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[The transcription below is from papers belonging to James Lague, Historian, kindly shared by Rosemarie Mossinger, Challenge, CA.]

1880  Woodville (Woodleaf)

Jan. 1 - New Years is pleasant. In the P.M. we start up road to make calls. Take supper at Sharrer's. Spend part of the evening at Hall's and part at Parson's where we stop for the night.
Jan. 2 - Is rainy - we are nearly caught in a storm. Eve. the stage came by tolerable season.
Jan. 3 - Is not so rainy. We talked to Lucy Prindle thru the telephone. Eve. the stage came late on account of the storm. Freezing tonight.
Jan. 4 - Sun - Is clear and pleasant. We call at Packards and R. Beans, then return home in Falck's sleigh. Osbeck's folks are glad to see us return - they treat us to cake and coffee.
Jan. 6- Is still good weather. I go to Clipper. Get turpentine. Eve. I get whiskey of Falck for a cold. Take a hot sling and go to bed - have a severe pain in head.
Jan. 7 - In bed all day. Osbeck cuts wood for me. Rain and sleet fall fast. Snow will come next no doubt.
Jan. 8 - I feel some better. Wife is not well either. Snow is falling in earnest.
Jan. 11 - Sun - Clear and cold - after an eclipse a very frosty night. Snow is about 2 feet deep. Bad for the cattle.
Jan. 12 - Is clear nearly all day. I dope snowshoes (ski) and shovel snow and saw some wood.
Jan. 13 - Is cold in morning. Mrs. Hall and Lizzie Sharrer come to spend the day. At noon, Horton and Ralph Emerson came and they dined with us.
Jan. 16 - Is warm again. I file my saw - cut my hand badly as it struck the leader of a finger. Eve. I go up to Orolewa to get a hand sled to do some wood hauling.
Jan. 17 - I try hauling wood - the sled is bad and I make poor headway.
Jan. 18 - Is pleasant. Miss Keymer called on us. I wrote letters to Kinsley in S. F. and Horning in Marysville, the VW, A.G. Abell - GSF and AM and McIntosh.
Jan. 19 - My hand is very sore. I haul a little wood. P.M. go up after mail. Have a letter from Allie Smith and papers from Cousin May Taylor.
Jan. 22 - We start about 9 o'clock for Forbestown via Brownsville on a visit (annual). Reached the latter place at 11 o'clock a.m. and we are induced by a cordial invitation to remain a day or two. Eve. we are enjoying our visit, after having called at Knoxdale Institute, Hill professor (Brownsville), where we are made welcome.
Jan. 23 - Is pleasant - I buy a pair of boots. P.M. we visit Mrs. Hawkins - take tea with them. Eve. Mrs. Twogood and I visit Knoxdale Lodge No. 108. They elect officers for the ensuing term. Bro. Kinsey W.C.P. and Bro. Hill secretary, and I bespeak for them a more prosperous term as they are weeding out the poorer material.
Jan. 24 Sat. - We are enjoying our visit in Brownsville. A great event in Brownsville is the raising of the bell on the Odd Fellows Building. We see event. Eve. We ride to Forbestown with Hawkins. I attend Lodge.
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Feb. 16 - Is pleasant. Varney is hauling barn timber for Falck. Doctor called - found Eddie improving. Eve. got money from A. R. Forbes, Oregon House.
Feb. 19 - Is storming. P.M. I take a sleep. Sleigh got down in good season considering the snow - about 2 feet deep.
Feb. 20 - This is the day of the Leap Year Ball in Forbestown. Eddie improving, wife's cold better.
Feb. 22 - Sun Washington's birthday - the Father of his country. 9 o'clock snows fast.
Feb. 23 - Eddie up out of bed - first time in 2 weeks.
Feb. 25 - Is clear. Falck hauls lumber on a fork of a tree from Clipper. I got a sled from Adams and haul wood. Eve. Ralph, Harvey, Ed Drake and Walker go to dance at Forbestown.
