and 6 months. - Friends are invited to attend the funeral from the residence, on E street, between Fifth and Sixth, to-morrow (Sunday) at 2:30 o'clock.


Marysville Daily Appeal - Wed 1/31/1900, p2 - In Ligonier, Penn., January 30th, Col. Samuel Elder, father of Mrs. E. H. Hudson of Marysville, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 91 years, 10 months and 21 days.


Appeal Democrat - 8/31/1966 - Obituaries:  Funeral services will be conducted Friday for Mrs. Vonita N. Elder, 51, of Tudor, who died suddenly yesterday. - She was dead on arrival at Sutter County Hospital, where she was taken about 5:50 p.m. yesterday by Murphy Ambulance. - A native of Golden City, Mo.,  she had lived in Sutter County for 29 years and had made her home at 8763 Hobbs Road in Tudor. - Survivors include her husband, Charles; three sons, Donald and Gregory of Yuba City and Gerald Elder of Marysville; two daughters, Mrs. Charla Jean Matlock of Yuba City and Mrs. Nancy Allison of Marysville; three brothers, Luther and Joseph Killion of Laramie, Wyo., and William P. Killion of Lincoln, Neb.; two sisters, Mrs. Gladys Handley of Rich Hill, Mo., and Mrs. Waunita Sparks of Tarkio, Mo.; and 11 grandchildren. - Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Ullrey Memorial Chapel, Rev. M. A. Long of the First Baptist Church of Olivehurst will officiate.  Burial will be at Sierra View Memorial Park.


Marysville Appeal - 10/29/1918, p8 - After an illness of but a few days duration, Theodore Buentello Elizondo, six-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Elizondo, of Marysville, died yesterday.  The remains are in charge of R. E. Bevan & Son.


Appeal - 6/1/1878, p2 - Died:  At the residence of Wm. Creps, near Wheatland, May 30th, Prof. Henry Ellert, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 52 years.


Daily Bee – 12/01/1862, Pg. 3 – DEATHS – At Marysville, Nov. 28th, Mrs. Mary Elliot, aged 37 years.  (B. S.)


Wheatland Free Press - 8/21/1875, p2 - Died - At Wheatland, August 17th, Warren Elliott aged 18 years.


Marysville Daily Appeal - 7/26/1898, p1 - William Elliott Dead - A Well-Known Pioneer Contractor Pays Nature's Debt - William Elliott Sr., the well-known levee contractor, died Sunday evening at the home of his son near Gridley. - The deceased was a former resident of Marysville, and was well-known in this northern section of the country.  He was a native of County Tipperary, Ireland, and 68 years of age. - Up to the last few years he performed most of the levee work in this district, and at the time the cut-off on the Yuba river was constructed he handled a heavy sub-contract. - The deceased was married twice, and was the father of ten children. - The announcement of his death will not cause surprise as he had been on the sick list for the past two years. - The funeral services will be held at the Catholic church at Gridley at 10 o'clock this morning.  Interment Gridley cemetery.


Sacramento Daily Union - 7/10/1872 - Pacific Coast Items:  On Saturday, July 6th, Alexander H. Ellis of Forbestown committed suicide.  He was found dead, but from appearances it is inferred that he cut his throat twice with a razor and then shot himself.


 San Francisco Bulletin – 5/14/1865 – DEATHS – In Marysville, July 11th, Issac Ellis, aged 39 years.  (B.S.)


Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/3/1879 - Died:  In this city, December 31st, Lizzie, wife of W. T. Ellis. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral to-day (Friday) at 1 o'clock from her late residence, northwest corner of D and Eighth streets.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/4/1879 - Funeral of Mrs. Lizzie Ellis - The funeral rites of Lizzie, wife of William T. Ellis, took place yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the residence at the corner of D and Eighth streets.  The attendance of sympathizing friends was large, the occasion one of more than ordinary solemnity, and many a tear testified to the heart-felt sorrows of this community.  The Rev. William H. Stoy, Rector of St. John's Church, officiated by reading the Episcopal burial service, and closing with an affecting and eloquent discourse.  The remains, reposing in a casket enveloped in black and velvet cloth, were then exposed and viewed by the relations and friends.  After which the procession formed and moved to the City Cemetery.  The following citizens acting as pall-bearers:  I. S. Balcher, Peter Decker, N. D. Rideout, Edward Woodruff, D. E. Knigh and George North.  The cortege was demonstrative in its number of carriages, and on arriving at the cemetery the body was laid temporarily in a private vault, and the Rev. Mr. Stoy read the closing burial service.


