Copies of the following service records were given to me by the Cemetery Commissioner.  I hope to eventually list some of the important facts from those records.  Meanwhile, should one of your ancestors be on this list, please contact Kathy for copies of the documents.


Abbott, John - Co. L 2 CA CAV

Baker, William - Co. K 74 NY INF

Blanchard, John Jr. - Co. F COAST GUARD MAINE INF

Boomer, Isaac N. - Co. E 15 IL INF

Campbell, George W. - Co. A 4 CA INF

Collom, John H. - Co. B 145 PA INF

Cooley, Allen - Co. E 3 MASS CAV

Devoe, John S. - Co. L 1st MI L.A.

Everson, Alfred

Hare, James K. - Co G 8th CA INF

Lamont, Thomas J. - Co. G 45th IL INF

Martin, Louis - Co. D 187th NY INF

Palmer, John W. - Co. K 6th CA INF

Peacock, Elijah - 8th IN L.A. & 7th IN L.A.

Prickett, Enos - Co. C 1st OH VOL - Mexican War

Putman, Victor C. - DUNLAP'S ILL MTD VOL - Mexican War

Simpson, John D. - Co. F 13th IN INF

Srackengast, Dunham - Co. G 2nd OH H.A.

(Van)Buskirk, George - Co. K 6th OH INF

George W. Wagner - Co. F 68th PA INF


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