by Thompson & West, 1879, with illustrations

Chapter XVII - Lodges of Marysville - transcribed by Craig Hahn, Oct 2003

 In the palmy and prosperous days of Marysville, the secret and benevolent orders flourished, and their influence was felt among all classes of citizens. The stranger arriving sick, moneyless, and friendless, found among the members of his old order, hands and hearts ready to alleviate his suffering and to relieve his destitution. Multitudes of instances of this kind occurred in the early days, and it is no wonder that now, in more quiet times, the pioneers regards his Order with almost the reverence and devotion due to a parent. In later years new organizations have sprung up, and with a wonderful rapidity, are gaining memberships and importance. A fact to be regretted, however, is the disappearances of some of the old lodges, notably those whose watchword was “Temperance.” Undoubtedly, some of the non-existing societies have been omitted in the following record, but the aim has been to place in the list all those whose names and histories could possibly be obtained.


A Masonic lodge was established in Marysville several months prior to the formation of the Grand Lodge of California, under the following circumstances. Dr. J. R. Crandall, of Peoria, Ill., upon deciding to come to California in 1849, applied to Most Worshipful Grand Master Lavalle, of Springfield, Ill., for a dispensation by which, as Deputy Grand Master, he could work in his journeyings as a traveling lodge, wherever Masons enough could be gathered together; was finally to locate a lodge at some locality that, in his judgment, was able to support it. The dispensation was granted in March 1849, and Mr. Crandall proceeded on his journey to the far west.

 In the spring of 1850, Mr. Crandall, being in Marysville, was desirous of locating a lodge here under the Illinois dispensation, and issued a general notice to all Master Masons who were in town, stating his intentions. Pursuant to this notice, about thirty Master Masons assembled and organized a lodge constituting J. R. Crandall, W. M., A. O. Garett, S. W., and W. Moffett, J. W.

 May 1, a short time after the formation of the lodge, Mr. Crandall removed to Trinity river, leaving the lodge in the care of the Senior Warden. Since that time, Mr. Crandall has not been connected with the lodge in Marysville. When the Grand Lodge of California was organized, the lodge in Marysville reported its proceedings under the Illinois dispensation and petitioned for a charter, which was granted them, November 27, 1950, as Marysville Lodge No. 9, F. and A. M. Subsequent to this, the lodge reported its work under the dispensation to the Grand Lodge of Illinois, and transmitted the proper dues. The lodge was held for some time in a tent, near the corner of Fourth and E streets.

 Dr. J. R. Crandall, the father of Masonry in Yuba county, received the degrees in 1836, in Pekin lodge, No. 27, F. and A. M., of Illinois. In 1842, he was a charter member of the Temple Lodge, No. 47, Peoria, Illinois. In 1850, he established Marysville Lodge, No. 9, and in 1851, was a member of Lafayette Lodge, No. 13, of Nevada City, Cal. In 1852, he was a charter member of the Eureka Lodge, No. 16, of Auburn, California, of which he is at present a member and Past Master.

 From this small beginning in 1850, under the Illinois dispensation, there have grown seven Masonic societies in Marysville, the history of which is given below in the order of their organization.


This society was chartered by the Grand Lodge of California, November 27, 1850. The first officers under the charter were:--H. P. Watkins, W. M.; H. P. Haun, S. W.; S. T. Brewster, J. W.; these are the only ones whose names appear on the charter. The officers reported to the Grand Lodge in 1851, were:--A. Maurice, Jr., W. M.; B. S. Olds, S. W.; H. J. Williams, J. W.; J. Burlingame, Treasurer; H. P. Haun, Secretary; L. W. Taylor, S. D.; S. T. Watts, J. D.;C. B. Mitchell, Tyler. In 1872, the membership of the lodge reached the highest point, fifty-two; December 1, 1874, the lodge was combined with Corinthian Lodge , No. 69.

 YUBA LODGE, NO. 39, F. & A. M.

This was organized, under a dispensation from the Grand Master of California, July 25, 1853 with A. Maurice, Jr., W. M.; E. Garst, S. W.; C. E. Alvord, J. W.; W. H. Wickersham, Treasurer; J. H. Bristow, Secretary; Isaac Whitehill, S. D.; D. H. Apperson, J. D.; S. M. Hayes, Tyler. It was organized under its charter, May 15, 1854, with the following members:--A. Maurice, Jr., E. Garst, J. T. Dickey, D. G. Porter, Charles Raish, L. Lewis, Joseph DeBell, A. Tuska, A. L. Thomas, J. B. Bope, S. M. Hayes, T. J. Taylor, and J. S. Walker. Of the charter members, two are still active members of the lodge, J. T. Dickey and Charles Raish. The first officers after receiving the charter were:--J. T. Dickey, W. M.; D. G. Porter, S. Charles Raish, J. W.; L. Lewis, Treasurer; Joseph DeBell, Secretary; A. Tuska. S. D.; A. L. Thomas, J. D.

