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[The transcription below is from papers belonging to James Lague, Historian, kindly shared by Rosemarie Mossinger, Challenge, CA.]


Jan. 1 - Wed. - Very stormy at Willow Glen, the rain falling fast all day.
Jan. 2 - Weather more pleasant. Ah Foote returned and Mrs. Twogood is released from the duties of the culinary department.
Jan. 5 - Sun. - Mr. Rumery took dinner here on his way to his school in Timbuctoo.
Jan. 7 - Is lovely all day. P.M., wife and I left Willow Glen. Eve., we are at Dr. Grovers on a visit; two miles above Bristow's.
Jan. 8 - We go to Bristow's, thence to Charlie Smith's. Encounter fog as we descend the Stanfield Hill. Eve., we are at Tommy Hart's, after dining at Smith's.
Jan. 9 - Pleasant in the morn, then gets foggy. Eve., we are at Bristow's.
Jan. 12 - Sun. Enjoying our visit with Mr. Bristow's people. We dine on turkey and many good things from Kingdon's Ranch on Dry Creek.
Jan. 13 - We leave Bristow's for Malaley's - dine at Glen. P.M. I take wife to M's, then return to Glen and get our household goods. Eve., we are enjoying a visit with Malaley's.
Jan. 14 - Cool and clear. I deliver our goods at Cartland's (Forbestown) and returned to Brownsville, where we stop for the night.
Jan. 15 - I return home with Mr. Bristow's horses and buggy. Eve., wife and I go over to Mr. Morse's to stop for the night.
Jan. 16 - Is fine. We leave Brownsville for Forbestown where we arrive near 4 p.m., having come in Stage. We dined with our friend Mrs. Osgood before leaving Brownsville.
Jan. 18 - Is pleasant. I purchase a new shawl for my wife. She had upper set teeth inserted yesterday by Dr. Wilson.
Jan. 19 - Sun. - Is pleasant all day. Eve., we attend church.
Jan. 20 - I bid my wife goodbye - get my horse, Nellie, from Beever Ranch and make a start for Bartlett Sprs. Eve., at Hart's.
Jan. 21 - Is fine - ride to Marysville. Put up at Western House.
Jan. 20 - Weather is fine for a journey of the kind I'm making. I put up at Colusa House.
Jan. 21 - Is foggy for a short time. Eve., I find at the head of Bear Valley a friend, Jim Harl, formerly of Strawberry Valley.
Jan. 24 - I start on my way to B. Sprs. - miss my way and went into Long Valley, where I stop at Hanson's for the night.
Jan. 25 - I set out for B. Sprs. 8 a.m. and arrive there before noon. The Bartlett Sprs. are a mystery.
Jan. 26 - Is fine. I write to my beloved wife in Forbestown - walk for exercise and drink freely of the B.S. water.
Jan. 27 - I sent Nellie to Ranch by Eddie's son. My first bath in Soap Creek.
Jan. 28 - I move from Crockett's Hotel into Cabin #9 with Elliott and Lambert.
Feb. 1 - Is cold. About 7 inches snow lying about the Springs.
Feb. 6 - The mist clears away, and the sun pours forth to gladden the hearts of the invalids here.
Feb. 12 - Rainy, nearly all day. Eve., Jess brings me the first letter from my dear wife. How much to be thankful for.
Feb. 23 - Murch, Lee, Hunt and I start for Wilbur Sprs. via Indian Valley. 3 p.m. we encounter a terrific wind storm. Reach W. Sprs 5 p.m.
Feb. 27 - In my anxiety to get home, I take stage line, my horse behind, ride to -------Ranch, change to horse - arrive at Brownsville at 1 1/4 o'clk - dine, thence to Forbestown where I find my beloved wife in good health - not expecting me. Weather threatening.
Mar. 2 - Sun. - Pleasant day. Wife and I hear preaching from the woods - "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy" by Rev. Kernick.
Mar. 13 - Is raining. We rec. a letter from Mrs. Elliott informing us of the death of her only surviving parent, aged 75 years.
Mar. 14 - Weather fair. Eve., wife and I enjoy ourselves at a Forbestown "Sociable."