The Evening Bee, Sacramento Monday Oct. 23, 1905 - Thursday, October 12, 1905 - MARY ELMORE DIES IN SAN FRANCISCO - Marysville, October 12 – Mary ELMORE, who for many years was a prominent character in Yuba and Sutter Counties on account of the eccentric methods she was wont to employ to harass the executors of her brother’s estate, is dead, having passed away in San Francisco early this week. - When her brother made his will years ago, he gave to Mary, who had shown a disposition for wild speculation, a monthly allowance sufficient to keep her comfortably during her lifetime, but with this she was not contented, and the result was she made life miserable for the Judge of the Probate Court, then Hon. Phil W. Keyser, and the friends named by the brother as executors – J.C. Gray and “Cap” Wilbur. (R.T.)


Sacramento Daily Union - 4/24/1858 - Died:  In Forbestown, April 19th, John Elson, aged 46 years.


Appeal Democrat Tuesday October 18, 1966 pg 4 - Lifetime Area Resident Dies in Marysville - Sophia Ely, 89, of Marysville died yesterday at a Marysville convalescent hospital. Born near Tudor, she had lived her entire life in the Yuba-Sutter area. Mrs Ely born Feb 4, 1877 was the daughter of Eric and Ellen Elna (Anderson) Nelson, who came to California in 1870 and settled in the Tudor area to farm grain. She married Calvin Luther Ely. a Sutter County rancher, June 22, 1905, near Tudor. She graduated from Central district school and Sutter Union High School and attended a private preparatory school in Marysville. - Former Teacher, Trustee - Mrs Ely taught school for one year in Colusa County and for three years in Sutter County. She was a trustee of the Brittan Elementary School for 10 years. She was a member of the Marysville First Methodist Church. Her home was at 805 Eighth St., Marysville. Survivors include two daughters, Verna Adams of Salinas and Beulah Gildersleeve of Oakland; a son, Ambrose Ely of Mineral; eight grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow at 11 am at Ullrey Memorial Chapel. Rev. Raymond Squires, pastor of the Marysville First Methodist Church will officiate. Burial will be at the Sutter Cemetery. Memorials to favorite charities have been suggested by the family.  (A. H.)


Daily Appeal – 8/06/1889, Pg. 3 – Death at Strawberry Valley – On last Wednesday E. A. Emmerson (Emerson), familiarly known as Captain Emmerson (Emerson), died at his home in Strawberry Valley, and was buried on Thursday. He was a very enthusiastic Republican, and attended almost every County Convention.  (B. S.) 

Daily Appeal – 8/ 25/1889, Pg. 3 – (Excerpt from “In The Mountains“) – At Strawberry we missed the cordial welcome of our old friend, Captain Emmerson (Emerson), who so recently passed away. For 30 years he had been a resident of this place, and in that time he was never known to be absent where there was sickness or trouble. He was a friend of the poor as well as the rich. An ardent Good Templar he worked faithfully in the cause, and there are men living to-day who through his kindly influence were saved from a drunkard’s grave. He was one of Nature’s noblemen, and his genial countenance will be missed by his friends and neighbors.  (B. S.)


San Francisco Bulletin – 9/20/1881 – DEATHS – Emerson – Near Brown’s Valley, Yuba county, September 12, Henry Emerson, aged 72 years.  (B. S.)


 Daily Appeal – 1/22/1897 Pg. 4 – Death of Mrs. Emerson – Will be buried at her home in Strawberry Valley – Mrs. J. A. Emerson, of Strawberry Valley, died last evening at the residence of her son, R. W. Emerson, 526 D. Street, where she has been residing for the past four weeks. The deceased was the widow of the late Captain E. A. Emerson, and has been a resident of Strawberry Valley since 1858. She was much respected in the community where she resided so many years, and the announcement of her death will be heard with regret by her many friends. She was a native of Maine and about seventy-six years of age. She leaves two sons, Millard Fillmore Emerson of Strawberry Valley, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, employed by the Valley Meat Company in this city, to mourn her loss. The cortege will leave her son’s residence at 8:30 this morning and proceed to Strawberry Valley, where the interment will take place.  (B. S.)