 The present membership is eighty-four, being as large as the lodge has had at any one time. It is in a flourishing condition financially, and has at the present the following officers;--Charles E. Stone, W. M.; Fred Buttelman, S. W.; Phil. Hortop, J. W.; Joseph Lask, Treasurer: Thos. H. Kernan, Secretary; J. A. Saul, S. D.; George Heintzen, J. D.; E. S. Pricket and John Peffer, Stewards; Rev. W. H. Stoy, Chaplain; Charles Raish, Marshal; W. F. LeFavor, Tyler. The lodge meets the first Wednesday evening of each month at Masonic Hall.


This lodge was organized, December 26, 1854, under the dispensation from the Grand Master of California, and was called the Independent Royal Arch Lodge. In May, 1855, a charter was granted them as Corinthian Lodge, No. 69. It was consolidated with the Marysville Lode, No. 9, December 1, 1874, the new organization retaining the name Corinthian Lodge, and taking the number of the Marysville Lodge, No. 9.

The original members were;--James Allen, Chester F. Colton, Norval D. Meeks, Peter Decker, William B. Latham, Jr., Edgar Woodrow, Sylvester Brooks, John Woodrow, Wesley H. Wickersham, Dudley C. Stone, F. S. Holmes, Richard G. Stanwood, Francis L. Hatch, Charles Lindley, J. J. Foster, T. P. Otis, Wm. Dekay, William P. Harrington, Samuel H. Little, Hellis Morse, Emmet E. Morse, and Nelson Wescoutt.

The officers of the Independent Royal Arch Lodge were:--James Allen, W. M.; C. S. Colton, S. W.; Norval D. Meek, J. W.; Peter Decker, Treasurer; Wm. B. Latham, Jr., Secretary; Edgar Woodrow, S. D.; Sylvester Brooks, J. D. Of the original members only three, Peter Decker, E Woodrow, and R. G. Stanwood, are still members of the lodge.

The first officers of the Corinthian Loge were:--C. F. Colton, W. M.; Dudley C. Stone, S. W.; Edgar Woodrow, J. W.; Peter Decker, Treasurer; Wm. B. Latham, Jr., Secretary; R. G. Stanwood, S. D.; Sylvester Brooks, J. D. The membership before the consolidation was eighty-two, and after, one hundred and thirty-two; at present there are ninety-seven members. The lodge property is valued at about $7,500.

The present officers are;--A. W. White, W. M.; F. D. Hudson, S. W.; A. Hochstadter, J. W.; M. Marcuse, Treasurer; R. G. Stanwood, Secretary; J. H. Gerkin, S. D.; C. C. Hampton, J. D.; W. F. LeFavor, (Yuba Lodge) Tyler. The regular meeting of the lodge is held the first Tuesday evening of each month.


The chapter was organized under a dispensation from the Grand Master, January 11, 1856, with the following officers:--P. W. Randall, H. P.; J. W. Humman, K.; J. Tucker, S.; W. L. Lawrence, C. of H.; Charles Raish, P. S. ; E. Newburger, R. A. C.; J. T. Dickey, M 3d V; J. Whitehill, M. 2d V.; J. W. Amey, M. 1st V.; D. W. C. Rice, Treasurer; W. B. Latham, Jr., Secretary. The above, and F. L. Hatch, J. E. Stevens, Matt. Woods, and E. Teegarden are still active members. The organization was perfected under the charter, June 6, 1856, with officers as follows: P. W. Randall, H. P.; J. W. Humman, K.; J. Tucker, S.; Wm. L. Lawrence, C of H.; Charles Raish, P. S.; E. Teegarden, R. A. C.; J. T. Dickey, M. 3d V.; J. E. Stevens, M. 2d. V.; J. W. Amey, M. 1st V.; D. W. C. Rice, Treasurer,; M. D. Dobbins, Secretary,; F. Schroder, Guard.

The chapter has one hundred and nine members, and is in a flourishing condition financially. Regular meetings are held on the evenings of the second and fourth Fridays of each month at Masonic Hall. The present officers are:--T. H. Steel, H. P.; H. C. Lott, K.; J. A. Saul, S.; R. Millar, C. of H.; A. W. White, P. S.; P. Hortop, R. A. C.; A. J. Wightman, M. 3d V.; John Peffer, M. 2d V.; J. Keymer, M. 1st V.; Jos. Lask, Treasurer; T. H. Kernan, Secretary; W. F. LeFavor, Guard.


The council was organized, June 11, 1859, with the following charter members:--E. Lane, E. Teegarden, J. P. Fuller, W. L. Lawrence, W. C. Belcher, Charles Raish, G. B. Taylor, T. E. Coult, W. C. Stokes, J. Whitehill, A. G. Brown, and C. E. Wilcoxon. Of this number, E. J. Whitehill, A. G. Brown, W. L. Lawrence, W. C. belcher, Charles Raish, W. C. Stokes, and C. E. Wilcoxon are still active members. The first officers elected by the council were:--E. Lane, T. Ill. M.; E. Teegarden, D. Ill. M.; J. P. Fuller, P. C. of W.; W. L. Lawrence, Treasurer; W. C. Belcher, Recorder; Chas. Raish, C. of G.; G. B. Taylor, C. of C.; T. A. Coult, Marshal; W. Stokes, Sentinel.

