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[The transcription below is from papers belonging to James Lague, Historian, kindly shared by Rosemarie Mossinger, Challenge, CA.]


Jan. 1- Rain falls steady. Ball tonight in the Odd Fellow's Hall. Sold 42 tickets. Harveys provides supper.
Jan. 2 - Rain continues. Dance breaks up at 7:30 a.m. I have nap in P.M.
Jan. 12 - Clear and not so cold. Ribbel came down to get posted on P.O. business. Eve., looks like rain.
Jan. 13 - Still clear. Eve., have Lodge. Dick Johnson and Hod Clark were up.
Jan. 16 - Morn. I feel badly. Call on Dr. Karsuer. He tells me not to get excited, on account of my heart. Eve., cloudy.
Feb. 22 - Warm like spring. Cleared up nice for the White House Dance. crowned at dance. I write Sister Juliette Sharp.
Feb. 28 - Clear and chilly. George Beik was killed in mine cave in.
Mar. 19 - This morn. rains very gently. Ed goes after lumber at Bett's Mill.
Apr. 8 - This morn. I am Grandpop. Ed and Annie have a daughter. Born about one a.m. Weather fine.
Apr. 9 - Is clear, but windy. P.M. I ride to N. Y. House in the cart. I go to see the baby first. Its doing fine, and Annie also.
Apr. 14 - Morn. a slight frost. This is the Anniversary of Maud Conwell's birthday; also G. L. Alberts.
May 2 - Today five road hands work all day. Tom Miller and M. C. Steel married in church. Signs of a storm.
June 1 - Is cool. Ed started for Marysville with Forbes. Is going to buy Woodford's Store in Forbestown. (Gaylord and his son Ed own a store in Brownsville.)
June 2 - This morn is pleasant. G. L. Albert's wife and boy came up on Stage. P.M. Ed comes home and he is now owner of two stores. G. L. folks go home to N.Y. House.
June 5 - We commence using the Holcomb horses. Ed drives them to our store in Forbestown. I go to Challenge and N. Y. House. Pearl goes with me to stay with Undine in George's (Alberts) absence.
June 15 - This morn is not good for hay making. Eve., Mr. Klos passes away about 9 o'clock.
June 18 - Today I go to Compton's with flour, etc. P.M. I take stove to G. L. Albert. Eve. warm.
June 28 - This morn is warm. Thirty years ago today the knot was tied which made G. S. W. Twogood and S. M. Varney one. We have an Anniversary dinner today.
July 5 - This morn the Ball group returned from the Woodville Ball. Eve is fine after a hot day. Mr. Lopes died, will be buried tomorrow.
July 21 - This morn Skinner's moved to Forbestown. Eve. we have Lodge.
July 26 - This morn is cool. Ed goes to Forbestown. The ball folks are coming in early for the Ball this eve. Tend a large gathering at the ball. Supper fine.
Aug. 21 - Taking account of stock on. They find lots of stock on hand. Nat Rowe was on the Stage. Just returned from Dawson City.
Aug. 24 - Today I go to Harvey's and Leal's in Portagesetown. I get some money of Cassie Ruff to send off for Mrs. Fernandez. Very warm.
Aug. 31 - Today is fine. This eve, there is a nice little party for Mrs. Wicket and her daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Reed.
Sept. 27 - Mr. and Mrs. Bristow are persuaded to stay till tomorrow. I attend the funeral of Dave Merian, an old acquaintance. Eve., we visit.
Oct. 20 - Clear again. Trial of Conwell vis McCrank comes off. Judgement rendered in favor of Plaintiff.
Nov. 25 - Today is cloudy. Maggie Becker came over to work for Laura Klos in Hotel.
Nov. 30 - Rained a little this a.m. They had a fine dance, but not a money making affair. I had a telephone from J. A. Maber that C. L. Foss is dead. Mrs. Conneghen died today.
Dec. 4 - About 10 o'clock Odd Fellows assemble in the Hall to perform the last sad rites upon our deceased brother, C. L. Foss. A large gathering follows to the Cemetery at N.Y. Flat.
Dec. 10 - The Auction sales commence in Forbestown. Ed attends and canvasses for a ??.