The Evening Bee, Sacramento - Monday, Aug 7, 1905 - J. B. EMMAL DEAD - Marysville, Aug 7 – At the advanced age of 91 years Joseph B. EMMAL, formerly a prominent resident of Marysville, died in San Francisco Saturday. The surviving relatives beside the widow are two sons, Frank E. Emmal of San Francisco and Will Be. Emmal of Alameda and two daughters – Mrs. Charles Patten and Mrs. Osgood K. Jones, both of San Francisco.
A Native of New Jersey Mr. Emmal was interested in the first flour mill in Marysville. (R.T.)


Daily Appeal - 9/5/1899, p1 - Laid At Rest; Loving Hands Lay the Mortal Remains of Little Florence Engel Tenderly Away - The funeral of little Florence Engel took place at 9:30 yesterday morning from the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Engel, No. 211 B street. - Rev. C. J. Chase, pastor of the M.E. church, officiated at the house and at the City Cemetery, where the interment took place. - The following ladies and gentlemen constituted the choir:  Clark Standiford, Mrs. J. H. Shaffer, W. B. Davenport, Miss Jessie Van Buskirk, and Miss Marie Meek organist.  They sang "Precious Jesus" and "Safe In the Arms of Jesus." - Many floral pieces were placed on the casket.  A large cortege followed the remains to the cemetery.


Appeal-Democrat – 01/12/1961, p. 3 – Death at 95 for Oldest Hub Woman – Clara Grant Englund, 116 Seventh St., Marysville, born in this community more then [sic] 95 years ago, died yesterday after having been hospitalized for more than a month as [a] result of a fractured leg.  Mrs. Englund was accounted the oldest native-born Marysville woman still in the community.  She was the daughter of George W. and Josephine Lambin [sic], early residents.  Lambdin came to Marysville from Michigan about 1852.  His wife who was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Smith, arrived with them four years later from Ohio.  Widowed in 1879, Mrs. Lambdin later married Henry Baumgartner, a pioneer baker of the community.  Mrs. Englund is survived by one sister, Ida Lambdin, 91, who resides in the family home in Marysville and a nephew, Phil Wilcoxen of Marysville.  She was an aunt of Hattie Wolfskill of Marysville, who died in Novemebre [sic] 1960.  Mrs. Englund despite her advanced age, was know for her clear memory of pioneer events and people.  She was the widow of William Englund, pioneer druggist, who long operated a store at the location now occupied by Iden’s Pharmacy on D street.  At the age of 19, Clara Lambdin was married to Alfred Peel, whose father operated the Mechanic’s House, a hotel in one of the C street buildings now slted [sic] for removal to clear another city off-street parking lot.  The building formerly was occupied by the bi-county health department.  Mrs. Englund had one son by this marriage, but he died when 17 years of age.  She had no other children.  Funeral services will be conducted at 11 am tomorrow, from Hutchison’s Colonial Chapel in Marysville.  Rev. Henry Vise of Yuba City Methodist Church will officiate and interment will be in the old Yuba City cemetery on Bridge St.


Marysville Daily Appeal - Fri 5/22/1903, p1 - The Death of Mrs. Englund - Passed Away Yesterday At Her Home In This City - Mrs. Josephine C. Englund died at 1:15 yesterday morning at her home on D between Fourth and Fifth streets.  Her death will be regretted by her many friends in Marysville and vicinity.  The deceased was a native of Sweden and was aged 56 years, 9 months and 9 days.  She was the widow of the late Herman Englund, the well-known druggist who was a member of the firm of Wilkins & Englund during the years 1869 and 1870. - The maiden name of the deceased was Josephine Petterson, and she was married to Dr. Englund in November, 1871.  Her husband died in October, 1874.  They had two daughters, Mona and Minnie, both of whom reside in this city.  Their father was an uncle of druggist William Englund of this city.  The deceased lived for some time after her mother's death on her ranch in West Bear River township.  She was a member of Empire Lodge, No. 96, Order of Fraternal Brotherhood, in which she had a policy of $1000 in favor of her two daughters.  She also carried an insurance of several thousand dollars on her life. - She was a most estimable woman, who was truly devoted to her children. - The funeral services will be held tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at her late residence where Rev. W. H. Stoy will officiate.  The interment will take place in the family plot in the City Cemetery.


