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Notaries Public 1891


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Chas. S. Brooks

Term ends April 25, 1893

Geo. W. Harney

Term ends May 6, 1893

Daniel Gittens

Term ends May 7, 1893

C. A. Webb

Term ends August 6, 1893

J. F. McNutt

Term ends December 3, 1893

Samuel C. Trayner

Term ends December 18, 1893

M. A. Marcuse

Term ends December 19, 1893

J. H. Krause

Term ends January 22, 1894

Wm. Lumbard

Term ends March 17, 1894

J. B. Fuller

Term ends June 26, 1894

E. E. Meek

Term ends June 28, 1894

J. M. Cremin

Term ends July 12, 1894

Chas. E. Sweezy

Term ends November 26, 1894

Geo. R. Eckart

Term ends November 28, 1894

S. O. Gunning

Term ends December 15, 1894

Samuel Garber

Term ends January 15, 1895

F. M. Hawley

Term ends January 16, 1895

Wallace Dinsmore

Term ends February 24, 1895

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