Dec. 12 - Ed goes to Forbestown again. He reports horses and wagon sold to Merian of Dobbins.
Dec. 16 - This morn rain falls in torrents for awhile. Mrs. Packard died suddenly about 6 a.m. One by one they are going.
Dec. 19 - This morn Henry Foss with his niece, Lizzie C. P. Foss started for Leland, Ore. Ed starts for Camptonville in his canvasing trip.
Dec. 24 - Some frost. Christmas goods are passing through the Mails. Lizzie and Maggie Becker went to the ball with Klos and wife and Martin Tufford at Forbestown.
Dec. 25 - This morn dawns fair. The ball folks get home about 11 o'clock. For Christmas I get 1 doz. handkerchiefs. The rest of family get numerous presents.
Dec. 27 - This morn plenty frost. The Albert reunion proved a success. Eighteen were present. I am feeling pretty well - aged 72 years today.
Dec. 31 - This morn is cold again, but sun shines. Eve., we sit up till the old year is entirely gone, then retire.


Jan. 1 - Apr. 30 missing
May 2 - We hear that a boy baby was born to Charlie and Kate Brown about 9 o'clk last night.
May 16 - Is pleasant. I take a walk in search of our cow which I failed to corral last night. We hear of the death of old Mrs. Holcomb who died suddenly at the age of 86 yrs. 7 mos. & 15 days. I drive to Woodleaf and commence collecting toll. Eve., I return to Brownsville.
June 7 - The great School meeting in Brownsville today. Weather fine. J. F. Schultz has Mr. Powell arrested for threats to bodily injury.
June 26 - Ed tries his rubber shoe heels and finds them easy. Lizzie rode up to Orolewa to see Mrs. Brundage with Mrs. Sharrer, in her buggy.
July 4 - This is a fine day. Not too hot to celebrate. The ball game resulted in the defeat of the "Upham Nine" by the "Gold Bank Kid Nine" of Forbestown, as they style themselves. Eve., C. B. Townsend's folks are at the dance. Mrs. McIntosh is also here with here daughter and Son-in-law Dorsen. Mrs. Brundage and her friend, Miss Walker are also in attendance.
Aug. 9 - Is cool in morn. Old Mrs. Burroughs died yesterday morn at Challenge.
Sept. 18 - I take a ride to Strawberry and take lunch with Birmingham's after which I return home by the Butchers Express.
Oct. 8 - Sunshine this morn. Seven teams left here this morning including Falcks. Colored Minstrel Show at Clipper Mills tonight.
Nov. 25 - Rain falls lively from early morn till noon. Wife and I commence making preparations to move to our home in Brownsville.
Nov. 28 - This is Thanksgiving Day, and we certainly have reason to feel thankful for all favors so bountiful bestowed upon us. We all partake of roast chicken and accompanying good things. Rain fell heavily all night ending with thunder.
Dec. 4 - John Blanchard Jr. and our friend Adella Crossman came to get their Pension Vouchers executed. Mrs. August Robinson, who died on Thanksgiving Day was buried on the 30th.
Dec. 5 - We hear that Mr. John C. Falck died at 10 a.m. yesterday. Weather rainy and windy.
Dec. 13 - Is clear and cold. Ed returns from Mr. Scott's, who died at ten minutes to eight o'clock a.m. Eve., Mrs. Crossman came in after an afternoon at Cranes.
Dec. 27 - This is the 73 anniversary of my birthday. I can not realize that I am so aged. I read and write without spectacles, in the day time, and I'm straight. Wm. Eggleston, who was born on the same day of the month happened in today. A present of a pair of slippers came to me through the mail. We hear of the birth of a son to the wife of J. H. McCrank. Wind north.


Jan. 1 - We sat up to watch the old year out and the New Year in. Warm for January.
Jan. 16 - 7 a.m. raining but sun comes out before noon. Inspector L. Culver inspected the post office. He seemed to be well pleased that things were running allright. Eve., is real cold and clear.
Feb. 16 - Ida Ruff is going home today. She has been stopping at Kloss'. Bruce Miller circulated a petition for her retention as teacher of the New York Flat School. Petition was almost unanimous signed. Eve., it rains again.
