Digger's Digest - Vol 16, #1 & 2, 1989 - Brief History of the Marysville Native Daughters of the Golden West

Marysville Daily Democrat - November 25, 1892 - At the meeting of Marysville Parlor, No. 6, N.S.G.W., held Wednesday evening, J. H. Shaffer, J. H. Rooney and W. H. Parks, Jr., were appointed as a committee to assist Mrs. Lizzie Morse in organizing a Parlor of Native Daughters in this City. -  There is no reason why Marysville should not have a good and substantial Parlor of Native Daughters.  Nearly all places where there is a parlor of Native Sons, the Native Daughters are also represented.  In Grass Valley on September 9th the Native Daughters were the leading feature of the celebration, especially in the eves of the Marysville visitors. - Any native-born lady over 18 years of age may become a member of the order and those wishing to become members can call Mrs. Morse or any of the gentlemen mentioned.

Marysville Daily Democrat - February 25, 1893 - The Native Daughters - An Organization Effected With a Fair Membership - A large number of the Native Daughters held a meeting in Red Men's Hall last evening and organized a Parlor of Native Daughters of the Golden West, by the election of the following officers:  President:  Mrs. E. D. Morse *; First Vice-President:  Miss Kate Shields; Second Vice-President:  Miss Maude Hyde; Third Vice-President:  Mrs. Charles Price; Recording Secretary:  Miss Rhona Hall; Financial Secretary:  Mrs. Carrie Pendleton; Treasurer:  Miss Edith Williams *; Trustees:  Mrs. E. A. Forbes, Mrs. J. H. Shaffer, Mrs. Amelia Derringer - An Assistant Secretary and the Outside and Inside Sentinels will be appointed by the Grand Officers when the lodge is formally established. - The following also attended the meeting for a Charter:  Mrs. D. Condon; Mrs. Carrie Berg; Mrs. Lucy Berg; Miss Blanche Hall; Miss Mary Lehman; Mrs. E. A. Forbes; and Mrs. P. J. Flannery. - Dr. E. E. Stone was chosen as the examining physician for the organization.  [* Note by Mary Thomas:  Mrs. E. B. Morse was Mary Elizabeth (Lowe) Williams Morse. (1857 - 1911).  Her first husband was James Ogden Williams and they had one child, Edith Williams.  Mary committed suicide in Marysville on 24 August 1911.  Miss Edith Williams was the daughter of Mrs. E. B. Morse]

California Parlor No. 74  (from Proceedings, 1893) - California Parlor No. 74 was instituted at Marysville, Yuba County, March 11, 1893, with twenty-four charter members, by our Worthy Past Grand President, Miss Carrie Roesch, assisted by Miss Hilke, of Joaquin Parlor No. 5; Mrs. Carrie Kashler of Oro Fino Parlor No. 9 and members from Mariposa Parlor No. 63.  President Miss Daisy Meany; Secretary, Miss Nellie Ludescher.  (Report of Grand Secretary.) - Grand President's report - - At Marysville on March 11th, 1893, California Parlor was instituted by Grand Trustee May Terry, assisted by Grand Past President, M. B. Johnson;  Mary E. Morse, President; Aarona M. Hall, Secretary. +++ California Parlor No. 74 surrendered its charter on March 1, 1899, and forwarded to the office its books and paraphernalia.  Material in the Grand Parlor Office was lost in the 1906 earthquake and fire.

Native Daughters of the Golden West - Marysville Parlor #162 - Annotated History of Outstanding Events -

1908 - June 16 - Organization meeting - Jeffersonian Hall - Marysville, California - 8 p.m.  22 ladies of Yuba City and Marysville were addressed by the Native Sons on the 'objects and purposes of the order, early history of pioneers, preservation of landmarks, patriotism to the State of California, and reverence for its early institutions and founders.'  In addition, they referred to "ordinary relief, sick benefits, and social features of the order, which characterizes all fraternal societies." - Preliminary organization - - election of temporary chairman - Mrs. Ida V. Campbell of Yuba City, and Violet M. Heyl, temporary Secretary. - The following officers were elected to serve until the next general election:  Past President - Mrs. Col. E. A. Forbes; President - Mrs. P. J. Delay; 1st Vice - Esther R. Sullivan; 2nd Vice - Ione P. Meek; 3rd Vice - Tillie Kean; Financial & Recording Secretary - Violet M. Heyl; Treasurer - Mary Cutler; Marshall - Mary Moncur; Outside Sentinel - Frances Engel; Inside Sentinel - Martha Bruce; Trustees - Anna Noyes, Mrs. R. E. Bevan, Ina Hedger; Physician - Dr. J. H. Barr; Pianist - Mabel Kimball - Native Sons Parlor No. 6, Marysville, offered free lodge room to the Native Daughters for 6 months. - Sacramento ladies will install and institute the Parlor as soon as complete arrangements can be made. - This Parlor shall be known as 'Marysville  Parlor N.D.G.W.'

