In 1850, Marysville was a well laid out town at the confluence of the Yuba and Feather rivers. The houses were tents, the hotels, canvas walled and the saloons, a board suspended between two barrels. The freight off the boats from San Francisco was loaded directly onto mule trains or large freight wagons, which would pull out to the high country to supply the miners along the upper streams.

The men listed on the jury lists may not be named in any other place. Others will have bought farms or build stores. Many returned to the East with gold, but more without. All these jury lists prove is that they were in Yuba County for awhile.

Names of persons serving on Juries taken from Court of Sessions, County Court Jury Fund, Yuba County, 1850.

Source:  Sutter-Yuba Genealogical Society transcriptions - Formatted and submitted by Craig Hahn, Oct. 2003.

D. D. Davis

John Magruder

L. T. Loveland

E. J. Pike

E. Hill

E. Ferris

Henry Chaquet

G. B. Malt

J. W. Simms

S. Brady

J. F. Barston

W. F. Luther

M. Holland

William Copeland

J. L. Tarr

J. Boston

L. N. Arnold

J. L. Maloy

Stillman Jefts

J. Beamont

S. W. Prewitt

C. Banning

Geo. Butler

T. J. Lee

Wm H. H. Smith

J. B. Warfield

James Mayres

P. W. Hays

W. H. Smith

Harris Bayliss

H. C. Ward

B. F. Carlisle

J. W. Anry

Samuel Sunerly

I. N. Masser

T. D. Dawkins

W. H. Brown

J. L. Burris

M. W. Weston

John Evans

James Mellville

Wm S. Richardson

J. K. Davis

John Baird

S. Grinnel

E. H. Keener

Z. Marvin

F. N. Massa

Luke Williamson

Osland Dodge

R. Smith

J. N. Mapes

W. E. Wightman

T. B. Kennedy

L. Strong

Thos Night

A. Brady

Wm Jackson

J. H. Hood






July 1850





W. H. Skinner

O. H. Harrison

D. Thurlowe

J. S. Garwood

Campbell Stewart

M. J. Baticia

L. H. Babb

B. F. Pollard

A. R. Ringgold

Wm J. Terry

E. W. Tracy


F. T. Everets

J. C. Rolls

S. S. Sanders






November 27, 1850





A. Henman

F. Lungworthy

C. J. Nunley

J. J. Bishop

W. T. Boynton

J. B. Bigelow

E. R. Lock

A. H. Fergason

J. Phillips

C. Morgan

C. G. Alexander

J. Levy

Geo Dyke

P. Ensprigner

C. B. Mitchell

R. W. Pickersgill

John Babptisle

John Powers

W. B. Windsor

J. Gowen

O. H. Hamilton

J. R. Buckley

T. Bean

J. M. Collier

T. H. Janson

L. Goodwin

David Blakey

S. Funk

J. H. Darwin

J. J. Summers

Square Stevens


J. B. Bloomfield

C. Morgan

R. K. Burge











C. Cora

T. Elrod

John Adrianco

T. J. McCormick

N. Caulk

A. Gardner

Aaron Mills

D. Haskins

M. McKey

T. McKibben

C. W. Gleason

E. W. Suskeep

J. Monohan

G. Engler

Oliver Sherman

Wm Bates





Grand Jury October Sessions 1852





P. B. Dexter

W. H. Clark

W. E. Ellis

E. A. Tompkins

W. Cleveland

John Brophy

O. Fuller

W. Socket

G. E. Greens

I. E. Smith

I. B. Howard

James Pond

L. Bardolett

D. Degolia

J. C. Huffington

G. W. Carey

N. Caulk

T. Brown

J. G. Klink

S. A. Edmundson

I. G. Dickey

G. M. Nicholson

A. Wills

M. Rummerrill

D. Casey

C. G. Moseley

C. Ellis

Van Dorren

O. G. Dunham

Joel Burlingame

J. S. Arthur

E. S. Peck

I. B. Emmell

John Kerr

John Mowit

C. Stokes

G. W. Carey

Wm Chapman

J. H. Lasiter


G. C. Addison

Horace Beach

Seymor Pixley






Trial Jury October 1852





Wm C. Holmes

J. C. White

J. Lloyd

A. Leavey

Elihu Mattoon

G. W. Cagney

N. B. Kellog

A. J. Bailey

W. Keene

J. A. Hatch

C. Worswick


J. C. Burbank

S. S. Abernethy

H. Cornell






Trial Jury 1856





J. H. Briggs

J. W. Winter

John Stewart

O. F. Stiger

John Payne

H. Salsbury

John Adams

John Bogardus

S. B. Clark

Geo W. Thompkins

Jacob Kirkpatrick

A. B. Rogers

W. H. Hartwell

Chas L. Daniels

John Hardyjane






Grand Jury 1856





R. J. Murray

Thos Labadie

A. Y. Brown

I. H. Babb

Wm Drumm

John White

H. Beach

W. T. Luther

M. H. Jewett

John Gachrine

J. J. Boynton

W. H. Chapman

A. T. Farish

Isaac Allen

H. S. Hoblitzen

John D. Martin

John Emmel

A. Pauly

Berg Metcalf

A. J. Zabriskin

J. S. Montagne

W. M. Finlay

Chas Ford


Wm Hunter

H. B. Osgood

Alfred Slocumb











W. Covilaud

G. Nicholson

G. Woodward

J. M. Laughlin

E. M. Root

J. M. Shields

Riley Lane

J. J. Kile

W. W. Handey

John Grant

John Tennant

N. B. Weeks

I. H. Horton

