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June, 1908





“Lest Auld Acquaintance be Forgot!”

We have tried to make this accurate list of all the graduates of the Marysville High School, their present addresses and occupations.  There are probably some mistakes.  But if the reader could realize the difficulty we have experienced in preparing this list, all errors would be excused.


CLASS OF 1874.

            Corrine Kimball Rideout, at home, San Francisco; J. A. Sheean, editor of “Sunday Leader,” Sacramento; Harriet Pratt Binney, at home, Berkeley; C. J. Covillaud, attorney-at-law, Marysville; F. H. Greely, attorney-at-law, Marysville.


CLASS OF 1875.

            Amanda Ryan Ward, at home, Marysville; Mary Subers, Librarian of City Library, Marysville.


CLASS OF 1876.

            N. A. Rideout, deceased; Sadie Subers Tomb, at home, Marysville; F. L. Krause, deceased; E. H. Shepard, Manager Hood River Valley Fruit Growers Association, Portland, Or.


CLASS OF 1877.

            C. O. Sawtelle, deceased; Ed. Hyans, deceased; Clara Love McMillan, at home, Browns Valley; Amy Davidson, at home, Marysville; Emma Squier, deceased.


CLASS OF 1878.

            Margaret Greely Powell, at home, Marysville; Ida Atchinson Lechler, at home, Portland, Or.; Ella Kelley, at home, Marysville.


CLASS OF 1879.

            E. K. Derrickson, Secretary Pacific Brewing & Malt Company, Tacoma, Wash.; W. S. Stoddard, banker, Stirling City, Cal.; W. F. Kelley, grocer, Marysville; C. S. Brooks, cashier in Rideout Bank, Marysville; A. W. Kimball, physician, Williams, Cal.


CLASS OF 1880.

            T. H. McDonald, manufacturer, Bridgeport, Conn.; Florence Rogers Strange, at home, South Carolina; Wm. Brison, Forwarding business, New York City, N. Y.; Mary Cutter Dinsmore, deceased; T. J. Riley, deceased; Emma Bronk Rogers, at home, Kirksville, Mo.; Geo. B. Baldwin, Mayor, Nome, Alaska; Lulu Brown, deceased.


CLASS OF 1881.

            Will B. Swain, in Rideout Bank, Marysville; Lillian Brooks Knapp, at home, San Francisco.


[No entry for 1882.]

            No graduates in 1883.


CLASS OF 1884.

            Lura Bordwell Phelps, at home, Ostrom, Cal.; W. T. Ellis, Jr., grocer, Marysville; Della Parks Chambers, at home, Sacramento.


            No graduates in 1885.


CLASS OF 1886.

            Peri E. Allen, attorney-at-law, San Francisco; Albert W. Cutts, orchardist, Live Oak; Leila Fisher Hall, at home, Marysville; Ida Gray, teacher, Pasadena, Cal.


CLASS OF 1887.

            Josie Buttleman Glidden, at home, San Francisco; Avis Hopkins, teacher, Grass Valley; Mary Parks Wilson, at home, Montreal; Cora Jenkins, music teacher, Oakland; Lucy Tucker, deceased; Alice Swain Kelly, at home, Berkeley; Ida Klockenbaum, teacher, Los Angeles.


CLASS OF 1888.

            Rucia Gray Renfro, at home, Sacramento; Fannie Whitmore Mills, at home, Pomona; Elisa Stevenson Walling, at home, Placerville; Geo. E. Morrill, lawyer, Monrovia, Cal.


CLASS OF 1889.

            Beana Korb, at home, Marysville; Annie Lewis Standiford, at home, Oroville; Irene Rush Phipps, at home, Yuba City.


CLASS OF 1890.

            Mary Swain, trained nurse, San Francisco; Ada Boorman Jones, at home, La Porte; Jessie Klockenbaum, at home, Marysville; Alice Kelley, artist, Palo Alto; Bessie Strange, teacher, Suisun; Kate Bomatter White, at home, San Francisco; G. Fred Parks, dairyman, Chico; Fred W. Buttleman, with Wells, Fargo Company, New York; Harry S. Chatterton, deceased; Chas. H. Eastman, commercial traveler, Bridgeport, Conn.; Waldo S. Johnson, attorney-at-law, Marysville.


            No graduates in 1891.


CLASS OF 1891.

            Edith Cooley Reed, at home, Marysville; Isabelle Cooley Rose, at home, Tonopah; Anne M. Matti, stenographer, Marysville; Mary Meek, at home, San Francisco; Effie Mille Wylie, at home, Jackson, Amador County; Edward S. Cooley, manager of Standard Oil Company, San Jose.



            Fannie Boyd Boyd, at home, Palo Alto; Edith Featherly, music teacher, Marysville.