Mar. 17 - St. Patrick's Day. Windy. Leslie Liebhouser, F. Morse and I ride with Mr. Knox down on the road, where we commence working on the road.
Mar. 18 - Warmer. Eve., I feel badly from the effects of hard work and bad water.
Apr. 2 - we work on road. P.M. rain drives us in.
Apr. 11 - Is cooler. P.M. I hurt my eye severely with a piece of rock from a sledge. Eve., I stop at McCrank's on my way to Forbestown.
Apr. 14 - Is warm. My eye improves.
Apr. 18 - Wife and I start to Strawberry Valley via Brownsville. Arrive at sunset. Stop all night at Emerson's.
Apr. 19 - Wife and I are enjoying a visit with S. V. people. Eve., we meet with Bros. & Sisters of Alpine Lodge.
Apr. 24 - My wife and I came to Clipper in the Stage. Stop at Parson's. Visit Pratts this P.M.
Apr. 26 - Is fine. Eve., we stop at Conwell's at Brownsville.
Apr. 28 - We trade some at Gaskill's (Forbestown) store then move to the Toll Gate House (Woodville).
May 1 - Commence taking Toll, with business light. Quite windy.
May 4 - Father Varney took dinner with us, first time in his life. Mr. Kingdon dines with us also.
May 21 - Fine. We hear of the burning of Pine Grove House, kept by P. M. Cornell, Clipper Mills.
May 27 - Is cold and windy. Mrs. Learmont died at 1 o'clock A.M.
June 5 - We attend funeral of Eddie, infant son of Elmont and Jennie Brooks.
June 11 - Pleasant. Father Varney gets turned out doors by his son's wife - comes down to stop with us.
July 4 - Is the 97th anniversary of our Nation's existence, which we celebrate this evening at a Grand Ball at Clipper Mills.
July 5 - Is warm, and being the "Next Day After," we all feel blue enough.
July 26 - The hottest day of the season, 96 to 116 degrees, depending on the location.
Aug. 22 - A breeze all day. I got the last of my tree down for wood.
Aug. 25 - I ride to Forbestown to have the impression taken for teeth.
Aug. 26 - Is cool. I got to Forbestown again - get my teeth.
Aug. 29 - Is quite warm. Susie and I make a comforter for the winter.
Aug. 30 - My wife goes to Strawberry with Horton (butcher). Eve., I meet with the Bros. & Sisters of Alpine Lodge in Strawberry Valley. Wife and I stop at our friend's Prindles.
Sept. 3 - Is a very quiet Election Day.
Sept. 5 - We hear that the Republican Ticket is elected in Yuba co.
Oct. 6 - It has the appearance of a storm. Conwall & Mr. White came and helped me start an addition to my house. Eve., all ready for shingles.
Oct. 7 - Rain holds off. Eve., I'm tired. Worked hard to keep the Twogood family from getting wet.
Oct. 8 - Rain falls nicely. Commenced about 1 a.m.
Oct. 26 - Sun. - Tony Liebhauser is joined in the holy banks with Miss Mary Seely of Forbestown.
Oct. 28 - Is fine for business. I fell a tree and scored a stick for a sill for a shed.
Nov. 27 - Thanksgiving Day. We have reason to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for His many Blessings.
Dec. 1 - Is dark and cloudy. Smith got his team stalled, but got started about 10 a.m. after several of us working. Eve., snow falls a short time making ground white. First of the season.
Dec. 3 - The snow comes at 7 o'clk this morning. Eve., snow 5" deep. My wages stop today - no more toll.
Dec. 17 - Is clear. I ride to Forbestown - get some things for house - Christmas gifts for wife.
Dec. 25 - The Anniversary of the birth of our Lord and Savior. Is pleasant. We have a turkey dinner - have Father Varney, Mrs. Ramsdell and Mrs. Keenan to dine with us.
Dec. 27 - Is the Anniversary of the birth of G. S. W. Twogood. P.M. I go to Strawberry Valley. Eve., I meet with the Lodge and have a good time - make a speech on reference to Petitions to Congress and the Legislature of Calif. I stop at Bro. Prindle's for the night.