Daily Appeal - 5/5/1901, p1 - Last Sad Rites - Funeral Services For  the Late Mrs. William Englund - The funeral services for the late Mrs. William Englund were held at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the family residence on C street, where Rev. Dr. W. H. Stoy, rector of St. John's Episcopal church, officiated. - The following friends of the family acted as honorary pall bearers:  G. W. Stratton, J. P. Herbert, W. H. Carlin, Theo. Beeny, J. C. Baldwin and David Powell. - The following members of the choir of the Episcopal church rendered several appropriate hymns-  Mrs. G. H. Baird, Mrs. B. F. Gilman and Mrs. Condon. - Among the many beautiful floral pieces were the following:  "Gates Ajar;" floral pillow, with emblem "Mamma" in violets; large wreath on stand with emblem "Rest." - The remains will leave for  San Francisco on the 5 o'clock train this morning accompanied by relatives and friends where the interment will take place in Cypress Lawn cemetery. - The Appeal omitted to notice in the death announcement that Francis A. and Charles Peel of this city were brothers of the deceased.


Appeal Democrat - 8/22/1940, p1 - Drops Dead at Work - Elmer Ellsworth Ensminger, 77, Sutter county resident for the past four years, dropped dead Wednesday afternoon while at work in the yard of his home at Live Oak.  He was a native of Ohio. - Surviving Ensminger are two daughters, Mrs. Leona Rees and Mrs. Julia Stricker of Live Oak, and one son, Henry Ensminger of Redding. - Funeral arrangements are in charge of the Jones funeral home and will be announced later.


The Daily Appeal, Thursday - Dies of Heart trouble - Mrs. Annie M Epperson Answers Summons of Great Reaper - Yuba City, Feb 22. Mrs. Annie M. Epperson, the widow of the late C.C. Epperson, died rather suddenly from heart trouble at 2 this morning at her home at Sutter City. The husband of the deceased died on the 5th of last May. The deceased was a native of California and was aged forty-six years two months and fourteen days and was the daughter of Mrs. Mary Jane Clements and a sister of William A., Edward Handy and Joseph B. Clemens, who resides at Stutter City, of Mrs. Frank Rose of San Francisco and of Misses Jennie and Lizzie Epperson who reside in Sutter County. She was the mother of Miss Lizzie Epperson who resides at San Jose and Mrs. Handy Clements and Cassius Clay Epperson of Sutter City. She had two stepdaughters, Mrs. H.D. Girdner and Mrs Will Pease who also reside in Sutter County. She was taken ill at 2 o'clock and died a half hour later. As she was ailing from heart trouble for the three years, Coroner Rowe didn't think it was necessary to hold an inquest. The funeral will take place from her late residence tomorrow (Transcribed and submitted by April.)


Appeal Democrat August 6, 1971 pg. 4 col 3 - 80 Year Old Sutter Resident Dies - Private funeral services will be held for Byrd Ellen Epperson, 87, of Sutter who died yesterday at her home following a long illness. A native of Hermosa.S.D., she had been a resident of Sutter for eighty years, living at 1892 Acacia St., she was a member of Fidelia chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Faith Shrine, White Shrine, Jerusalem, Daughters of the Veterans f the Civil War, Sunflower Rebekah lodge, Sutter Womans Club. She is survived by a son, Claire H Epperson of Sutter, A brother, Fred E. Drake of Sutter. two grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Private services will be held at 10 am at the Ullreys Memorial chapel. Burial will be followed in Sutter Cemetery and Memorial to favorites charities have been suggested.  (Transcribed and submitted by April.)


Appeal Democrat November 27, 1964 pg. 14 - C.C. Epperson Rites Saturday - Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow for Cassius Clay Epperson, 81, a native and lifelong resident of Sutter, who died yesterday morning in a Yuba City hospital following a long illness. A retired foreman with the Department of Water Resources, he had lived all his life on the Third Avenue ranch where he was born. Survivors, in addition to his wife, Ora, include three sons, Cassius C. Epperson, Jr., of Yuba City, Beverly Epperson of Sutter and Jordan Epperson of North Highlands, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren, a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Witte of San Francisco. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow at 10 am at Ullrey Memorial Chapel by the Rev. John Hayes, pastor of the Sutter Community Methodist Church. Internment will be in the Sutter Cemetery.  (Transcribed and submitted by April.)