Mar. 29 - Is lovely, like Spring. Mrs. Birmingham came on the Stage. She says it rests with me as to whether I shall be toll collector at Woodville Gate this summer. Eve., we hold Lodge with the regulation attendance of five.
April 1 - "All Fools Day". Weather doubtful. Eve., it pours lively for awhile. We wrote the children long letters.
May 22 - Is rather pleasant. Lizzie went to Woodleaf on stage, will open gate at once. She will remain till I can relieve her.
June 10 - This morn is lovely. The Adams-Brundage wedding takes place today. About three o'clock we get ready and start to the wedding. About 4:30 p.m. the pair, Robb Lincoln Adams and Nellie Brundage were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. F. Deal of Forbestown; after which, the many guests partook of a sumptuous Wedding Dinner and had a jolly good time.
June 16 - Is cool. Lizzie writes me that she cannot come up today, that Grandma Hedge died on Saturday night and will be buried in Brownsville. Another aged pioneer has passed to the other side. Mrs. Rippy and two little daughters came up to stay awhile, to be clear of the heat of Oroville.
July 4 - Weather is cold for this time of the year. Everybody going to the dance at Brownsville. About 6:30 p.m., C. L. Falck, wife and baby, Mrs. Rippy and her two little daughters and myself start from Woodleaf to the dance and find a perfect jam. We run all night. The dancing people divide and some take the Odd Fellow's Hall and some the temporary platform. R. L. Adams starts home soon after 6 a.m. with Edwards, Eli H. and myself as passengers. I get some breakfast, then devote my time trying to keep awake. We left Brownsville comparatively quiet, not very many drunks.
Aug. 1 - Neilus Couneghan was married to Miss Jennie Dolan, 29th. Lizzie goes to Adams via Townsend's Mill, with Ben Brown. I go up later and we spend a pleasant evening.
Sept. 29 - Wind blew nearly all night, which fanned the forest fires in good shape. Challenge was in danger at one time last night. People got many things packed ready to go. Eve. calm.
Nov. 10 - Cloudy this morning. Grace Bean came up home Saturday and has not returned to her school yet at 9 a.m. I learn later that she was in a buggy, as it rained too hard for an open wagon yesterday.
Dec. 25 - Christmas is warm. I wrote C. T. Prindle a short letter. P.M. we dine on turkey and other good things. Our guests are: B. H. Brown, J. D. Wetmore and George W. Edwards. Eve., it commences to rain.
Dec. 29 - Is the coldest morning of the season. J. W. Albert executed his voucher here for a pension draft - $6.00 per month. Mr. McShane died last night.


Jan. 1 - In the early morning it was foggy. We had chicken dinner. Geo. W. Edwards dined with us. Our Christmas box from Ed and his wife failed to arrive for the New Year.
Jan. 5 - Rather cold early. The girls drive Pet and go to Townsend's funeral. It is announced in the Appeal that Ed. G. Twogood has been appointed Governor Elect Pardee's Official Stenographer, so I suppose he will remain in Sacramento for the next four years.
Jan. 8 - Nearly clear. Our package which went astray to Brownsville, Ore. came today in which was a suit of clothes for his father, from his son in Sacramento. His Mama and sisters got nice presents too. We very much appreciate all the articles sent.
Mar. 2 - Cloudy. P.M. Pauley had a runaway. Smashed up his stage and seriously hurt two horses and himself more slightly.
Apr. 6 - McShane takes several of us over to Forbestown to attend the funeral of our late brother, Wm. Dale, whose remains are followed by a small number of his brother Odd Fellows and quite a concourse of people to Evergreen Cemetery in Brownsville. The weather continued splendid during the entire day.
Apr. 13 - Is clear and cold north wind blowing. Katie Ribbel Leach went up on the stage yesterday. Ribbel quite poorly again. We get letter from Lizzie and one from Prindle.
May 1 - A beautiful day. I get M. O. Statement ready for tomorrow's mail. Mrs. M. A. Leach started home, Lamains, Siskyou co.