Jan. 1 - Is very stormy. The year of 74 is upon us, and in that year all the true advocates of the great Temperance Reform are hoping that success may crown every effort.
Jan. 9 - Is pleasant - I borrow planes and commence filling the cracks in the kitchen floor.
Jan. 16 - Rain falls in torrents awhile, but showers all day.
Feb. 7 - Clear and pleasant. A Son was born to the Twogood family at 5 o'clk this morning. Mother and son doing fine. We hope to rear this precious gift of Him who rules the destinies; in a way that he may be an honor to his parents, and a ornament to society, and that God will spare our child to comfort us in our declining years.
Feb. 15 - Clear again after a heavy snow storm yesterday. Wife got out of her room by being carried, while her bed was being changed. Dr. Joyce called on wife and baby, to offer congratulations.
Feb. 24 - Going to storm. This is Joshua A. Varney's birthday.
Feb 27 - Snowshoe races at Clipper Mills. Our nurse left us, as we can get along alone. Wife is some Smart and baby getting less troublesome.
Mar. 2 - Still stormy. Snow is accumulating fast. Eve., stage sleigh went to Challenge Mills to change.
Mar. 21 - Is fine. Edward G. Twogood is six weeks old this morn. We gave him a morning bath daily. He seems to enjoy it as much as his father and mother do their baths.
Apr. 1 - "All Fool's Day" - Mr. Ramsdell started to his Diggings.
Apr. 8 - Is very pleasant. Washing is the order of the day at our home.
Apr. 11 - Rainy - Stage made first trip to Strawberry on wheels, for a long time. J. Forbes driving.
Apr. 15 - Mr. George and I fall a sugar pine 6 foot through, for brake-blocks.
Apr. 16 - Cold and clear. My wife takes little Edward Gaylord out for her first visit, to Ramsdell's.
Apr. 27 - Sidlinger and I make (split) brake-blocks - get out 83 pairs.
May 7 - Our boy is 3 months old this morning. I sent by Forbes for Mrs. Ramsdell, $49.00 in greenbacks to change for Gold.
May 18 - Commence collecting toll - no travel hardly.
May 23 - My wife and boy returned from visiting in Forbestown, in buggy, very glad as it has been lonely.
May 29 - Is cool. E. A. Emerson commenced running the wagon with beef.
Jun 25 - Is warm. I work all day for Kelly shingling the roof.
Jun 28 - Is the fourth anniversary of our wedding and a pleasant day, but lessened in the consequence of the funeral of little Edgar Merril.
Jul 1- Is fine. The mail past at 9:30 o'clk by the new company, Charlie Sherman.
Jul 3- Mrs. Prindle came down - we all are preparing for the Ball at Pine Grove House - have a fine time at the Ball.
Jul 8 - A Concord Coach went up today.
Jul 13 - We hear that there is only one case of smallpox at Brownsville.
Jul 27 - Is warm again. Brakeblocks go off like "hot cakes." Sold 6 pairs.
Aug 22 - Is fine - we have Cartland's family to Tea this evening. Miss Watson went home having just finished her school at Strawberry.
Aug 25 - P.M., we have a refreshing rain with thunder and lightening.
Sept 2 - Is windy, after a warm night. I sent Mr. Knox 200.00 coin.
Sep 10 - Is cold - frost killed vegetables in all the gardens above here according to reports.
Sep 17 - Kelly goes below - I loan him 40 Dollars. He has probably gone on Business pertaining to Matrimony.
Sep 23 - There are two funerals in Forbestown today. Maddox suicide and Mr. Harris died of pneumonia.
Oct 6 - Is hazy. Gaskill's safe was robbed of $500 in dust Sunday night.
Oct. 7 - P.M., very warm. New Butcher, Mr. McMename came up last Monday.
Oct 10 - Forbestown Lodge visits our Lodge in Strawberry Valley.
Oct 15 - Mr. and Mrs. Knox visited us - took dinner with us. P.M., they returned home.
Nov. 14 - Is pleasant. I am not very well - have been taking medicine and dieting.