Appeal Democrat Tuesday Oct 27, 1992 pg A-4 - Cassius C Epperson Jr. - Services are scheduled for 1 pm Thursday at Ullrey Memorial Chapel for Cassius Clay Epperson Jr., 85, of Yuba City, who died Oct. 25, 1992 at Rideout Hospital. Born in Sutter, he was a lifetime resident of the Yuba-Sutter area. He had worked for 45 years as a bookkeeper for Frank R. Close & Son. He was a member of the board of directors of the Sutter County Historical Society. He is survived by a daughter, Donna Ockerman of Oakland; two sons, Jack Ockerman of Daly City and Ron Ockerman of Wheatland; two brothers, Bev Epperson of Sutter and Jordan Epperson of Carmichael; six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Lauretta J. Epperson. Visitation will be from noon to 8 pm Wednesday at the funeral chapel. Burial will be in Sutter Cemetery. The family suggests memorials to the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 106, Marysville, Calif. 95901, or the Sutter County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1004, Yuba City Ca 95992    (Transcribed and submitted by April.)



Appeal Democrat Thursday, April 17, 1941 pg. 4 col 14 - Sutter Farmer Dies - Handy Clements Epperson, 59, lifetime resident of Sutter County and widely known farmer in Sutter City district, died Wednesday night at his home following a long illness. Epperson is survived by his wife, Mrs. Byrd Epperson, one son, Claire Epperson, he also leaves a brother, Cassius Epperson, also of Sutter. a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Witte of San Francisco and a half sister, Josephine Girdner of Sutter. Funeral arrangements are in charge of Jones Funeral Home and will be announced later.  (Transcribed and submitted by April.)

Appeal Democrat Monday, April 21, 1941 pg. 3 col 2 - Rites for Epperson - A large gathering of friends over taxed the sitting capacity of the Jones Chapel saturday afternoon when services were held for Handy C. Epperson, widely known Sutter City resident. Many of those attending were forced to stand outside the chapel rooms, which also decked with a profusion of floral pieces. Rev. Mobley of Sutter Community church conducted the rites, with Mrs. Leonard Betty acting as organist. Internment was made in Sutter City cemetery, with Fred Tarkey, Louis Stohlman and Leroy Meyers, William McPherrin, Marcus Dewitt and Fred Burtis serving as pallbearers.  (Transcribed and submitted by April.)


Appeal Democrat November 12, 1982 pg A 11 - Lauretta J. Epperson - Rosary will be recited Sunday for Lauretta Johanna Epperson, 80, 1226 Stafford Way, Yuba City. She died Wednesday in Valley Oaks Convalescent Hospital in Gridley. A native of Iowa, she was a member of the Catholic Daughters. Survivors include her husband, Cassius Clay Eppperson of Yuba City, two sons, Ronald Ockerman of Yuba City and Jack Ockerman of San Francisco, a daughter, Donna Ockerman of Oakland, a brother, Ed Marbach of Yankton, S.D., four great grandchildren. Rosary will be recited Sunday at 8 pm at Ullrey Memorial Chapel in Yuba City. Mass will be Monday at 10 am at St. Isidores Catholic Church. Burial will be in Sutter Cemetery.  (Transcribed and submitted by April.)


Appeal Democrat, Friday, May 6, 1977 Pg A-4 - Ora Epperson Rites Planned - Ora Percy Epperson, who was born in Yuba City May 10, 1886 at the present site of Del Monte Corp. cannery, died Wednesday in a Sacramento convalescent hospital at the age of 90. She was a lifelong resident of Sutter and a member of the Sutter Community Church. She is survived by three sons, Jordan Epperson of Carmichael, Cassius Epperson of Yuba City and B. E. Epperson of Sutter; 6 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. She was the widow of the late Cassium Clay Epperson Sr. Private family funeral services will be conducted tomorrow at 2 pm at Ullrey Memorial Chapel by Rev. H. Earl Morris of the Sutter Community Church. Private burial will be in Sutter Cemetery.  (A.H.)


San Francisco Bulletin – 3/02/1874 – DIED – ERICH – In Marysville, February 25, Julius A. son of J. H. and Minnie Erich, aged 7 months and 19 days. (B.S.)


Marysville Daily Appeal - Sun 2/21/1875, p2 - Died:  In this city, February 20th, Louis Erin, aged 45 years. - Funeral to take place this afternoon at 1 o'clock from the office of Hayes & Hamilton.  Friends are invited to attend.