S. Cleveland

John Eaton

E. T. Clark

M. Hatch

Levi Hite

O. M. Evans

J. H. Wright


1856 Jury Panel Continued





E. Pheeps

M. E. Sheldon

A. Johnson

W. P. Miller

J. H. Barman

G. L. Addison

W. Campbell

Robert Reed

H. Wagner

Peter Farwall

John Brophy

F. H. Woodward

J. E. Kent

C. Westenheven

S. C. Tompkins

J. F. Albright

R. Fineny

Wm Finley

J. W. Rameriz

E. French

J. Burlingham

N. O. Lawton

A. J. Lucas

H. Barrett

P. B. Paga

Stephen Eaton

G. W. Carr

H. S. Little

D. Ring

W. Vineyard

Hugh McLaughlin

J. L. Taylor

S. M. Janwick

J. J. Shandon

Isaac Green

F. H. Wardner

M. Cheesman

C. G. Moxley

James T. Wilson

Isaac Mears

I. Glazier

R. R. Merrill

Martin Rodney

E. M. Pierson

S. T. Walts

D. B. Hume

Josiah Bowen

D. Rideout

W. H. Drumm

John McCay

J. S. Potter

Richard Baxter

D. Kertchum

James Scott

J. S. Eckman

G. W. Beach





Daily Appeal newspaper 6/7/1873, page 3, column 1 (added by Kathy Sedler)

LIST OF TRIAL JURORS. - - The first drawing of Grand and Trial Juries, under the Code, took place at the County Clerk's offices yesterday morning. The law requires the presence of the County Judge, Sheriff, County Clerk and two citizens when the names are taken from the box. The Drawing Board yesterday morning consisted of Judge Bliss, Sheriff Woods, County Clerk Meek and citizens Wm. Brady and J.H. Krause. The names were drawn from box No. 1, the same having been previously prepared under the law by the Board of Supervisors. The jury drawn will serve at the next term of the County Court, which meets on Monday, July 7th, but the jurors are subpoenaed to answer to their names on Monday, July 14th, at 10 o'clock a.m. The following is the list: J.A. Hall, farmer, Marysville township; S.P. Pumyes, farmer, Marysville township; Wm. T. Binninger, farmer, Long Bar township; Wm. Brooks, farmer, Linda township; John Franciscovich, restaurant keeper, Marysville; John E. Deal, miner, State Range township; Augustus Bean, farmer, Northeast township; Emanuel Bemminger, farmer, Long Bar township; H.T. Hutchinson, farmer, West Bear River township; John Bottrick, butcher, Marysville; C.A. Stratton, merchant, Marysville; Christopher Cockrill, capitalist, Marysville; T.W. Kent, carpenter, Marysville; V.L. Earnshields, harness maker, Marysville; Sylvester Andrews, painter, Marysville; A.C. Buss, farmer, Fosters Bar township; Isaac T. Harris, farmer, Marysville township; Isaac N. Aldrich, printer, Marysville; Fielding Darneal, farmer, Park's Bar township; John W. Curtis, carpenter, Marysville; Samuel Bailey, farmer, East Bear River township; Simeon Betaford, hotel keeper, New York township; George W. Crowell, butcher, Marysville; Henry Bushnell, butcher, Rose Bar township; Wm. H. Hogle, miner, Long Bar township; Augustus Rupert, farmer, Marysville township; Wm. Harding, farmer, East Bear River township; J.T. Campbell, saloon keeper, Marysville; and David Bryden, farmer, Linda township.

. - - The following jurors were drawn yesterday for the July term of the County Court: B.F. Henderson, miner, Rose Bar township; J.T. Birmingham, blacksmith, North East township; Richard Clow, miner, Slate Range township; John Learmont, clerk, North East township; Peter Pumyea, stable keeper, Marysville; T.C. Wisner, farmer, Long Bar township, K. Cohn, clothier, Marysville; John Hanson, saloon keeper, Slate Range township; M.C. Ellis, miller, Marysville; Henry L. Johnson, farmer, Long Bar township; John Wemselman, miner, State Range township; H. S. Taylor, farmer, Marysville; Peter Labadie, farmer, Foster's Bar township, Charles Furlong, foundryman, Marysville; Asa B. Clark, hotel keeper, Foster's Bar township; James M. Braden, furniture dealer, Marysville; John H. Jewett, banker, Marysville; Thomas Casey, capitalist, Marysville; Dennis McGrath, farmer, Linda township; Josiah P. Rischer, farmer Long Bar township; Hugh McCafferty, miner, Slate Range township; Thomas H. McFadden, miner, Rose Bar township; Asa B. Ford, farmer, Long Bar township; Lafayette Brooks, cattle dealer, Slate Range township. These jurors are required to appear on Monday, July 7th, at 10 o'clock a.m.



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