CLASS OF 1893.

            Louise F. Cutts, at home, San Francisco; Cornelia Chandon Cline, at home, San Francisco; Gertrude Inlow Martin, at home, San Francisco; Bessie Stanwood, teacher, Marysville; Eleanor S. Meek, at home, San Francisco; Chas. M. Murphy, in Soda Works, Salsalita; Chas. Francis Aaron, real estate agent, Marysville; John Fuller, insurance agent, San Francisco.


CLASS OF 1894.

            Lois Earnshields Monnet, at home, San Francisco; Jessie Hull, at home, Tudor, Cal.; Carrie Ruff Campbell, at home, Marysville; Allen Swain McConaughey, at home, Marysville; Allen L. Cooley, occupation unknown, Hammonton; Selby P. Strange, druggist, San Francisco; Gertrude Wilkie Hamlin, at home, San Francisco.


CLASS OF 1895.

            Lillie Menz Niemeyer, at home, San Francisco; Fanny Rusby Schaw, at home, Sacramento; Estella P. Howser, music teacher, Marysville; Ada M. Subers, deceased; Olin L. Berry, attorney-at-law, San Francisco; Ernest H. Murphy, postoffice clerk, Marysville; Chas. E. Swezy, Jr., physician, San Francisco.



            Elsie Earnshield Sheehan, at home, San Francisco; Margaret Smelser Turvin, at home, Yuba City; Harriet Murphy, student U. C., Berkeley; Ada Jenkins Colton, at home, Oakland; Kate P. Bowen, stenographer, Marysville; Alice Robinson Cooley, at home, Hammonton; Kate Cutts Springer, at home, Crox; Grace Sanders Perrin, at home, Custer, S. D.; Chas. E. Pogue, deceased; Will B. Davenport, clerk in dry goods store, Stockton; Era Cunningham Cooley, deceased.



            Fannie Bennett Childs, at home, San Francisco; Muriel Eastman Martin, at home, Alameda; Mabel Hansen, at home, San Francisco; Edna Moore, dentist, San Francisco; Wm. H. Eastman, teacher, San Leandro; Wm. M. Strief, in office of Yuba Construction Company, Marysville.



            Edna Newbert, teacher, Laton; Lillian A. Swezy, trained nurse, Philippines; Rosalind Schneider Lazarus, at home, San Mateo; Harriette Cann, teacher, Los Angeles; Grace Bean, teacher, Los Angeles; Myra Bean, teacher, Tudor; Rose Carpenter, at home, Yuba City; Madeline Hampton, at home, Marysville; Daisy Heyl McDonald, at home Santa Monica; Elsie Pottle Alberts, at home, Mexico; Myrna Pottle, teacher, Forbestown; Hettie Roberts Hanify, at home, San Francisco; Maud Shelton Gibbert, at home, Chico; Chas. C. Hampton, Jr., hardware merchant, Marysville; Albert Kline, dentist, Yuba City; Elmer Logan, commercial traveler, Los Angeles; Frank Peck, deceased; Fred Seiferd, dentist, San Francisco; Claude Kline, at home, Yuba City.



            Laura Kirtley Willots, at home, Mendocino; Dora Onstott Sowell, at home, Chico; Jessie S. Doyle, stenographer, Chico; Mabel Kimball, teacher, Yuba City; Edith Swain Hansen, at home, San Jose; Ethel Swain, at home, Marysville; Inez Wilkins, dentist, San Francisco; Chester L. Bowen, grocer, Marysville; Norman F. Hindson, traveling salesman for hardware company, Sacramento; Edward A. O’Brien, lawyer, San Francisco; Arthur M. Syfert, deceased.


Owing to the school having changed from a three year course, there were no graduates in 1900.



            Stanley G. Jewett, on Board of Underwriters, Portland; Mildred Metteer Sullivan, at home, Sisson; May Freeman, teacher, Berkeley; Anita Cooley, music teacher, Marysville; Ethel Eckert Wilbur, at home, Yuba City; Helen Greely Waste, at home, Marysville; Mollye Halford, stenographer, San Francisco; Jessie Hilbert Stinchcomb, at home, Browns Valley; Josephine Hilbert, at home, Browns Valley; Edna Laney, deceased; Mabel Ruff, teacher, San Quinton; Ruth Wilkins, teacher, Nevada City; Elma Winship, unknown, Biggs (?); Louis Schuessler, insurance agent, San Francisco.