The council has a membership of sixty-one, about as high as has ever been reached. The financial condition is good, and the regular meeting is held the first Monday evening of each month, at Masonic Hall.

The present officers are:--Wm. Fletcher, T. Ill. M.; R. G. Stanwood, D. Ill. M.; C. E. Stone, P. C. of W.; M. Marcuse, Treasurer; T. H. Kernan, Recorder; A. W. White, C. of G.; J. E. Eastman, C. of C.; S. J. S. Rogers, Steward and Sentinel.


The commandery was organized October 19, 1859, by J. E. Stevens, James A. Murray, J. T. McCarty, Wm. H. Foye, J. P. Brown, John S. Day, Q. A. Clements, T. M. Ramsdell, R. F. Parks, T. Dame, of whom R. F. Parks is the only one who is now an active member. The first officers were:--J. E. Stevens, E. C.; J. A. Murray, Gen.; J. T. McCarty, C. G.

The membership of the commandery is at present eighty-three, and regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month at the Masonic Hall. The officers at present:--P. W. Keyser, E. C.; R. G. Stanwood, Gen.; C. Raish, C. G.; Wm. Fletcher, Prel.; A. W. White, S. W.; L. T. Crane, J. W.; A. J. Batchelder, Treasurer; J. F. Eastman, Recorder; A. J. Wightman, St. B.; J. E. Crooks, Sw. B.; Phil Hortop, Warder; W. F. LeFavor, Sentinel.


This lodge was organized September 8, 1866 with the following charter members:--W. C. Belcher, E. T. Wilkins, C. E. Stone, J. F. Eastman, S. J. S. Rogers, N. D. Rideout, C. V. D. Hubbard, A. J. Binney, Peter Decker, A. A. McAlister, W. P. Smith, and J. G. Briggs. The above are all active members of the lodge, except J. G. Briggs who died in 1877, and W. P. Smith.

The first officers after the organization were:--W. C. Belcher, M.; E. T. Wilkins, S. W.; Chas. E. Stone, J. W.; J. F. Eastman, Secretary. The lodge is now under the following officers:--C. E. Stone, M.; Wm. Fletcher, S. W.; T. H. Kernan, J. W.; W. L. Lawrence, O.; S. J. S. Rogers, Al.; J. F. Eastman, Secretary; Peter Decker, Treasurer; A. P. Barnes, C. H.; W. W. White, M. C. Regular meetings are held at Masonic hall on the first and third Thursday evenings of each month. The present membership is twenty-six.


This association was organized September 18, 1863, with a capital of $25,000, divided into 500 shares at $50 each. The affairs of the association are managed by a board of trustees elected by the stockholders. The first board of trustees was composed of the following gentlemen;--H. H. Rheese, T. W. McCready, Peter Decker, C. G. Bockius, D. E. Knight, W. H. Hartwell, and W. L. Williams. The board elected C. G. Bockius, President, H. H. Rheese, Secretary, and D. E. Knight, Treasurer. The executive committee, were W. L. Williams, W. H. Hartwell, and T. W. McCready.

The contract for the present Masonic Hall building was let October 30, 1863, to W. C. Swain at $21,500, and the corner stone was laid, December 25, 1863, by the M. W. Grand Lodge of California. December 26, 1864, the trustees took possession of the structure. The hall is on the third floor and is used by the Masonic societies as a lodge room. The second floor is rented for office use and the ground floor for stores. The present trustees are:--Wm. Fletcher, President; J. F. Eastman, Secretary; R. G. Stanwood, Treasurer; C. E. Stone, A. W. White, T. H. Steel, and Joseph Lask.


 In 1868, a subscription was started among the members of Washington Chapter, No. 13, for the purpose of forming a library. In this way some eight hundred or nine hundred books of Masonic character and standard works of history, science, and fiction were procured. In later years, however, the library has not received the attention it deserves and has become part lost. A little more care and effort would make it an exceedingly valuable collection.


The first lodge of colored Masons in America was African Lodge, No. 1, of Boston, established September 29, 1784, by a charter from H. R. H. Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, M. W. G. M., of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted, Ancient York Masons, of London, England, by acting G. M. Thos. Harwood, Earl Effingham, and signed by R. Holt, D. G. M., and William White, G. I. Lodges are now established in every state of the Union.


In July 1864, a lodge of this order was established in Marysville with the following charter members:--J. C. Jenkins, W. M.; Charles Bush, S. W.; David W. Sands, J. W.; John R. Johnson, Secretary; Isaac Watkins, Treasurer; John Bright, S. D.; Samuel Williams, J.D.; Morse Wiley, Tyler; and Thos. Randolph. The society meets the third Monday of every month in their hall on High street. There are at present ten members, though at one time there were twice that number. The lodge owns the building where it meets, and other property valued at about $1,000. The present officers are:--J. R. Johnson, W. M.; Henry S. Clay, S. W.; T. E. Randolph, J. W.; Isaac Watkins, Treasurer; J. B. Johnson, Secretary; Jacob W. Brown, S. D.; Henry Adkins, J. D.; Jas R. Parks, Tyler.