Appeal Democrat - Mon 8/8/1966, p4 - Obituaries:  Life Resident Of Area Dies - Florence Ermatinger, a native of Butte County and a lifetime resident of the Yuba-Butte area, died yesterday at an Oroville hospital.  She was 64 years old. - A native of Feather Falls, she made her home at Bangor. - She is survived by a son, Raymond of Bangor; a daughter, Rita Royat of Dobbins; three sisters, Mary Cook, Dora Bragger and Julia Coranson, all of Oroville; a grandson and three granddaughters and by several nieces and nephews. - Funeral services are scheduled tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Hamilton & Riley Funeral Home in Oroville with Rev. Holtzman Frazier of the Biggs Methodist Church officiating.  Interment will be in Brownsville Cemetery.


Marysville Daily Appeal - 1/15/1907, p5 - Death of Charles Ernest - Charles Ernest, who died in this city on Sunday was a native of Virginia City, Nev., and was 41 years, 8 months and 24 days. - He leaves besides his wife, three children, two boys and one girl. The family has been in destitute circumstances and the relief societies of this city have been attending to their wants for the past few weeks. - The remains were taken to the undertaking parlors of Kelly Bros. and the funeral notice will appear hereafter.

same issue, page 4 - Died:  In this city, January 13, 1907, Charles Ernest, a native of Virginia City, Nev., aged 41 years, 8 months and 24 days. - The remains are at the undertaking parlors of Kelly Bros. and the funeral notice will appear hereafter.


Appeal Democrat – 10/24/1946 – Theodore C. Ernst, 42, of Strawberry Valley, a native of Colorado, who for the past year has operated a general store in Strawberry Valley with his wife Edna, died Wednesday in a hospital in San Francisco. In addition to his wife, he is survived by two brothers, H. P. Ernst, of Durango Colo., and Harlan M. Ernst, of Denver Colo., and a sister, Mrs. Dorothy Moore, of Strawberry Valley. Funeral services will be held in Strawberry Valley on a date to be announced later by Lipp and Sullivan.  (Transcribed & submitted by Brad Sharpe.)


Appeal Democrat - 3/18/1954 p18 - Mima E. Creps Erwin, 84, died last night in Rideout Memorial hospital.  She was a native of Yuba County and for 50 years lived on the Creps ranch, which is now a part of Beale Air Force Base.  She was a former school teacher hiving [sic] taught in several schools in this area. - Mrs.Erwin had been a resident of Yuba City at 822 Taber Ave. for the past three years, coming here from Sacramento. - She is survived by her husband, Will; a brother, Bert Creps, and a sister, Mrs. L. E. Middleton, both of  Wheatland, and 10 nieces and nephews. - Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 2 p.m. in Hutchison's Colonial chapel with interment in the Lofton cemetery.


Marysville Appeal Democrat - 12/16/1954, p 8 - Blanche Estella (Fry) ESGATE, 73, died Tuesday afternoon in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Britton on Freeman St.  She was a native of Colorado and had been a resident of Klamath Falls, Ore. for the past 35 years.  She and her husband, Chester A. Esgate, had come to Marysville to spend the holidays with their daughter. - Other survivors are seven daughters, Mrs. Anna Moats of San Jose, Mrs. Bertha Gleim of Washington, Mrs. Catherine Owen of Oroville, Mrs. Betty Atkins of Santa Clara, Mrs. Opal Sauers, Mrs. Vera Bertrand and Mrs. Avalon Rogers, all of Oregon; six sons, Everett Esgate of North Hollywood, Harlan, Arthur, Vernard, Wallace and Woodrow Esgate all of Oregon; three sisters, Mrs. Maude Ogle of Missouri, Mrs. Bertha Spencer of Idaho and Mrs. Ora Christensen of Kansas; 28 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.  The body  will be sent to Klamath Falls, Ore. where funeral services will be held Saturday morning.  Local arrangements were by Hutchison's Colonial Chapel.


Appeal-Democrat – 10/30/1987, p. A-7 – Harvey L. Estep – Services are pending at Hutchison & Carnes Colonial Chapel for Harvey Lee Estep, 76, of Marysville, who died Dec. 29, 1987 at Rideout Hospital.


Appeal-Democrat – 10/12/1981, p. A-4 – Rush Estep – Funeral services were scheduled for 3 p.m. today for Rush Estep, 65, of 1834 Sixth St., Olivehurst, who died Friday at Rideout Hospital. – Born in Texas, he was a laborer for 35 years.  He lived in the Yuba-Sutter area for 22 years. – He is survived by his wife, June Morris Estep; two sons, John Morris of Arkansas and Adam Estep of Olivehurst; three daughters, Patsy Stinson of Marysville, Brenda Huff and Lisa Estep, both of Olivehurst; and by five brothers, Wesley Estep of Dos Palos, Roy Estep of Los Banos, Harvey Estep of Marysville, Leland Estep of Sonora and Houston Estep (no address given); a sister, Margaret Clink of California and two grandchildren. – Pastor Malcolm Long will officiate at the funeral services, in Hutchison & Carnes Colonial Chapel. – Burial will be buried [sic] in Sierra View Memorial Park.