1908 - July 9 - Charter had been signed by 28 members who organized the parlor and the Charter sent in to the Grand Parlor. - The 28 Charter Members were:  Martha Virginia Bruce, Viola I. Bruce, Anna L. Noyes, Carrie Noyes, Mary D. Moncur, Mary Cutler, Ida Virginia Campbell, Idolynne Campbell, Carrie Berg, Hazel Heyl, Mabel Kimball, Elizabeth B. Delay, Clara Meek, Ione Pearl Meek, Tillie Kean, Esther Sullivan, Martha Sullivan, Frances M. Engel, Louise Roberts, Ena M. Hedger, Violet M. Heyl, Byrde Kean, Maude Saunders Bruce, Mae Wilkie, Mrs. R. E. Bevan, Anita L. Wilkie, Ada Hedger, Angeline Bevan

1908 - July 12 - Institution and Installation night - The Western Hotel was the Official headquarters for the Guests and the Banquet.  Mrs. Emma Gett and her staff and her staff arrived from Sacramento.  After supper at the White Horse Inn the guests were shown about Marysville to visit points of interest:  Marysville Library, Cortez Square, etc., and then were taken to the end of the car line and return (across the Feather River). - Installation officers from Sacramento were:  Mrs. Emma Gett, Miss Ada Turner, Miss Anna Luther, Mrs. Ella Lambert.  Mrs. Douglas was present from Nevada City. - The Parlor was instituted and named, "Marysville Parlor # 162, N.D.G.W., and the officers were installed. - Mrs. Forbes was unable to be in town so Ida Virginia Campbell was unanimously elected Past President. - The Constitution forbids the combination office of Financial and Recording Secretary, so Violet M. Heyl retained the office of Recording Secretary and Hazel G. Heyl was unanimously elected as Financial Secretary. - Meeting nights officially declared by the Parlor are 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month and the official meeting place is to be Foresters Hall. - Miss Violet M. Heyl was honored for her excellent work in organizing the parlor. - The Charter was to remain open 20 days from this date for more Charter Membesr.

1908 - July 23 - Twenty-five applications for membership were read at this second regular meeting of the Marysville Parlor as follows:  Emma A. Coughlin, Catherine E. Farrell, Mattie A. Stoker, Florence M. Hewitt, Margaret A. White, Mary Erminie Wiseman, Margaret A. Traynor, Irene Saunders, Aurora F. Galvin, Clara Ella Hedger, Julia C. Plymire, Eleanore Fay Ostrom, Ellen Agatha Galvin, Hazel Amaden, Agnes Weber, Gertrude Weber, Mary Weber, Josie Weber, Esther Sperbeck, Dora M. Brown, Mrs. A. O. Frye, Anna Chism, Hazel Chism, Jennie Robinson Fairlee, Cecil Ward Ellsworth - The Secretary was instructed to extend a note of thanks to the following for kindnesses shown in our behalf while organizing:  Dr. J. H. Barr; J. H. Marcuse; Judge Morrissey; Judge McDaniels; Royal Arch; Native Sons Parlor #6; and "The Daily Appeal."

1908 - August 13 - Third Session:  Six applications for membership were filed, with fees accompanying. They were:  Gertrude E. Sanborn, Julia B. Kline, Gertrude E. Woodworth, Edna J. Winship, Bertha Albertina Wilkie, Daisy Emaline Wilkie. - Judge McDaniels of the Marysville Native Sons Parlor requested a committee be named to meet with the Native Sons to arrange for a future function.  Violet Heyl was appointed Chairman of the committee, with Ena Hedger and Martha Sullivan on the Committee. - It was decided to keep the Charter open until September 10th because so many were out of town who may wish to join.

1908 - September 14 - Fourth Session:  Four applications were received, to wit:  Elsie Elder, Mrs. Nellie Wallace, Myrtle Fairlee, Mrs. A. Lewis. - It was agreed to vote on all applicants as a whole.  The ballot was favorable for all those who have submitted applications.

Sutter County Farmer - Native Daughters Plan For Rebuilding Historic Land Mark At General Sutter's Old Home - At the meeting of the Marysville Parlor held last week, the matter of restoring the iron fort at the Hock Farm which was brought around the Horn, and set up at the old home of General Sutter in pioneer days was discussed and the President of the Parlor was authorized to appoint a committee to take up the question. - It is reported that Thomas Holmes, present owner of the Hock Farm, stands ready to donate the old fort to the Native Daughters, also an acre of land surrounding the knoll on which the iron house formerly stood.  It is proposed to replace the old-time rock foundation made from rocks hauled from the Buttes, the same as General Sutter did, and to plant the fig tree and the rose bushes of the same varieties the General leaned to.  A lady in Yuba City claims to have rose bushes planted by General Sutter, and also fig trees that came to her in the same manner.


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