The first lodge in Marysville to inculcate among her citizens the beautiful principles of Odd Fellowship was established in 1853. A meeting of Odd Fellows was called on Saturday evening, January 24, 1852, at the Recorder’s office, corner of Second and D streets for the purpose of forming a lodge.


This was organized July 27, 1853, with the following charter members:--Mark Brumagim, J. S. Benton, Lewis Badolet, L. B. Farish, John C. Fall, C. N. Gray, H. F. Gilmore, Levi Hite, P. G. B. Knapp, J. Kupsa, Samuel McHays, Abaither Pollard, DeWitt C. Rice, R. Rust, J. H. Scates, Thos. A. Stombs, J. Potman, J. W. Winter. Of these gentlemen, C. N. Gray is the only one who is still an active member.

The lodge has one hundred and twelve members. The largest membership was in 1855, previous to the formation of Oriental Lodge, No. 45, when the number was about two hundred and fifty. The lodge is in excellent financial condition and owns property to the value of $14,817.14. The amount disbursed in benefits, etc. is very large. The lodge meets every Tuesday evening at Odd Fellows’ Hall. The present officers are:--Newton Sewell, N. G.; M. Katzner, V. G.; E. E. Meeks, Secretary; George Merritt, Treasurer.


This was organized, February 24, 1854. The charter members were:--A. J. Lucas, H. M. Henston, Chas. Levy, Chas. H. Reynolds, R. F. Gilmore, Peter Decker, and J. T. McCarty. A. J. Lucas and Peter Decker are members at the present time. The first officers were:--A. J. Lucas, C. P.; H. M. Henston, H. P.; Peter Decker, S. W.; Charles H. Reynolds, S.; Charles Levy, T.; R. F. Gilmore, J. W. The greatest membership was one hundred and eleven; at present, however, there are only seventy-one members. The encampment owns property to the value of $500, and has $4,521.21 in the treasury. The amount already disbursed in benefits is from $3,500 to $4,000. The present officers are:--C. H. Bushnell, C. P.; Geo. A. Miller, H. P.; Geo. B. Easton, S. W.; A. B. Crooks, S.; J. A. Maben, T.


This lodge was formed October 9, 1855, with the following charter members:--W. E. Mills, C. W. Connor, H. Roseman, J. M. Matthews, George P. Hunt, Thomas Gilligan, E. M. Wallace, and A. J. Mason. Of these, Geo. P. Hunt is the only one still an active member. The first officers were:--W. E. Mills, N. G.; C. W. Connor, V. G.; H. Roseman, S.; J . M. Matthews, T. The membership of this lodge is one hundred and five. The value of the lodge property is $25,000, and the lodge is in excellent financial condition. Over $30,000 have been disbursed since the formation of the lodge. The present officers are:--D. R. Boulton, N. G.; Richard Wark, W. G.; N. H. Roberts, R. S.; J. H, Gerken, P. S.; C. N. Jenkins, T.


This association was formed March 24, 1860, by Levi Hite, Chas. L. Thomas, A. J. Mason, Charles G. Bockius, Wm. K. Hudson, E. Hamilton, J. W. Winter, Geo. Blust, J. M. Matthews, and Geo. Merritt. Of these, Mr. Merritt is the only one left, the others having died or removed from the city. The first board of directors consisted of four gentlemen:--Levi Hite, President; J. M. Matthews, V. P.; A. J. Mason, Treasurer; Charles L. Thomas, Secretary. The board at one time, had ten members, but now has seven. The present directors are:--L. T. Crane, President; Samuel Hoffman, V. P.; Geo, Merritt, Secretary; E. E. Meek, Treasurer; J. C. Bradley, E. J. Lockwood, and Joseph Lask.

The beautiful three-story building was erected in 1860, at an expense of $32,000. Its present assessed value is $21,000. It is 60x83 feet in size and has a double front, on D and Third streets. The third floor contains the hall in which the societies meet, anterooms and library rooms. The second floor is occupied by offices and a photographic gallery, and the ground floor is rented for stores. The capital stock is $30,000, divided into 3,000 shares of $10 each, all of which, except one hundred and two shares are held by the lodges and encampment.


This library was inaugurated on a small scale about 1858, by contributions of books from members of the two lodges, the first donation being made by Geo. Merritt. In 1864, the lodges determined to make it a valuable library, and to that end purchased five hundred volumes of standard works of history, science, and fiction. Since that time additions have been made yearly until at present the library contains 1,370 volumes. The books have been selected with great care, and therefore, though only one-third as large as the city library, it is more valuable as a library of reference. It is managed by the regular trustees of the two lodges, and occupies a nicely furnished room in the Odd Fellows’ Hall building.


According to its constitution, the objects of the Order are:  “To embrace and give equal protection to all classes and kinds of labor, mental and physical; to strive earnestly to improve the moral, intellectual, and social condition of its members, to endeavor, by wholesome precepts, fraternal admonitions, and substantial aid, to inspire a due appreciation of the stern realities and responsibilities of life.”