Feb. 27 - I haul my wood down with sled. P.M. Mrs. Osbeck and Mrs. Falck went sleighing to Clipper with the Varneys. Osbeck mining today.
Mar. 1 - Is pleasant and Birmingham dines with us. He and I settle this years toll. He is going to Marysville.
Mar. 2 - Rain and snow came about 7:30 a.m. Osbeck presented to my wife a nice center table.
Mar. 5 - Pleasant but cold - at 6 a.m. mercury stood at 20 degrees. The coldest we ever saw in March before. I send my watch to Oakland by W. Forbes. Mailed a letter to Mrs. Prindle who is in Mich. She is eighty years of age - born in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred. I have just mailed 9 letters so I am well written up. Eve. I snowshoe from Clipper.
Mar. 6 - This morning is beautiful. Varney and his wife went to Forbestown in their sleigh. Ralph Emerson dines with us. P.M. he goes to Forbestown to attend a special F. & A.M. meeting. I go as far as Mt. Hope (now Sam Grubbs place) with him. Take my snow shoes (ski). Find Mallard not very well. Told me of the death of his sister in S. F. - a Mrs. Rich Thurston. is sick with pneumonia. Eve. I return on my snow shoes (ski) and have a good ride down the hill.
Mar. 8 - This is wash day, we do a very large washing. The wind is blowing. Stage driver reports a number of trees across the road.
Mar. 9 - Is calm and cold. A great number of trees reported across the road below Knoxville. 8 men out to work. Gulick and his wife moved to their home in Brownsville. Birmingham and Lesley came up to help clear the road.
Mar. 11 - I went to Mt. Hope and returned via Old Tannery. I found tree across road. I fired one near home. Eve. it is burning nicely.
Mar. 12 - Is cold. Hurt my forehead by catching the clothes line with my ax while splitting wood.
Mar. 13 - Sat. Falck puts fire to the remains of the old barn which the wind wrecked in the winter. I have been cutting wood and piling for drying.
Mar. 17th of Ireland - St. Patrick's Day. Cloudy.
Mar. 19 - Frost on the ground. I file saw for Falck. Eve. is pleasant for the Dramatic Entertainment in Forbestown.
Mar. 20 - I get down some wood. P.M. I go to Forbestown. Call at Thurston on the way - he is sick. Eve. we have (lodge meeting) and only a slim attendance.
Mar. 21 - I return home after making numerous calls in town. I heard of the death of Mr. Enslow - father of Reubin.
Mar. 24 - A very wet snow comes about noon, and the carpenters working on Falck's barn gather up their tools. Fred Morse drove the stage from Forbestown as this is their first trip connecting with the Marysville line. Jodie Cartland is with us yet, will go home tomorrow.
Mar. 26 - I go up to Kingbird to see Uncle Joe Pratt - find him able to get about on his crippled leg, but limps badly. Henry Pratt had a severe cold. Eve. The stage brought Mrs. Young up to see her brother Dick Starmer (?) who has erysipelas in one of his legs. I mail letter to Crist and enclose postal card for him to write me whether he rec'd my watch sent him some time since.
Mar. 27 - We hear of the news of the recent birth of a boy to Mr. and Mrs. Birmingham. P.M. the rain falls lively. The Equinoxical storm is late.
Mar. 28 - Sun. - Easter eggs for breakfast. Snow whitens the ground by night.
Apr. 1 - Storms nearly all night. Rhoda of the Sly Creek Quartz Mine went below. They are out of supplies.
Apr. 2 - Heavy rain. Eve. the stage comes up and the passengers are wet and cold. Seavey comes in open lumber wagon - stops for the night.
Apr. 3 - Is stormy, I go to Clipper - got a letter form my Mother, now in her 80th year, she is well. I get my watch from Oakland by reg'd package.
Apr. 6 - Is like Spring, Hall and J. H. Varney cut down the large fir tree at the back end of Falck's new barn to be. Horton returned from Challenge where he went with beef.
Apr. 8 - I commence sawing brake block timber, it threatens a storm.
Apr. 11 - Sun. - Is fine, Osbeck went to Clipper to mail a manzanita pipe of h is own make to a friend.