Daily Appeal - Tue 10/14/1890, p2 - Deaths:  In Marysville, October 12th, Henry Euler, aged 19 years, 6 months and 19 days. - Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from his mother's residence, corner of H and Ninth streets, this (Tuesday) afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Interment, City cemetery.

Daily Appeal – 10/15/1890, Pg. 3 – Funeral of Henry Euler – The funeral of the late Henry Euler, who died last Sunday, occurred from his mother’s residence in this city yesterday afternoon. The Marysville cannery was closed in order to allow the deceased’s friends with whom he had worked for some time a chance to pay their last tribute of respect  to the departed. The following named young gentlemen acted as pall-bearers: Thos. Abbey, Joe Bilhartz, Frank Blue, Harry Chatterton, Charles Woods and Bruce Sutliff.  (B. S.)


Daily Appeal - 12/31/1908, p2 - Mrs. M. Euler Passes Away - Mrs. Mary Euler, mother of Adam Euler and Mrs. Mary Bressnan [Bresnan], died at her home in this city yesterday.  Mrs. Euler was a native of Germany, aged 74 years, 13 days.  She had resided in this city for twenty-seven years and was well and favorably known. - Besides the two children, Mrs. Euler leaves a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lizzie Euler, and a grandchild, Elmer Euler. - The funeral will take place from her late home at 831 H street Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Interment will be in the city cemetery.


Evening Democrat - 7/11/1911, p1 - Body of Mrs. Evans Arrived For Burial - The body of Mrs. Hattie Evans, who died in Stockton Monday, arrived in this city at 2 o'clock this afternoon on the Western Pacific and was taken in charge by Kelly Bros.  Mrs. Evans was 37 years of age and was well known in the vicinity of Oregon House where she resided for many years.  Her husband, George Evans, and sister, Miss Bertha Phelan, are the surviving relatives.  Funeral notice will be published later.

Evening Democrat - 7/12/1911, p1 - Funeral Today - The funeral of the late Mrs. Hattie Evans was held at Indiana Ranch this afternoon at 2 o'clock to which place the body was shipped yesterday by Kelly Bros. after it arrived in this city from Stockton.


Appeal - 9/12/1907, p1 - Death of Aged Pioneer - James Evans, for a number of years a well known resident of the Oregon House section, passed away at the home of his son J. A. Evans in Gridley.  He was a native of Maryland, aged 93 years. - The deceased leaves a wife and several children, among them J. A. Evans, Frank Evans, Mrs. A. Hichter and Mrs. J. N. Boyle.


Appeal Democrat - 4/30/1956, p 18 - James Douglas EVANS, 81, Rt. 1, Marysville, died yesterday enroute to Yuba County hospital. Cause of death was reported as thrombosis. - His son, John L. Evans, said his father "complained of a numbness or pain in his left arm."  Then he became choked up and couldn't seem to breath." - The son rushed him to the Yuba County hospital, but he died before doctors could examine him, according to Coroner John R. Dower. - Born in Bell County, Texas, he was a farmer and had lived in the Marysville area for 12 years. - Funeral services will be conducted Wednesday, at 11 a.m. in the Hallwood Church of the Nazarene, with arrangements by Lipp and Sullivan. - Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Mattie Douglas, of Marysville, three sons, James R. and John Evans of Marysville and Andrew Evans of Sacramento; nine grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; and one great great grandchild.


Daily Appeal - 3/29/1907, p4 - Funeral of John C. Evans - The funeral of the late John C. Evans took place from the funeral parlor of R. E. Bevan yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Deceased was a blacksmith and had been in the employ of H. P. Stabler of Yuba City.  He had been sick with pneumonia for some time and finally succumbed to his illness at the Windsor Hotel in Yuba City. - The interment took place in the citizen's row in the Marysville City Cemetery.


Daily Appeal - 8/1/1875, p2 - Died:  At Unionville, Nevada, July 27th, Orrin M. Evans, a native of Genesee county, New York, aged 52 years.  Funeral this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of S. D. Baldwin.  Friends of the family are invited to attend without further notice.