 “To create a fund for the benefit of its members during sickness or other disability, or in case of death, to pay a stipulated sum to such person or persons as may be designated by each member, thus abling him to guarantee his family against want.”

 “To hold lectures, read essays, discuss new inventions and improvements, encourage research in art, science and literature, and when practicable, maintain a library for the improvement of the members.”


This was organized June 27, 1878, with the following charter members:--B. Ellerman, George W. Pine, George M. Fronk, F. D. Hudson, James McConaughty, Timothy McCarthy, George North, C. C. Hampton, G. H. Boyd, W. A. McLaughlin, George Wright, Joseph Shaffer, F. L. Krause, William H. Roff, J. C. Syfert, B. W. Howser, Amos Fisher, A. B. Caldwell, David Powell, P. J. Flannery, C. A. Stratton, A. Abbott, H. R. D. Townsend, Daniel McCarty, N. G. Dow, H. S. Jordan, S. L. Frost, Jr., E. A. Belcher, D. R. Boulton, A. D. Cutts, J. Henry Flint, J. H. Gerken, E. K. Hill. E. M. Wright, M. H. Shepard, I. N. Wisoctschill, J. R. Bates, R. T. Schofield, R. T. Van Loan, J. R. Meek, G. W. Hutchins, S. W. Bishop, Joseph Kingsbury, James Cook, George Heintzen, M. E. Nagle, H. Wagner, John Learmont, Anderson McKinney, E. M. Keister, John Peffer, John McDonald, T. J. Sherwood, W. F. Stone, I. G. Shepard, A. Stettheimer, William Lea, A. C. Guptil, Henry Bahrenburg, Fred A. Grass, William T. Gore, James Cutts, D. P. Derrickson, J. P. Swift, Helman Brown, P. Brown, W. L. Pratt, A. B. Shoemaker, J. B. Smith, W. W. Ward, Meyer Marcuse, C. R. Mitchell, S. Duke, A. Barradale, George Cooley, William Klein, A. Lewis, George B. Grant, Isaac Rumery, A. Barrows. The first officers were:--B. Ellerman, M. W.; G. W. Pine, F. F.; G. M. Fronk, O.; A. Abbott, Recorder; F. D. Hudson, Fin.; J. McConaughy, Receiver; M. H. Shepard, G.; J. C. Syfert, I. W.; I. N. Wiskotchill, O. W.  The membership is one hundred and one, the highest number yet reached. No deaths have occurred since the organization, and the lodge is in a prosperous condition. Regular meetings are held Monday evenings at the hall of Miriam Lodge, I. O. B. B., on Third street between D and E streets. The present officers are:--G. W. Pine, P. M.; G. W. Fronk, M. W.; D. P. Derrickson, G. F.; W. A. McLaughlin, O.; J. H. Shaffer, Recorder; B. W. Howser, Fin.; W. H. Roff, Receiver; Wm. Lea, G.; J. C. Syfert, I. W.; L. Bilhartz, O. W.


The order of the Knights of Honor is of recent formation, the constitution under which it is working having been adopted at its fifth annual session, held at Nashville, Tennessee, May 14 to 21, 1878. The Supreme Lodge is a body corporate under the laws of the State of Kentucky, by an Act of the Legislature of the State, passed during its session in December, 1875. The objects of the order, as declared by the constitution are:--“1. To unite fraternally all acceptable white men of every profession, business or occupation.” 2. “To give all possible moral and material aid in its power to its members, and those depending on its members, by holding moral instructive and scientific lectures, by encouraging each other in business, and by assisting each other to obtain employment.” 3. “To promote benevolence and charity by establishing a widows and orphans’ benefit fund, from which on the satisfactory evidence of the death of a member of this corporation, who has complied with all its lawful requirements, a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars shall be paid to his family, or as he may direct.” 4. “To provide for creating a fund for the relief of sick and distressed members.” 5. “To ameliorate the condition of humanity in every possible manner.”


 This lodge was organized June 8, 1870, with the following charter members:--Thomas Phillips, G. W. Pine, C. C. Hampton, D. W. McCarty, J. C. Kingsbury, J. R. Garrett, G. W. Elder, John Peffer, A. B. Shoemaker, G. W. Peacock, J. Kirk, John Russell, J. K. Hare, Henry Day, Phillip Fisher, D. R. Boulton, J. E. Boorman, Charles Bryant, A. P. Spear, A. W. White, B. Moon, F. W. Camp, G. H. Boyd, Joseph Brass, I. G. Shepard, George Heintzen, George Easton, W. E. Smith, W. H. Roff, C. M. Ehrlich, P. Hortop, P. Brown, H. Brown, Thomas Phillips, and C. J. Ripley.

The past and present officers are:--I. G. Shepard, D.; B. Moon, W. D.; P. Hortop, A. D.; J. K. Hare, R.; Thomas Phillips, F. R.; W. H. Roff, T.; George W. Peacock, C. ; H. Day, Guide; Geo. B. Easton, Guardian; John Russell, S.; Dr. Thomas Phillips, Medical Examiner.

