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[The transcription below is from papers belonging to James Lague, Historian, kindly shared by Rosemarie Mossinger, Challenge, CA.]


Jan. 1 - Eve., I reach Scales Diggings in safety, find all well. We have candy pulling and a little dance, after which a good visit.
Jan. 3 - I take my leave of my friends and start down county. Eve., I am safe at Varney's Ranch.
Jan. 5 - Rec'd letter from Mrs. Elliott. Talked with Cartland about running the turpentine distillery another summer.
Jan. 10 - Commence manuring the blackberries. Leave a letter for Susan at Clipper.
Jan. 17 - Had tooth pulled by Plum in Forbestown.
Jan. 22 - I go to Forbestown with beef for Emerson, first time.
Jan. 26 - I haul lumber from Deadwood for claim, had a little time with the horses.
Jan. 29 - I go to Forbestown with beef. Dr. Person was buried yesterday.
Feb. 2 - I help dig ditch 1/2 day at the claim.
Feb. 6 - Is fine. Eve., sing at Drakes. Sent line to Susan by King.
Feb. 14 - I go to New York House. Sent Valentine to Susie.
Feb. 26 - I make my trip to Forbestown. Mrs. Kelly comes home in the wagon.
Mar. 8 - Make my Eagleville trip with beef. Prepare for a visit to the Lady of my choice. Eve., at Scales. Having a good visit with Susie.
Mar. 30 - I put the Bills and accounts in shape.
Apr. 20 - Is fine. I pack beef to Mooresville.
Apr. 25 - No beef. I work in mines. Weather fine. Josh brought letter from Susan.
May 6 - I go up Road. Josh returns with the pleasant intelligence that the folks are coming out Monday.
May 9 - I meet Susie first time since return.
May 21 - I go down Road, last trip with beef. Susie rode with me to Strawberry. Attend Lodge.
May 22 - I'm enjoying freedom and the company of one I love, with walks.
May 23 - I take Susie home in a carriage - second buggy ride we ever had together.
May 24 - Is Queen Victoria's Birthday. But do I care, so long as I enjoy the good company and the confidence of one who moves in a humbler sphere.
May 28 - I work for Adams at OroLewa, aga_____ ___ve. I go up to Clipper to walk home with Susie.
May 29 - Is cool. I enjoy myself at Varney's Ranch. Eve., Susie and I walk to Woodville and back.
June 1 - Is fine. I work for Cartland, hauling wood.
June 5 - Purchase boots of Pratt, to be worn at my wedding.
June 12 - I go to Strawberry - have a settlement with Emerson. I get some cash of Stickling.
June 13 - Susan N. Varney and I start for Marysville. We dine at Oroville where I get license of the County Clerk to leave the State of Single Blessedness. Eve., we arrive in Marysville at 11 p.m.
June 14 - Is very cool for the season. We are shopping. We call on Mrs. Kimball and daughter at St. Nicholas Hotel.
June 15 - Is cool and pleasant. We leave Marysville at 3 p.m. Arrive at Willow Glen at dark, where we stop for the night.
June 16 - Is fine. We return home via Forbestown. I have tooth extracted.
June 18 - I haul pitch (for turpentine distillery) first of the season.
June 19 - I enjoy the company of my future wife.
June 21 - I haul barrels to Empire Hill to the Bean Camp.
June 24 - I haul pitch from Bean Camp, first load.
June 28 - Is my Wedding Day. Evening at eight o'clock G. S. W. Twogood and Susie N. Varney were pronounced man and wife, by the Rev. J. Pettit, after which we have a gay time.
June 29 - Sleepy, as we were up till near day.
Jul. 2 - Boxes came for Susie from Boston. I haul pitch.
Jul. 4 - Very warm. Eve., is my first appearance in company with my Wife. We attend Ball at Woodville.
Jul. 9 - Ends my first month for Cartland.