May 12 - Brown and I attend the funeral of A. F. Roberts at Forbestown. We reach home about 6:40 p.m. We hear of the death of George Clemons at Pike county House. A child of Boviens died of diphtheria in Forbestown. Eve., Brown is a little late with his milking.
May 13 - Is hazy. The funeral of Geo. Clemons is well attended at the church and cemetery. Henry Ermatinger, Brown and I go up to the White House to view the premises. E. is satisfied with finding it more than he expected. He is almost sure to take it.
May 16 - Quite cold. I board stage and bid adieu to wife and daughter Pearl and start for Woodleaf to open the Toll gate. I dine at Ribbel's on a very sparse meal. Arrive at Woodleaf at 1:35. Find Hilma Falck Heeney here from Eureka. Eve., Simmons comes with cattle - first victim for toll. Spits snow for awhile.
June 27 - I arrived in Brownsville about 8:30 a.m. We proceed with our funeral service at the Hall on the arrival of the remains of our Bro. John McShane. After funeral, we have picture of the inside of our Hall taken by Mr. ?? of Roseville Jct. Eve., we have lodge.
July 4 - Crowd collects and the dance goes on. Eve., is beautiful. Good Ice cream sale.
July 5 - We all feel rocky. I gave up my room, so had no sleep. Is getting cooler this P.M.
Aug. 16 - Warm. Miss Walker goes home. Adams and wife took her to Bullards Bar. Martin comes up on foot from home. He thought it was too hot for any one to bring him in the buggy.
Oct. 18 - Wife and I ride to Woodleaf. I throw out lots of rocks out of the road. Eve., wife and Pearl leave for home.
Nov. 18 - Is rather hazy. I take stage for home in Brownsville. We attend funeral of our dear old friend, Mary Johnson. Eve., we call upon our friend Eugene Johnson, his sister Gertrude, his son Ray and Juan Wetmore at Mrs. Horton's.
Nov. 24 - Clear this morning. Etta Gee died yesterday at her Uncle George's at Empire Hill, very suddenly. We are packing up for moving back to Brownsville.
Dec. 24 - Clear and cold. Ball and Entertainment at Mrs. Kumle's, Willow Glen.


Jan. 2 - Is rather cold. Wife and I start for Honcut about 7 a.m. and reach Honcut about 12 noon, where Mrs. Winterstein and Erwin Thompson give us welcome till the cars for Sacramento arrive, when my wife takes the train for the city. Eve., I reach Rackerby at 6 o'clock where I find plenty for the inner man and feed for Pet. I stay overnight.
Feb. 1 - Is quite warm but when the sun sets it is chilly. Got my P. O. Statement ready to mail. There was a fight between our two peace officers; Justice Harvey and Constable Beever. The Judge got worsted, but no bones broken.
Feb. 19 - Is cloudy. Pearl takes leave with Boone (stage driver) for Marysville where she will remain overnight with Mrs. R. L. Adams. Thence she will proceed to Sacramento where she expects to stand at the altar with George W. Edwards of Chico. The ceremony will be performed at her brother Ed's, 2227 P St. God be with them.
Feb. 23 - The Edwards-Twogood nuptials celebrated on Sat. 20th at the residence of E. G. Twogood, Sacramento. Water high about Marysville.
Mar. 5 - Cloudy. We had J. T. Birmingham at lunch with us yesterday. Came to see about the Golden Needle Mining operations across his toll road. Eve., we have Lodge. Five members.
Mar. 17 - Rain comes down in earnest after an all night's down pour. P.M. still pours - high water will surely be in evidence in the valley country. Eve., still raining.
Mar. 19 - Thunder shower about 6:30 a.m. There will be a terrible flood below if this continues much longer. I failed to note receipt of a letter from L. D. Lockwood on the 16th and the forwarding of his letters to Surigas, Philippines.
April 7 - I go down to Purdy's - thence to J. H. McCrank's assessing. Eve. clear.
April 8 - I ride to Rackerby with Boone and commence assessing - go to the old Rodman place and to Worth Bainbridge, and to the old Bainbridge place. Warm.
April 9 - Is warm. I visit people down Honcut Creek and back via Fruit Vale and Miller Ranch. Eve. I get home. Ride from foot of Hansonville Hill with Boone.