The regular meeting is held in Good Templars’ Hall, corner of Third and High streets, every Thursday evening.


This society traces its origin back to the “Boston Tea Party,” which was their first appearance in public. It flourished during the Revolution, and was revived during the war of 1812. It is now in a very thriving condition throughout the United States. In its origin and growth it is purely American. The motto of the Order is “Freedom, Friendship and Charity.”


This was organized June 7, 1872. The charter members were:--H. S. Winn, H. T. McLean, Samuel Garber, J. T. Campbell, William Lea, John Driver, A. W. Lewis, H. C. Jones, G. W. Crowell, E. A. Harrington, and A. P. Stone. These gentlemen are still active members, with the exception of J. T. Campbell, A. W. Lewis, G. W. Crowell, and A. P. Stone.

The first officers were:--H. S. Winn, Sachem; J. H. Krause, Senior Sagimore; J. T. Campbell, Junior Sagimore; W. T. McLean, C. of R.; E. A. Harrington, K. of W.; Samuel Garber, Prophet. The present membership is sixty, although at one time it ran as high as one hundred and eighty-two. The lodge owns property to the value of $500, has $1,343.40 in the treasury, and has disbursed in benefits $4,494. The regular meetings are held in Odd Fellows’ Hall every Friday evening. The present officers are:--H. C. Jones, S.; John Norton, S. S.; J. E. Booman, J. S.; Samuel Garber, C. of R.; C. H. Bushnell, K. of W.; J. P. Swift, P.


The object of the society is fraternity, mutual assistance, and benevolence. Sick members are taken care of, and an allowance is made for their support. In case of death, $70 are paid for burial expenses, and the widows and orphans are cared for.


This society was organized August 9, 1867, with the following charter members:--H. Lange, L. Schen, H. Ellerman, F. Bayersdorfer, Thomas Kettnaur, J. F. Flathmann, and G. Hornung. They are still members with the exception of H. Lange. The first officers were:--H. Lange, N. A.; H. Ellerman, V. A.; L. Schen, Secretary; Thos. Kettnauer, Treasurer; F, Bayersdorfer, J. G. Regular meetings are held every Wednesday evening, corner of Third and High streets.

The present membership is thirty-five, and the highest number having been forty-two. The grove has property to the value of $1,500. The present officers are:--G. Regli, N. A.; G. Pfeffer, V. A.; H. Heitmann, Secretary, Thomas Kettnauer, Tresurer; H. Wenzicher, J. G.


The objects of the association are charity and benevolence, being very similar to Odd Fellows. An allowance of eight dollars per week is made to a member in good standing in case of sickness. When a death occurs, the widow, or heirs, of the deceased receive one thousand dollars.


This lodge was organized on the fifth of May, 1864, with the following charter members:--S. Rosenthal, M. Marcuse, H. Brown, A. Shreyer, S. Levy, J. S. Borman, A. Suss, B. Rosenberg, L. Meininger, Louis Goldman, A. Englander, G. Cohn, H. Wagner, M. W. Peyser, A. Joseph, R. Katz, M Shreyer, H. Shreyer, S. Hochstadter, and A. Hochstadter. Of these only, M. Marcuse, H. Wagner, S. Hochstadter, and A. Hochstadter are still active members.

The first officers of the society were:--S. R. Rosenthal, President; A. Suss, V. P.; R. Katz, Secretary; S. Hochstadter, Financial Secretary; M. Shreyer, Treasurer; M. Marcuse, Monitor; G. Cohn, Warden; B. Rosenberg, Guardian; S. R. Rosenthal, M. W. Peyser, and H. Wagner, Trustees.

There are at present forty-seven members. The highest number of members at any time was sixty-two. The lodge has property to the value of $500, and $1,500 cash in the treasury.  It has expended $4,500 for charitable purposes since its organization. The present officers are:--Wm. Cohen, P.; E. Weinlander, V. P.; S. Lewek, R. S.; A. Hochstadter, T.; F. Hochstadter, F. S.; M. Marcuse, M.; E. Cohn, A.; J. G. Cohn, W.; N. Schneider, G. The lodge meets at the corner of Third and High streets twice every month.


The objects of this order are fraternity and benevolence. The order is very strong in the United States, and is confined to the citizens of Hibernian descent.


The lodge in Marysville was organized in May, 1869 with the following members:--Dan Donohoe, P. Carr, M. Flynn, Daniel Farrell, Thomas Farrell, M. Fitzgerald, James Clarke, John Welsh, T. C. Martin, Peter Muldoon, J. Cohen, John Burns, M. Lavelle, O. Loftus, M. O’Connor, John T. Lydon, John Donovan, John Maguire, and John Colford. Of these, Donohoe, T. Farrell, Clarke, Welsh, Cohen, Burns, Lydon, and Colford are still members. The first officers were:--M. Fitzgerald, President; John Colford, V. P.; John Wlesh, Corresponding Secretary; Dan Donohoe, Financial Secretary; P. Carr, Treasurer.

