Marysville City Ordinances - 1851

Marysville Herald - May 3, 1851, p2
City Ordinances:

An ORDINANCE regulating Ferries.
    Sec. 1. The Common Council of Marysville ordain as follows:
No person or persons shall run any boat or keep any ferry across the Yuba River within the corporate limits of this city, so as to receive or demand pay therefor, without authority granted by the Common Council, under a penalty of twenty dollars for each and every offence.
    Sec. 2. Every trip across said Yuba River shall be deemed a separate offence.
    Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of all keepers of ferries to have good and safe boats, in good order, and on demand to give due and proper attention to the transportation of all persons or property. They shall be in attendance at all times during the day, and keep a daily record of all receipts, and report the same to the Common Council at every regular meeting thereof.
    Sec. 4. No ferryman, owner or leasee of any ferry or ferries, shall be allowed to charge higher rates of ferriage than established in this ordinance, under a penalty of one hundred dollars for each offence.
    Sec. 5. The person or persons to whom any ferry privilege may be granted, shall enter into bonds in the sum of five dollars, for the faithful performance of their duty as defined in this ordinance, said bond to be approved by the Common Council.
    Sec. 6. The right to run such ferry or ferries shall be disposed of at public auction, and such persons as will pay to the city the greatest percentage upon the receipts, from the operations of said ferry or ferries, shall receive a license to run the same.
    Sec. 7. The following rates of ferriage shall be and are hereby established:
For each footman,                     15 cts.
do horse and rider,                    50
do mule or horse, packed,         50
do do , not packed                    40
do head of cattle,                       15
do all other animals per head,     10
do horses and carriage, buggy,
cart or dray,                           1,00
do empty wagon                     1,00
do loaded wagon                    1,50
do stage or carriage used for the
conveyance of passengers,
drawn by two or more
horses, with or without
lead,                                       2,00
do cart or freight when not on
a wagon                                     10
                    L. W. Ransom, Pre's.
Passed 39th April, 1851.
                    R. H. Taylor, Clerk
                    S. M. Miles, Mayor.

AN ORDINANCE creating the offices of City Physician and City Sexton.
    Sec. 1. The Common Council of Marysville do ordain as follows, That there be and are hereby established, the several offices of City Physician and City Sexton.
                L. W. Ransom, Pres.
Passed 30th April, 1851.
                R. H. Taylor, Clerk
                S. M. Miles, Mayor.


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