Jul. 11 - I haul pitch. Eve., we move to Cartland's, OroLewa, where we will stop a few months.
Jul. 18 - Is warm. Killum came and we commence distilling turpentine.
Jul. 24 - Is warm. We ship Rosin and turpentine, first of the season.
Jul. 25 - I go to LaPorte and leave my Wife at home, contrary to my wishes. Start off half ready, and I return about dark.
Jul. 30 - I go to Forbestown. Return with rice for chinaman. Dr. Allen called on us with his wife and her mother.
Aug. 17 - I cut wood. We attend the Party gotten up for the benefit of the Clipper School. My wife, gets the Ring in the Ring Cake.
Aug. 20 - I haul pitch after returning from Deadwood with lumber.
Sept. 9 - Is fine. I bring the new wagon home from Strawberry.
Sept. 14 - There is great excitement. Clipper Mills comes near burning.
Sept. 22 - Hauling pitch is the order of the day.
Oct. 2 - Joe Brown married to Miss Derrick. I went to Forbestown.
Nov. 3 - I start for the mountains with spuds.
Nov. 5 - I sell spuds at St. Louis and Howland Flat.
Nov. 22 - I load hides and start out of Oroville at 8 1/2 a.m. Dine at Boston Ravine [Hurlton]. Eve., at Robinson Mill House where J. A. Varney and I stop for the night.
Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving Day. Last Thanksgiving I rode with she that is now the Partner of my bosom, and like that Day is really beautiful and we are spending it pleasantly together.
Dec. 2 - Cartland hauled Worden's spuds up to Clipper. Rained and snowed last night.
Dec. 5 - Cartland's and my Wife and I are packing up to move to Forbestown.
Dec. 10 - I draw up Mortgage and Deed between Cartland and Dowell.
Dec. 22 - Eddie Cartland died at 5 a.m. I start for OroLewa to take up his twin Sister for buriel in the same grave tomorrow.
Dec. 25 - The Anniversary of the Birth of our Savior. Santa Claus remembered us all last eve.
Dec. 30 - Is beautiful, like a Spring Day. Eve., Mr. Larimore came down to commence work for the Cartland's in the Bar Room.


Jan. 2 - We start early for Marysville, Mr. and Mrs. Knox, Jennie Waistell, Alzina Knox, my Wife and Myself. Arrive at the Western Hotel about 3 o'clock. Eve., my wife and I prominade up and down D street by moonlight.
Jan. 5 - We arrive at Brownsville at 11a.m. P.M. Wife and I go to Forbestown and get our things and move over to Brownsville on the way to Willow Glen where we will stop for an indefinate time.
Jan. 16 - We move to and take possession of Willow Glen. Phelps' folks move to Brownsville. I will collect toll and run the hotel, and hope it all goes satisfactory with Knox.
Jan. 18 - My Wife finds the change from sewing to housekeeping rather hard. Her success in the culinary department is all that I could wish.
Jan. 25 - Fine. I take in some Toll nearly every day. House does little, no travel.
Feb. 14 - One year ago, I sent my intended Wife the first Valentine. Today we are at Willow Glen keeping house, happy as we need be.
Feb. 25 - We had a live man to dinner - Mr. Knox.
Mar. 23 - I go to Frenchtown to get Loo (Chinaman) who comes over and commences work.
Mar. 25 - Weather doubtful, but four men go to work on the Road. Mr. Hawkins stopped here last night and had no money - an Irishman.
Mar. 26 - Cool. Another man who was "dead broke" stopped here all night.
Apr. 13 - I send for the Doctor for Wife, symptoms of labor, tho' rather ahead of time. Eve., Dr. came, found Wife easy. His services will be required in the future.
May 3 - Eve., Jessie goes for Dr. Allen. At fifteen minutes to 10 oclk my Wife gave birth to a daughter. Doing fine.
May 8 - Jessie goes after the Doctor, who comes about noon. Remains till about 8 p.m. Leaves my Wife more comfortable.
