Yuba Delta

June, 1914







            The first meeting of the Juniors was called by President Orlin Harter for the purpose of electing officers.  The following officers were elected:

            President – Mae Nunes

            Vice President – Edna Hewitt

            Secretary – Dorothy Shirley

            Treasurer – Laverne Stafford

            As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.

            A meeting was called by President Mae Nunes for the purpose of electing League Delegate.  Orlin Harter was chosen as the delegate.  As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.

            A meeting was called by President Mae Nunes for the purpose of electing a baseball manager for the Junior team.  Julian Wilcoxon was elected for this office.  As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.

            A meeting was called for the purpose of voting on a class contribution toward a baseball.  It was voted to buy a baseball and that each member of the class was to contribute ten cents.  There was no further business to come before the meeting, so it was adjourned.

            A meeting was called for the purpose of selecting a class play.  The class decided on “Mr. Bob.”





Inez Williams looking Meek?

Eva Johnson not chewing gum?

George Koshi six feet tall?

Irene Hallner spooning?

Julian Wilcoxon learning the Carpenter trade?

Gladys Cook being slim?

Jessie Raub (ing) the cradle?

Mr. Long not blushing?

Mae Nunes without her lessons?

Ruby Johnson not prim?
Orlin Harter not late in History III?

Esther Shaffer riding a motorcycle?

Dorothy Shirley having become a Policeman?

Carmen Ashley not whispering?

Mae Williamson boisterous?

George Aylesworth reciting?

Edna Hewitt not cramming?

Vera Bryan playing Pool(e)?

Laverne Stafford singing a solo?

Vivian Heisch not making a hit?

Beverley Galbreath keeping still?

Marjorie Dinsmore talking loud?

Julia Laney with black, curly hair?

Urban Tucker not procrastinating?

Elvin Guetzkow being Irish?





Beverly Galbreath

“The Relay”

Carmen Ashley

“He Had to Get Under, Get Out and Get Under”

Dorothy Shirley

“You Made Me Love You”

Eva Johnson

“There’s One in a Million Like You”

Edna Hewitt

“Love Is Like a Firefly”

Esther Shaffer

“Tango Is the Dance for Me”

Gladys Cook

“Happy Little Country Girl”

George Aylsworth

“Gee, I Wish That I Had a Girl”

George Koshi

“Isch Ga-Bibble”

Inez Williams

“Just Some One”

Irene Hallner


Julian Wilcoxon

“Please Go ‘Way and Let Me Sleep”

Julia Laney

“This Is the Life”

Jessie Raub

“Cradle Song”

Laverne Stafford

“A Girlie Was Just Made to Love” (See!)

Mae Nunes

“I Love You, -----Yuba City”

Mae Williamson

“Opera Gem, 1915 -----Ralph”

Marjorie Dinsmore

“A Zut Alors.”  (As you Please)

Orlin Harter

“Remember Me”  (Far Away)

Urban Tucker

“Work Is My Middle Name”

Ruby Johnson

“Opera Gem, 1915 ----- Cecil”

Vera Bryan

“Take Me Back”

Vivian Heisch

“My (Wife’s) Gone to the Country”

Mr. Long

“My Dear Louise”

(Passed by The Board of Censorship.)

Alvin Guetzkow

“I’m On My Way to Reno”







            The Sophomores held a meeting September 11, 1913, to elect the officers for the ensuing term.  The following were elected:

            Waldo Barker – President

            Ruth Cooper – Vice President

            Anita Orr – Secretary

            Ruth Harter – Treasurer

            Mr. Nash – Class Teacher

            Another meeting was held January 10, for the purpose of electing another president to fill the office left vacant by Mr. Barker, who had left school.  Mr. Heisch was elected President.


            The Sophomores were defeated March 12, 1914, in the inter-class baseball game with the Juniors by a score of 8 to 5.


            A meeting was called by the Sophomore President to discuss plans for a picnic to be held in the Buttes.  The following Saturday was decided upon as a suitable day.

            Those present were:  Anita Orr, Ruth Harter, Adele Coe, Marie Walsh, Mabel Kaiser, Neva Boynton, Jennie Arfsten, Espie Stafford, Wesley Owen, Paul Langenbach, Harold O’Brien, Roland Langebach, Herbert Page, Peery Phipps, Mark Pease, Mears Hanson, Elithe Sweezy – Miss Powell and Mr. Nash, Teachers.


            A debate was held December 18, 1913, between the Freshmen and Sophomores, in which the former were defeated.  The subject was:  Resolved, That Unanimity of Verdict by a Jury Should Be Abolished.


            In a regular election of the Student Body Miss Anita Orr was chosen its Secretary.