Daily Appeal - 7/8/1909, p1 - Death of R. D. Evans in Boston - R. D. Evans, the president had heaviest owner of the Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields, died in Boston yesterday. - Mr. Evans was one of the promoters of the capitalists that financed the Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields and had faith and backed with his money his son and W. P. Hammon's judgment as to the richness of the dredger fields of the Yuba river, when they were practically unprospected, and when other eminent mining engineers had turned them down. - Mr. Evans was a wealthy banker of Boston and was well along in years, being close to seventy years of age. - He was fond of exercise and spent considerable of his time horse back riding.  On Tuesday last he was thrown heavily from his horse and did not recover from the fall.


Daily Appeal, 06/01/1895, p. 4 – DIED. – In this city, May 31st, Dietrich H. Evers, a native of Hanover, Germany, aged 62 years. – The funeral will take place at Indiana Ranch cemetery to-day.


Marysville Daily Appeal - 2/13/1903 - Dead by the Trail - Alfred Everson Lost His Life From Cold and Exposure - Coroner J. K. Kelly returned from Oregon House yesterday, where he held an inquest on the body of Alfred Everson, a miner 73 years of age who was found dead near Woods creek on Wednesday morning. - The testimony showed that the deceased was at Dobbins ranch on Sunday and that when he left for his home that evening that it had been snowing.  The body was found within twenty feet of the trail leading to Woods creek and did not show nay marks from violence. - The deceased lived in a cabin by himself for the past seven years and occasionally did some prospecting.  It was stated that he has claimed to have been a sea captain and to have relatives in Oakland. - The jury found that the deceased came to his death from cold and exposure. - Coroner Kelly brought the remains to this city and is trying to locate the relatives in Oakland.  He has been informed that the deceased had a brother living in New York city.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 2/14/1903 - Funeral of Alfred Everson - Deceased Had Relatives in Oakland and Is Well Connected. - The funeral of the late Alfred Everson who was found dead near the Oregon House a few days ago will take place from Coroner Kelly's undertaking parlors at 2 o'clock to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon.  The interment will be made at the city cemetery. - A nephew of the deceased is connected with the First National Bank of Oakland.  They were notified of the death, and instructed the coroner to give the remains a Christian burial.

Marysville Daily Appeal - 2/17/1903 - With Military Honors, Capt. Alfred Everson Laid to Rest by Grand Army Veterans - The funeral of the late Capt. Alfred Everson who was found dead near the Oregon House, took place on Sunday afternoon under the auspices of Corinth Post, No. 80 G.A.R. - Rev. E. W. Johnson pastor of the Christian Church officiated at Undertaker J. K. Kelly's parlors.  The following members of the Post acted as pall-bearers:  Patrick Slattery, John P. Swift, A. W. Lewis and James Van Buskirk. - The last prayer was said by Rev. E. W. Johnson after which the interment took place in the G.A.R. plot at the city cemetery. - Everson was about 68 years old.  He had been living in a little cabin at Wood creek for the past five or six years and eeking out a bare existence with a prospector's rocker.  It is claimed by people in the neighborhood that many times he would not clean up over a $1 for a weeks work.  With this pinch of dust he would go to the store at Dobbins ranch and secure in exchange a handful of coarse provisions. - Last Tuesday he was returning to his cabin from one of these trips.  Enfeebled by age and privation he could not withstand a severe snowstorm that was raging, and he lay down under a manzanita bush on the hillside to perish.  By means of an old newspaper his relatives in the east were traced and an order was received here Saturday from the Merchant's National Bank of New York city to fulfill all the requirements of a respectable burial and assuring payment of the expense.  - The "Old Captain," as he was called was uncommunicative and during his residence in this section seldom mentioned any personal matters relating to himself. - It is now known however that he was very well connected and occupied the position of Commander of several vessels in the United States Navy at different times in his career.  He was much esteemed by all who knew him in this locality and it is thought that some disappointment drove him to seek the hermit's life he has been leading in the hills of Yuba county for the past few years.


Daily Appeal – June 23, 1904 – WOODLEAF – Arthur Locey, left here this morning with a coffin and will attend the burial of a little child at Strawberry Valley. The name of the parents and the particulars have not as yet reached here (Note: I found no follow up to this article in the later papers but the child referred to is obviously Vada  M. Everton who died on June 21, 1904 at age 2 and was buried in Strawberry Valley Cemetery.) (Transcribed & submitted by Brad Sharpe.)