Nov. 16 - Clear and cold. I feel better, but "Powerful weak."
Nov. 19 - Is clear. I go to Clipper to return a pair of boots just made by Patterson - too large.
Dec. 5 - I get word to do as I please - collect toll or close the business for the season - I choose the latter.
Dec. 25 - Anniversary of our Savior's Birth. We partake of a dinner prepared by Mrs. Ramsdell.
Dec. 28 - Wash day. P.M., Mr. Ramsdell and I saw wood. Eve., I find that my birthday, yesterday, passed unnoticed by either my wife or myself. 46 years old according to the Record in our old family bible in the State of Mich., Hillsdale co.
Dec. 31 - Ramsdell and myself go down on the Yuba river to look at a Bee Tree. No bees in sight. We return via Mississippi and Condemned Bars, arriving home tired and hungry, and concluded we did not like honey after all. We welcome the New year 1875, which we intend to observe with chicken dinner having as our guests, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsdell, Father Varney and Mr. Worden.


Jan. 1 - The year come in beautiful indeed. Mr. Worden and I haul wood.
Jan. 6 - Is pleasant though cold. Mrs. Sharrer visited us. Eve., I carry her young son part way home.
Jan. 7 - White frost plenty. Our boy is eleven months old - he takes steps without help. Early this morning Mr. Worden's house burned to the ground. His loss is great for him, a man so aged.
Jan. 9 - I go to Knox's after a team to take my family to Marysville.
Jan. 10 - Is fine. I take my Wife and Son to Marysville - we dine at Forbes (below Bangor) and arrive in Town at 8 o'clk P.M.
Jan. 12 - This morn we go to Abell's Gallery and we get a picture taken. P.M. we go to Willow Glen where we find the folks well and ready for us.
Jan. 16 - This morn the wind blows terribly and the rain comes in torrents, as it has done all night.
Jan. 20 - I go to Malaley's after a horse - get a tree out of the road - get a team at McCrank's and return to the Glen for my family.
Jan. 21 - Drive to Malaley's where we dine and have a short visit, then continue our journey to McCrank's where we stop for the night.
Jan. 25 - Eve., Wife, baby and I find ourselves at home again.
Jan. 26 - Cold and windy. Tree falling in every direction. 20 tree across the road between Strawberry and American House.
Feb. 11 - Is fine - I work at wood splitting. I send Eddie's picture, one to my Mother, Elliott's folks and Ida May Taylor.
Feb. 12 - I chop wood. The day is cloudy, but Mr. Worden says its only mountain fog off the snow.
Feb. 20 - Lucy Prindle's Organ came from Brownsville. She is very much elated and satisfied with the instrument.
Mar. 31 - John East will be married to Annie Oaks at one o'clk P.M. Eve., the wedding party returned to Clipper.
Apr. 1- Is All Fools Day. I finish brakeblock making for the season.
Apr. 15 - Is warm. I saw all that was mortal of Edward Miller consigned to the murky shades of the tomb, beside his brother. A. W. Miller, who precedes him five years. Their ages respectively were 32 and 29 years. A. W. the senior. The aged parents are now left to mourn the loss of three children. Eve., I return home, very lame from riding on horseback - not being use to it.
Apr. 20 - I commence collecting toll today. Shultz and Berry tannery burned down last night.
Apr. 29 - We hear of the killing of Max Hill's Brother at La Porte. My family are nearly sick with colds - will not go to the Concert at Strawberry Valley.
May 12 - Is warm. Lucy Beckham came down on a visit. Mrs. Pike of the town of La Porte was buried in Strawberry Valley this afternoon. She was an example of goodness.
May 18 - Eddie quite sick. I go to Strawberry to get a man to go after Dr. Mussy of La Porte.
May 19 - Is warm. Dr. came and prescribed remedies.
May 24 - We hear of the death and burial of Daniel Goble of Strawberry Valley who died up on Pitt river. This is a stunning blow to Mrs. Goble, who is almost wild with grief.
May 25 - Our boy is better, we hope. Mrs. Pratt has been several times at Deaths door, but seems to rally again.