Apr. 15 - Snows most of the day.
April 16 - This is the heaviest snow storm ever we saw at this time of the year. Eve. still snows.
Apr. 19 - Stage gets down about 10 o'clock. Eliza Young as passenger. Morse's stage comes up from Oroville. P.M. Paddy K. returns with his stage having only been to Hansonville (Rackerby).
Apr. 22 - Snow is falling - about 6 inches since bedtime last night. Mr. McIntosh came down on snowshoes. He reports deep snow at Forrest Ranch, Harrison Diggings and Diamond Springs.
Apr. 23 - Is pleasant. McIntosh paid me $14.20 on notes. I sent letters to Emerson, Mans Thompson and Almon Smith. We wash some.
Apr. 24 - I ride to Forbestown with Falck. Eve. we have lodge. Jerry McCarthy is in town. Also Ralph Emerson.
Apr. 25 - Ralph and I wait until afternoon to get a ride to Mt. Hope where Mrs. Cartland is going to see Mrs. Thurston. I call on her - she is in pitiful condition. Eve. we get home.
Apr. 29 - Looks stormy. I go out and clear the road of a tree - then a hunting quail. P.M. I get four quail. Eve. I clean quail and we invite Osbeck folks to dine with us.
Apr. 30 - This is the day of the Grand Ball at Woodville. I sold tickets for Falck. 48 sold. No money in it this time. The company enjoyed the supper and the dance.
May 3- Is fine, some wind. We wash and clothes dry nicely.
May 7 - Is inclined to rain. I clean up about the outside of the house, my son helping.
May 9 - Sun - P.M. Osbecks and Twogoods walk out. Eve. we call at Falck's a while. Road men came down, Leslie Forges, Kimball, Merrill, Johnie and Rodger Kitrick.
May 12 - Snow falls most of the day. One foot or more.
May 13 - The sun shines. Ah Ling, Chinese cook at Woodville House, left in disgust, Hall went up with hogs.
May 14 - Is clear till near noon when it commences to hail and snow here at Clipper where I find myself. I dine with Harvey Clark. Eve. I bring potatoes home.
May 15 - Harvey Clark brought us more spuds and then went to Challenge. I shovel snow - I hope for the last time till another winter. Negotiation pending between Falcks and Mrs. Varney as a cook for the Woodville House - Mrs. V's price per month too high.
May 18 - Today is quite warm. I find block making very warm work. We hear of the death of Frank Johnson.
May 21 - Is warm. I finish blocks and wheel them out in a wheelbarrow to where a team can go. Eve. a new China cook came from Oroville for the Woodville House.
May 24 - Falck takes Sharrer's shakes, 10,400 in number. We wash.
May 29 - I commence to take toll. I get 50. Travel will soon start I hope.
May 31 - Warm. We wash. The China cook leaves Falcks - they do not like Mrs. F. will try cooking.
June 1 - Like summer. Our teacher, Miss Schelby went below for her certificate as teacher of Butte co., Clipper Dist.
Jun 3 - Doc Wolfe and Rollins, their cook, went to the River, they expect to get into the river late as there is deep snow in the mountains.
Jun 6 - Is pleasant. Uncle Joe Pratt went to the River, said "Goodbye, I expect this is the last of me." I hope not for I would like to see him prosperous.
Jun 8 - Osbeck and I dig a vault for, and move the privy over it - a real improvement.
Jun 10 - I had a fire in our sitting room stove. Garfield is the lucky nominee of the Nat'l Convention at Chicago. Blaine was the choice of the people.
Jun 14 - Malaley drove cattle up. We wash.
Jun 17 - It is pleasant. We have a good visit with Mrs. Prindle who is spending a few days with us.
Jun 19 - Is cold. Frost killed beans and potatoes at Orolewa and Clipper.
Jun 25 - Is pleasant. We hear of a runaway - a Chinaman's team on the Barton House hill.
Jun 28 - Is the tenth anniversary of our wedding. Ten years ago I change by bachelor life for a married one since which event I have been far better satisfied with myself as there is something to live for.