The society has had as many as one hundred and twenty-five members, but at present has sixty. Regular meetings are held the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month at Hibernian Hall, corner of Second and High streets. Since its organization more than $2,000 has been disbursed in charitable objects. The present officers are:--Dan Donohoe, President; John B. Burns, V. P.; John Welsh, Corresponding Secretary; John Maguire, Financial Secretary; M. McAdams, Treasurer.


This order is of recent origin, the first lodge being formed at Washington in 1864. The Department clerks found the need of some organization that would promote fraternity, and by which mutual assistance could be rendered. The order of the Knights of Pythias was founded by them, based on a beautiful story of Damon and Pythias, whose brotherly love the society is formed to imitate. It rapidly became popular, and now has lodges in almost every state of the Union.


This lodge was organized in June, 1872. The charter members were:--D. P. Derrickson, J. P. Swift, A. C. Irwin, T, Boon, Samuel Garber, F. Buttlemann, B. F. Joslynn, G. B. Hornish, A. C. Bacon, G. B. Eckart, and G. B. Garnt. The first officers were:--D. P. Derrickson, C. C.; A. C. Irwin, V. C.; F. Buttlemann. P. C.; B. F. Joslynn, K. of R. and S.; G. B. Hornish, Banker.

It disbanded in July, 1878, surrendered its charter and turned the property over to the Great Lodge. At that time its membership was forty-seven; the highest number of members had been one hundred and forty-two. The property was valued at $350; $4,100 had been disbursed in their charitable purposes. The society met in Odd Fellows’ Hall.


This is a mutual benevolent society similar to the B’nai B’rith and Odd Fellows, and is of long standing among Jewish people.


June 20, 1874, this lodge was established in Marysville with the following officers:--L. Falk, W. Av.; Simon Hochstadter, Nassi; S. Elkeles, Alitzer; E. Marks, Achi; H Chims, Sofer; N. Scheider, Assistant Sofer; B. Rosenberg, Gisber; C. Ansorg, Cohen; J. Schlessinger, Segan; Mark Raphael, Schomer Hapesach: Samuel Wagner, H. Wagner, and Chas. Ehrlich, Trustees. It soon became evident that there were not enough Jewish people here to sustain the order in addition to the B’nai B’rith, and in 1877 the lodge disbanded, surrendered its charter and turned over its effect, books, etc., to the Grand Lodge.


 This is a degree the same order into which ladies are admitted. It was instituted here October 15, 1874 with the following officers:--C. Ansorg, W. Av.; Mrs. H. Wagner, Nassi; N. Schneider, Sofer; Mrs. B. Rosenberg, Gisber: Mrs Chas. Ehrlich, Conductress; Jacob Elkeles, Cohen; Mark Raphael, Shomer. This society disbanded and surrendered its charter at the same time the parent society did.



This was the first temperance society in Marysville, and was formed May 25, 1852. The first officers were:--H. S. Hoblitzell, W. P.; Rev. W. A. Simmons, W. A.; Joseph F. Smith, R. S.; Rev. Isaac H. Brayton, A. R. S.; Orrin Jackson, F. S.; Robert Finney, T.; Rev. J. W. Brier, C.; George M. Hanson, A. C.; D. W. C. Rice, I. S.; William F. Nelson, O. S. The society had about one hundred members, and ceased to meet sometime in 1855.


This lodge was formed by the Sons of Temperance, March 10, 1854. The officers were:--James H. Lassiter, W. C. T.; B. L. Noe, W. V. T.; W. H. Lent, W. R.; David Carter, W. A. R.; George A. Taylor, W. F. R.; John Evans, W. T.; W. H. Hamilton, W. U.; Wm. Ashfield, W. D. U.; M. Burns, W. G.; M. Camerden, W. S. The society met every Friday evening, corner of High and Third streets. It existed until 1859.


The exact date of the organization of this society is not known, but was some time in the year 1854. The officers for the year 1855 were:--James H. Lassiter, C. of C.; A. Seavy, S. of C.; B. L. Noe, J. of C.; R. Rust, M. of C.; William H. Hamilton, D. M.; George Clinch, R.; J. McGrath, T.; J. Smiley, P.; J. Lamar, W. The society disbanded after about two years existence. It met the third Sunday evening of each month, corner of High and Third streets.


This lodge was organized September 16, 1854. It met at the corner of High and Third streets the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The officers in 1855 were:--Mrs. E. P. Rust, S. P. T.; Mrs. B. B. Hinman, S. V. T.; Mrs. E. A. Ridge, S. Past T.; Miss M. A. Teegarden, S. R.; Mrs. S. S. Carfield, S. U.; Mrs. E. Krouse, S. G.; A. Seavy, B. P. T.; J. R. Ridge, B. N. T.; Wm. H. Hamilton, B Past T.; M. Fuller, B. R.; Wm. H. Hope, B. U.; M. Schuttz, B. S. The society disbanded about 1856.