April 11 - Is warm. I assess people in Challenge and make my way to Arbucco's for the night.
April 12 - Is warm but fair breeze. Called at Mt. Hope, Gomez, Costa, Mrs. E. Gibson and A. S. Packard's, then home. Find folks sick at Packard's.
April 14 - I start for Day's and other places - get to Roberts at 1 p.m. where the rain pours in torrents. Eve. am in Forbestown, at Garton's.
April 15 - Clear early but clouds up soon. I go to Liebhauser's and Foss's and return to Forbestown. After dinner at Garton's I steer for home and reach home without getting wet much.
April 18 - I start for Marcus Weiss's place, via Frank Taber's to Robinson Mill - stop some time on account of rain. P.M. return home via Day's. Find Mrs. Adams and Delphine here.
May 1 - Sunday - May Day. very cool. Sermon by Rev. Beattie. Lizzie attends to represent our family. Mrs. M. Gomez died Friday evening.
May 3 - I take a trip to Rackerby, Davis Mine and Gildea's. Eve., get home very tired.
May 20 - This is a fine morning. P.M. I took Lizzie and baby Lawrence up to Adam's. They will be at the Masquerade Ball tomorrow night at Falck's.
May 22 - Wife and I start for Orolewa. At Adams' we found sleepy people. P.M. we took a walk out to where the Crist and Weigle Tannery and house used to be. Revived memories of the past. Eve. we start for home. At Woodleaf, we are informed by Agnes Falck that supper was just ready and that no would not be taken as an answer, we yielded. She escorted me from the bar-room to the dining room. We reach home before dark.
June 2 - Is cool. I prepare to go to Woodleaf to take the Toll-gate. Reach W. at 1:45. Eve., I get settled in the Brick House and my board will include my dinner today.
July 4 - Is quiet here, but many have gone to LaPorte to celebrate and some are passing to Bullards Bar to the ball.
Jul 11 - Will Birmingham brings a man to take my place and he and I attend the funeral of T. M. Hawley at Brownsville. I find my folks well at home. Eve., we return to Woodleaf. Eve., cool.
Aug. 1 - Is warm. Wes Packard goes up to the "Blue Gravel Mine" (Old Coles Diggins) to work. There are three drummers here for the night.
Aug. 27 - Is very pleasant. The Fry family and Mrs. Garton passed enroute to the head dam.
Sept. 8 - Not quite so warm as yesterday. Oregon House burned yesterday. We hear that Baxter's store burned also.
Oct. 1 - Is a little cloudy part of the day. I ride home to Brownsville with Martin in the butcher wagon. I hear of the death of Dr. M. W. Wilson my long time friend, with whom I became acquainted in 1852-3 in El Dorado co. Eve., we have Lodge.
Oct. 2 - Work on M. O. Statement, count stamps, etc. and make quarterly return. Weather fine.
Oct. 19 - Is clear. Wind easterly. P.M. Wife, baby Lawrence took a ride over to old New York House to see the family of G. W. Albert and to see the execution of his vouchers for increase of pension.
Nov. 6 - Is cold this morning. Wife and I ride to Forbestown, where we visit Mrs. Garton and her daughter Hattie Cartland.
Nov. 10 - We get news of a perfect landslide for every bodies favorite, Theodore Roosevelt for President of these United States. California Republicans did themselves proud on Election Day. Eve is cool.
Dec. 5 - Heavy frost. P. M. I hear with regret, that Dr. Bessac is no more. He was my good friend and brother of the Mystic Tie.
Dec. 25 - The anniversary of the birth of our Savior should be considered one of the most sacred holidays. We have an excellent dinner at which our mutual friend Ben Brown is a guest. I call at McShane's late in the afternoon as also at D. W. Alberts. Cold and there will be frost.
Dec. 26 - Coldest morning of the season. Frank Shattock, a former resident and merchant of Clayton Ranch, will be buried in Brownsville Cemetery today.
Dec. 27 - Is cloudy, but clears during the day. I am 76 years of age today, and have good reason to be thankful to my Maker for these years over the alloted time on Earth. Although I am so old, I still desire to remain with my dear ones till God wills that I should go.

Transcribed by Kathy Sedler.