Jun 2 - Is fine. I think of going to Forbestown tomorrow. Two footpads robbed Mr. Sibley of Howland Flat at Kellogg Bend.
Jun 10 - Is cool. I scrub out the frontroom of our house. Eve., I go to Pratt's to sit up with Mrs. Pratt. Mrs. Thurston sits up and watches with her too.
Jun 15 - Is rainy. Eve., it pours in torrents. Mrs. Pratt died at 6 o'clk this morning, after a severe illness of three months. Peace to her soul.
Jul 4 - Little Johnnie Learmont died this morn, after six days illness. I take my wife up to Strawberry Valley for company for the Prindle family in their affliction. Eve., return home alone - am lonely.
Jul 5 - Is warm. Little Johnny was laid beside his mother in the silent grave. P.M., the people are gathering for the Ball at the Columbus House tonight.
Jul 28 - Is warm. McCrank hired Peter Stover to work for him in the woods up to Diamond Sprs. Mill. Albert Kumle went up with them likewise.
Aug 4 - We hear of the robbing of the stage below Robinson Mill. Mr. Morse was driver. Amount $2300.00 (Black Bart?)
Aug 15 - The people of Clipper Mills expected preaching there this eve by Rev. Pruden, but he failed to come.
Aug 19 - The Candidates are flocking to Strawberry to speak on the issues of the times.
Sep 1 - Election day and it will be politically warm, but cool atmospherically. Kelly and I go to Strawberry Valley to vote.
Sep 2 - Is fine. We here that election has gone democratic in Butte co.
Sep 3 - There is to be a dance tonight at the Columbus House for a Miss Fitzgerald of North San Juan. The State of Calif. gone Democratic.
Sep 8 - Kelly's nephew (Charles Kelly) arrived fresh from the Emerald Isle last night.
Oct 11 - Very warm. I try hunting quail. Eve., I return home with eight Quails and a Squirrel. I got a black eye by the kick of the shot-gun.
Oct 17 - The funeral of Mr. Giles takes place at Strawberry this afternoon. He was killed by the overturning of a log wagon at or near Diamond Sprs. Saw Mill.
Oct 21 - Is cool. Kelly has seven teams here tonight - most of the season.
Oct 23 - I have greenbacks come up from Stratton & Co.; I ride with R. W. E., to Clipper Mills after the registered letter they came in. When I return at noon I find seven teams and three pairs of brakeblocks wanted. Busy time for me you see.
Nov 11 - Warm and nice after the shower last night. Mr. Kelly had a fight with a Chinaman, in which battle he came out second best. Jeremiah Donovan was married last evening to Miss Hannon of Whisky Diggings - they went to Forbestown tonight.
Nov 23 - Is rainy. I go to the funeral of Mrs. Cartland's Infant daughter.
Nov 30 - Is cloudy. Mr. Worden started for Forbestown with potatoes and a four-in-hand team - they ran away - hurt one horse and broke wagon pole. I offer to take what I can with two horses, which was accepted by Mr. Worden.
Dec 3 - More or less stormy. My beef for winter came yesterday and the Butcher made his last trip for the season.
Dec 11 - Is fine. P.M., I start for the Lodge - call at Adams to get my Candidate for initiation in Alpine Lodge #226 I.O.G.T.
Dec 24 - I kill chickens for the morrow. Eve., the new Servants Treadle has come from N.Y.C.
Dec 25 - More or less rainy. Many are the Christmas gifts, going the rounds amongst the young and old. I presented two pairs Vases to Alice and Hattie Cartland - a shell box to Jodie and May Cartland, and a knife to their Brother Henry. To my friends in Strawberry, Wife and I gave Prindle a waterproof jumper - Mrs. P. a calico dress - to her daughters a lin woolsey dress each, and to Mrs. P. again a box of the latest style stationary. To A. Horton, $2.25 toward a book bought for him by his friends, the Twogoods, the Prindles and the Emersons. The present "Scott's Poems."
Dec 27 - Is the 47th Anniversary of myself. Weather doubtful.

Transcribed by Kathy Sedler.