May 14 - Dr. Porter, Wife and daughter dined here on their way to Whisky Diggings. Eve., we are alone - my Wife, baby, Mrs. Townsend, Myself and the Cook (Chinaman), constitutes the family.
May 20 - I finish my corrall fence. Morse brings George Miller's Wife here to stop awhile with my wife.
May 22 - I get Bristow to go for Dr. Joy at Dobbins' Ranch. Eve., Dr. Joy prescribed for my wife and I hope she will be better soon.
June 2 - Dr. Joy was here again - changed my Wife's diet considerable.
June 11 - Great rush for dinner. Three Englishmen dined - they have lots of "Grand Cash."
June 25 - Susie sits up awhile, first time in over five weeks.
July 4 - Is very quiet at Willow Glen. Bangor and Forbestown have Balls.
July 17 - Is warm. Our Baby is sick.
July 18 - I have Dr. Howard call down again to see our little sick Baby. He pronounced her diseased cholera infection.
July 19 - Dr. Joy and Dr. Howard held a consultation and Joye prescribed for the Baby.
July 23 - 12 1/2 o'clk our dear little Susie May leaves this world of trouble for the brighter one above. She was very dear to our hearts, our only treasure. Eve., Mr. Knox and Morse came with coffin.
Aug. 12 - Weather warm. My Wife gains slowly, she helps put things right.
Aug. 14 - Ah Fann does the washing again with a little of my assistance.
Aug. 16 - My Wife is bound to have a decent wood box.
Aug. 17 - We put the Wood Box in the room, which compares favorably with the rest of the furniture.
Aug. 18 - I put up a leach yesterday and the lye is running strong. Make soap.
Aug. 31 - I take in the whole sum of $3.75 toll, ending a poor month compared with August of last year.
Sept. 19 - Rumery left here this morn for Brownsville. He commences his school at Timbuctoo next Monday.
Oct. 29 - C. L. Prindle and Lucy A. L. Beckham dine with us today on their way to Marysville to be married.
Nov. 22 - Mr. Knox and Jennie Waistell went to Marysville. Peter Conwell with Mr. Willey, his intended, Miss Kittie Kelley, her Brother and Miss M. Feeney dined here, on their way to the wedding.
Dec. 5 - Eve., a drove of Turkeys came along, driven by two La Porte men. 96 turkeys in all.
Dec. 24 - Rain falls part of the day. I purchased a turkey of Dr. Grover, for Christmas Dinner.
Dec. 25 - Is quite a rainy day. We had no Christmas Gifts bestowed this year, as so far from Santa Claus.
Dec. 30 - My Wife and I go to Brownsville - find some of the company who came to the Wedding of Elmont Brooks and Jennie Waistell.


Jan. 1 - At precisely 8 1/2 o'clock this morning the Wedding came off in a fine style, and the happy pair departed, bound for San Francisco.
Jan. 16 - The Anniversary of our commencing Hotel business at Willow Glen. I go stock hunting.
Feb. 1 - Brooks and I take a horseback ride to Darby Flat, and we talk of making a purchase of the Willow Glen property with Mr. Knoxes cattle.
Feb. 5 - Brooks came down horseback. Eve., Mrs. Brooks comes down with Mr. Knox. We close the bargain for Willow Glen and the cattle.
Mar. 4 - Mrs. Brook's melodeon came, a fine instrument. The instrument was a present to Mrs. Brooks from her friend Mrs. Knox.
June 12 - Brooks and his Wife went to Marysville. Wife and I had eleven to dine with us - quite a rush - most of the season.
Jul. 5 - I dine at Oro Lewa, on my way to see our cattle on the summer range.
Aug. 13 - Is the day fixed upon for the trade in the Stage Line with Mr. Brewster.
Sept. 2 - Is cool - quite a change in the weather.
End of 1872 Diary

Transcribed by Kathy Sedler.