Jul 3 - There was a dance at Thurston's last night. Tom McDonald married to Miss Evans at Dutchman's Ranch last night.
Jul. 4 - Sun - This is the 10[4]th Anniversary of American Independence. Mr. Falck is 50 years old today. They give a turkey dinner.
Jul. 5- Our boy Eddie is celebrating by burning fire crackers, otherwise it is very quiet. Eve. several teams have passed here on their way to the Ball at Columbus House.
Jul. 9 - Lizzie Beckham came down to work for my wife.
July 10 - Mr. Osbeck and wife start for Strawberry Valley to live for a while. We will miss them very much. Mrs. Schelly and Young called.
Jul 13 - Is the warmest day of the season. Mercury goes up to 90 degrees.
Jul 14 - Mercury at 94 at 2 o'clock. 98 this P.M.
Jul 22 - We hear of the burning of Gibsonville last night.
Jul 26 - This is the great day of the grand picnic at Brownsville.
Jul 27 - The picnic party returned tired and sleepy.
Jul 28 - Mrs. Marshall came up accompanied by her daughter, Maggie. Maggie left her Mother to keep house for us for a while.
Jul 30 - The Drakes went down to S.F. Took Lizzie Beckham with them. She will stay with them and go to school there.
Aug 1 - Sun - The Birmingham family went by on their way to Miller Ranch to see the old folks.
Aug 2 - Pleasant A.M. and Eve. Blocks sell well.
Aug 8 - We are all patiently awaiting the event, though it will probably go to the 15th.
Aug 11 - Jim brought the cow and calf. Bristow's folks came down about noon. Mrs. Marshall's girls came up. Wife suffering considerable.
Aug 12 - Bristow's folks went on their way to Kingdon's.
Aug 14 - Travel not so brisk. From this day I can not leave home as the event is near at hand.
Aug 16 - Falck went to Forbestown after Dr. Karsner. Wife comfortable - time not quite up.
Aug. 18 - Eve. about 6:30 o'clock a "little stranger" came to us - a ten pound girl baby - plump and pretty. (Lizzie Twogood)
Aug 19 - Wife and baby are doing well and I am truly grateful to giver of every gift. Eve. warm.
Aug. 20 - Eddie has returned home and is delighted with his baby sister, says "I wouldn't sell it for anything, not for the whole Township World."
Aug 21 - Very warm. We hear of the suicide of Mr. Youlen.
Aug. 27 - Cooler. There is a fire out in the woods at Empire Hill.
Aug. 29 - Sun - We have lots of callers. Mr. Binet and family, Miss Schelly the teacher. Mrs. Champlain and her daughters, Mrs. Karsner (?) and Mrs. Liebhauser.
Sept. 1 - I do not work so hard today - fought fire yesterday and made my brake-blocks secure.
Sept. 2 - I watched the fire in the woods till one in the morn.
Sept. 3 - The Fall at Feeney's comes off tonight.
Sept. 4 - The fire is all safe. Mrs. Lockwood called here on her way to Strawberry Valley.
Sept. 7 - Mrs. Marshall had to go home to take care of her daughter Mary, who is quite sick.
Sept. 9 - Mrs. Twogood is poorly. P.M. I go to Clipper - engage Mrs. Hall to come down.
Sept. 15 - Wife is not strong but gaining. Mrs. Hall comes down and helps us to wash and clean.
Sept. 16 - I house hay from Phillips place. Alfalfa for cow $20 per ton.
Sept. 24 - I ride to Clipper Mills with Hank McCoy. I return home with Mr. Greenwell - he being intoxicated. Falck's folks go to the party at Strawberry Valley given for the benefit of the school.
Sept. 27 - Mrs. Emily Pitt Stephens, the lecturer, passed here. I drank the health of the beverage she advocates - pure cold water.
Sept. 28 - Is fine. Mr. Kelly starts for Honcut on his way to see the renowned Chinese doctor.