-         P. Esenman.





The day was not quite perfect,

A few clouds floated ‘round

When we Sophs on our picnic

To South Butte were bound.

The four-horse bus that drew us

Was full of happy kids,

The bountiful lunch that accompanied

Was under the strongest of lids.


However cloudy the morning,

However jolly the throng,

The chaperones who went with us

Were the best we could take along.

The one stood on the step behind

Holding with all his might,

While the way Miss Powell was crowded

Was really a perfect fright.


Sutter is a dear old town,

We’d passed it ‘most a mile,

When an “Army of Unemployed”

We saw just coming over a stile.

‘Twas a sad and forlorn company,

And the contrast indeed was great

To our own dear happy faces,

We hurried to reach the gate.


There we paid the admission

And gaily hurried on,

Anxious to reach the desired spot,

And then away and be gone!

Climbing the grass-covered mountains

Strewn with rocks here and there,

It proved a hazardous journey,

Which some thought they couldn’t dare.


Now only a few were ascending,

As some the spirit did lack

To attain the much desired goal

Without sadly turning back.

The wind was blowing strong,

While we clambered o’er the rocks,

And it rained and hailed in torrents

Disheveling all our locks.


The shower over, we began our descent

But two were braver still,

Our dear class teacher, Mr. Nash,

And our schoolmate – nicknamed “Bill.”

These two our names in a book did write,

And left it on the summit

In memory of the jolly bunch

Whose thoughts are ne’er turned from it.


But the best of the picnic took place at two,

‘Twas a dinner most tempting to eye,

And poor Harold drank so much soda water

We were all afraid he would die.

How the oranges and cake disappeared from sight

It is really hard to tell,

But the main point was that this dinner so fine

Pleased everyone quite well.


The chief entertainment in the afternoon

Was an interesting game of ball,

We also played hide-and-go-seek,

Which was much enjoyed by all.

It was cloudy most of the afternoon

But when the sun peeked through

Many pictures were taken there,

We have put some here for you.


Soon, as it was growing late

We started, homeward bound,

And our happy, laughing voices

Had an exceedingly merry sound.

A few of the boys lost some of their hair,

From quarreling on the way,

But all this was easily forgiven,

For it was only in fun and play.


And so ended the Sophomore Picnic,

A happier day was ne’er had,

And our advice to everybody

When he is feeling lonely or sad

Is not to mope off in a corner

And talk to gloomy men,

But to join us on our next picnic,

For we’ll do it over again.

                             “THE SOPHOMORE TWINS.”







            The first meeting of the Freshman class was held on Tuesday, September 16, 1913.  The class teacher and class officers were elected, Mr. Garrison being elected class teacher.  The officers elected were:

            Jason Meek – President

            Helen Cheim – Vice President

            Florence Langdon – Secretary

            Lillian Becker – Treasurer

            After all business had been transacted, the meeting was adjourned.


            The second meeting of the Freshman class was held on Wednesday, November 5, 1913.  The meeting was called to order by the President and the business of electing a new Secretary to fill the vacancy made by the resignation of Miss Florence Langdon was taken up.  Miss Norma White was elected Secretary by a large majority.


            A meeting was called to order by the President on January 11, 1914.  The purpose of this meeting was to elect a Captain and Manager of the Freshman Base Ball Team.  Jason Meek was chosen Captain and Ellis Patterson manager.

            It was also decided that each Freshman should be assessed ten cents a month for the purpose of purchasing Base Ball paraphernalia.  After all business was transacted, the meeting was adjourned.

-J. M., ’17.




“Now mark my word, for I do say

The Freshmen Class is all O. K.


A wondrous baseball team have we,

A team renowned by land and sea.


This famous team of which I speak

Is captained by the noted Meek.


Our greatest fan is Edwin Hall,

And he can surely pitch the ball.


To catch one ball on first we need

Both Elmer A. and Wesley Reed.


Though Johnny Wright is poor at bat

In center he knows where he’s at.


Left field has ne’er a ball to chase

When Manager Pat is at third base.


Though Percy’s small, at any rate

In center field he’s simply great.


Though Holmes at short is not a star,

He doesn’t miss the ball so far.


Our gallant Loyd is seldom fanned

Unless he looks at the grand stand.


Though Aylesworth’s star is rather dim

Our team could never part with him.


The Seniors with their three year lead

Of “three to two” were proud indeed.


The Juniors though they puffed and blew

To tie the score had much to do.


And lucky ‘twas for Sophs that day –

It rained so hard we couldn’t play.


A famous baseball team have we,

A team renowned by land and sea.

        - E. L. E. and C. N., ’17.




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