            Phoebe Binney, teacher, Berkeley; Maud S. Cope, teacher, Vacaville; Hazel Skinner Schnabel, at home, New Castle; Julia L. Boyd Kline, at home, Yuba City; Hazel Heyt, at home, Yuba City; Ethel Baird Young, at home, Marysville; Josie Burns Hatton, at home, Marysville; Harold Bingham, employed in wholesale grocery store, San Francisco; Erle Cope, civil engineer, San Diego; Roy Filcher, in real estate office, Pacific Grove; Herman Hauss, farmer, Yuba City; Chester Newbert, employed by Western Pacific Co., Marysville; Earl Ostrom, physician, San Francisco; Chester Gates, at home, Marysville; Virgil Horton, teacher, Idaho; Fred Tapley, physician, Grass Valley; Floyd Sternes, employed by Southern Pacific Co., Marysville.


CLASS OF 1903.

            Herbert Alderman, employed by Wells Fargo Co., Marysville; Ralph Beebee, electrician, Gridley; Frank Bremer, working on levee, Yuba City; Carrie  W. Cutts, at home, Sutter Co.; Etta Ellerman, book-keeper in Appeal Office, Marysville; Laura Grant, student State Medical College, San Francisco; Clara E. Harkey, at home, Gridley; Arthur C. Hastings, employed in a bank, San Francisco; Irma M. Horton, teacher, Metcalf, Arizona; Clive Kelley, employed by Plumer Sutter Hardware Co., Yuba City; William B. Keyes, deceased; Elizabeth N. Lyman, teacher, Sutter Co.; Elwood McMillan, ticket agent for Southern Pacific Co., Marysville; Clark McQuaid, student State College of Dentistry, San Francisco; Lynette Morgan Grimes, at  home, Tonopah; Anna L. Noyes, teacher, Sutter Co.; Dexter Richards, student Harvard Medical College, Boston; Gertrude E. Sanborn, at home, Yuba City; Era Russell Griffin, at home, Marysville; Anna C. Schuessler, at home, Yuba City; Orin E. Servis, farmer, Gridley; Susie S. Slicer, student U. C., Berkeley; Charles Stagner, student Stanford University, Palo Alto.


CLASS OF 1904.

            Mary Fehr, at home, Marysville; Hazel Forbes, at home, Marysville; Blanche Gray, at home, Yuba City; Leone Lane Kelly, at home, Berkeley; Maud Lane, nurse in German Hospital, San Francisco; Sadie Lewek Rittingstein, at home, Piedmont; Maud McLaughlin, at home, Yuba City; Jennie Roberts Longe, at home, Sacramento; Laura Schrader Pratt, at home, Washington, D.C.; Elsie Shearer, at home, Yuba City; Ada Tapley Boyd, at home, Yuba City; Elsie Stuart Parlier, at home, Parlier; Albert Andross, at home, Marysville; Nellie Barrett, at home, Yuba City; Edward Bennett, employee of Barker Asphalt & Paving Co., Oakland; George T. Boyd, cashier in bank, Yuba City; Roberta Boyd, at home, Yuba City; Irma Brockman, vocal music student, San Francisco; Viola M. Bruce, at home, Yuba City; Leon M. Bunce, surveyor, Yuba City; Alice Cann, teacher, Anderson, Shasta Co.; Inez Cann, training for nurse, Oakland.


CLASS OF 1905.

            Hazel Chism, teacher, Yuba City; Mary Coats, teacher, Plumas; John Duncan, delivery man for McRae & Ashley, Yuba City; Hortense Smullin, at home, Honcut; Verne Stout, student U. C., Berkeley; Godwin Swift, student U. C., Berkeley; Addie Block, at home, Gridley; Harry Burch, at home, Yuba City; Ethel Doyle, at home, Marysville; Mary Stafford, student U. C., Berkeley; Francis Engle, at home, Marysville; Clara Hedger, at home, Marysville; Allen Kimball, student U. C., Berkeley; Merrill La Point, teacher, Biggs; George McIntosh, student U. C., Berkeley; Ludwig Rhefuess, student U. C., Berkeley; Edward Ball, student U. C., Berkeley; Ralph Sanborn, student Stanford University, Palo Alto.


[No list for class of 1906.]


CLASS OF 1907.

            Harold Brooks, student U. C., Berkeley; Arthur M. Coats, at home, Yuba City; Elmer Cunningham, student, Marysville; Allen Gray, student Cooper’s Medical College, San Francisco; Everett Gray, student Cooper’s Medical College, San Francisco; John F. Hale, clerk with W. T. Ellis Co., Marysville; Mabel McLaughlin, student San Jose Normal, San Jose; Irene Saunders, at home, Yuba City; Harrison Wyrick, student U. C., Berkeley.



            Vivienne Moors, Nellie Folsom, Grace Stafford, Robert Luyster, Charles Sheldon, Will Shearer, Margaret Trayner, Lois Kline.





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