Oct. 2 - Eddie is not so sick today. Fever seems to be abating. Mrs. Prindle came down and helped do an ironing.
Oct. 7 - We hear of the robbery of the stage by two masked men. Z-----? gave me $80 to send by John Cain, the driver. I am anxious to hear whether it was taken from him or not.
Oct. 8 - Z----?'s money was not taken, as the robbers let the driver go without searching him. John Griffin lost $40.
Oct. 10 - I am kept busy for awhile putting in brake blocks. Put in 5 pairs. Baby Lizzie has on a dress for the first time.
Oct. 14 - The wind indicates a storm. Eve., there are nine teams here. Brake block trade good.
Oct. 16 - Susie and the baby call on the Falck's folks. First call baby ever made for which she got an American dollar - Mrs. F. the donor.
Oct. 19 - Indian Summer is here. Teams are going to the mountains at good freight - $1.30 to $1.50 per hundred to Gibsonville.
Oct. 23 - I send Knox $300 coin by express. Send order for provisions to Stratton & Co. and Swartz.
Oct. 24 - Mrs. Twogood and her daughter called at Woodville House. Rumors are out that Mrs. Cartland is going to be married.
Oct. 26 - Washing and brake blocks keep me very busy.
Oct. 28 - Falck went to Forbestown. P.M. Lew Garton and Mrs. Cartland were matrimonally united. Eve., Falck took Mrs. Hawkins to Sharrers.
Nov. 2 - Is pleasant. Falck and I go to election together.
Nov. 5 - Hurrah for Garfield! We have news that he is the man - elected by a splendid majority. I feel much better over the news.
Nov. 10 - Dry and dusty. Eve., I set fire to the old trees which have lain 7 or 8 years in the way.
Nov. 15 - Not so cold. I loan Adams $65 coin - he is going to ship potatoes to the mountains. Everybody buys them.
Nov. 16 - Is fearful windy. We wash but the dust is so deep and flies so that we do not hang out white clothes. A fearful fire at the Diamond Spring Mill. Leach takes men from Challenge Mill to fight fire at D.S. Mill.
Nov. 23 - Rain falls all day. Dust is laid here.
Nov. 25 - National Thanksgiving - we have turkey - a good dinner. Miss Lizzie Twogood was our guest - as she was a stranger to Thanksgiving, it being her first.
Nov. 27 - Horton makes his last trip peddling beef. He is coming with winter beef for Falck tomorrow.
Dec. 1 - The month commences very stormy - snow falls fast.
Dec. 4 - Snowing - no stage from above.
Dec. 7 - We wash. Rumery came and I sent to Mr. Knox $300 in coin by him. Eve., Miss Amelia Buckins and her sister, Mrs. Drake came on their way down country. Miss B. goes to Missilon, Ohio.
Dec. 9 - I cut a tree out of the road for the stages to pass.
Dec. 11 - I take the stage for Forbestown. Eve., we attend lodge. Elect officers.
Dec. 12 - P.M. I walk home. Eve., I am again with my loved ones - no place like home.
Dec. 13 - We wash. P.M. we get a few goods from the Forbestown Mercantile Co. - broken jar of splendid honey found in box.
Dec. 15 - Is stormy. P.M. two squaws came here and wanted to stop all night in the kitchen. I fixed them a place in the woodshed.
Dec. 19 - We are preparing for Christmas.
Dec. 20 - Still rainy. Eve., the stage gets up late now. Sherman came himself.
Dec. 24 - Storm continues. Stage came up driven by Seavey.
Dec. 25 - Sat. - Merry Christmas and a stormy one after a blustering night.
Dec. 28 - We wash. Eve., rains again.
Dec. 30 - Is pleasant. I cut wood for the little stove. Baxter and his wife went to Oregon Hill. Wife and Eddie got a present each.
Dec. 31 - This is the last day of the year 1880. Is mild and like spring. There is to be a grand entertainment for the benefit of the Plum family in the city of Forbestown tonight. We have been fixing a little for the New Year and for the company we expect tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Prindle.

Transcribed by Kathy Sedler.