This society was organized December 5, 1854, by forty charter members. The officers elected were as follows:--J. Burlingame, W. P.; E. Mosher, W. A.; Wm. Robinson, R. S.; W. H. Hamilton, A. R. S.; Owen Connolly, F. S.; A. Seavy, T.; W. H. Hope, C.; J. S. Small, A. C.; O. H. Newton, I. S.; James W. Graham, O. S.; J. C. Bradley, P. W. P.; J. S. McLean, D. G. W. P. The division was inaugurated at a time when there was a great movement in this direction, and other were being organized on every hand. It commenced with forty charter members, but interest flagged in a year or two, and it disbanded.


At the time of the organization of this division, there was a revival of the order, and all those previously formed here having died out, this division was organized in 1862. The officers that year were:--H. H. Rheese, W. P.; Michael Carey, W. A.; H. M. Raymond, R. S.; M. W. Schuster, A. R. S.; W. A. Hyde, F. S.; A. McKennon, T.; Geo. A. C. Griffith, C.; Thos. Large, A. C.; Neal McLean, I. S.; C. W. Tripp, O.S.; J. N. Reynolds, Chaplain. The division had a prosperous existence for three or four years, and then faded out, as had its predecessors.


Rev. A. C. McDougall, State Deputy of the Order of Sons of Temperance, organized the last division of this order that has appeared in Marysville, August 30, 1871. The officers were:--Z. Barnes, W. P.; W. T. Soper, P. W. P.; J. H. Blodgett, W.A.; C. N. Jenkins, R. S.; S. A. Hooper, A. R. S.; W. Greeley, T.; S. Blodgett, C.; E. J. Blodgett, F. S.; A. W. Lee, Con.; James Thompson, A. Con.; C. H. Bannister, I. S.; L. J. Stinson, O. S.

The regular meeting was on Friday night each week. For a time there was quite a revival of temperance cause, but interest soon began to fade away, and with its decline the division had to succumb.



March 5, 1861, this lodge was organized, with the following charter members;--Rev. C. Dierking, Daniel Long, George Peckham, A. Seavy, E. Bangher, Wm. Sherwood, S. Mahoney, F. Schrader, and J. J. Fuchs. During the period of its existence the lodge was very flourishing, and had at one time one hundred and fifty members. Its property was valued at about $600. Meetings of the lodge were held at the corner of High and Third streets. The lodge surrendered its charter November20, 1877. A part of the property is here, and there is a balance of one hundred dollars in the treasury.


This was a branch of the order of Good Templars, which made its advent here in 1861. The council was organized in 1862, and the officers for the following year were:--C. D. Stoner, W. C.; James Thompson, P. W. C.; R. W. White, S. W.; E. E. Vandervere, J. W.; R. R. Merrill, C.; J. Rapalje, S.; J. Brain, H.; W. A. Hyde, G.; H. Leland, Sentinel. The organization was not long maintained.


This lodge was organized February 4, 1875. The charter members of the lodge were:--Thomas, Douglas, William Lea, Albert Lucas, Edward Katzenstein, John L. Barry, Samuel Garber, Mary Dingman, Ella Dingman, John Adams, C. Russell, G. J. Burchett, Miss Burchett, S. Williamson, Mrs. L. E. McWain, S. Saunders, and G. M. McWain. The lodge had a membership of thirty-one. It disbanded September 11, 1876, and the members joined the Morning Star Lodge.


In the spring of 1879, there was a new impulse given to the temperance movement, and a new lodge was organized in this city. It had fifty charter members, most of whom had belonged to the previous lodges. The lodge was organized May 27, 1879, and elected the following officers:--Charles Covillaud, W. C. T.; Mrs. L. E. McWain, W. V. T.; M. H. Shepard, W. S.; Murat Brown, W. F. S.; Miss Emma Bronk, W. T.; Charles Bedeaux, W. M.; Miss Ada Plumb, W. I. G.; Charles Saunder, W. O. G.; Rev. M. Woodward, W. C.; B. E. Hunt, P. W. C. T.; G. M. McWain, L. D. It meets every Tuesday evening at its hall, corner of Third and High streets.


This lodge was organized December 16, 1874, with the following charter members:--S. Grant, W. C. T.; H. S. Taylor, W. T.; W. C. McMillan, Secretary; W. H. Roscoe, Chaplain; Miss Alice Drum, W. V.; R. O. McMillan, Marshal; E. B. Durfee, P. W. C. T.; Mrs. E. Wood, Financial Secretary; James Stall, O. G.; Edward Smith, I. G.; James E. McMillan, Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Roscoe, William Lehman, Miss Mary Lehman, Judson Smith, C. L. Doebler, Miss Bertha Roscoe, and L. D. Wood. The lodge is in a good financial condition, and at one time had a membership of twenty-four, though at present it has but fifteen. The regular meetings are held in the Union School House, Marysville township, every alternate Saturday. The present officers are;_-W. C. McMillan, W. C. T.; Mrs. E. B. Durfee, W. V.; William Lehman, Secretary; James Stall, Financial Secretary; Edward Smith, Marshal; C. L. Doebler, Treasurer; S. Grant, Chaplain; Miss Mary Lehman, I. G.; Miss Lizzie M. Boomer, O. G.


A lodge of this order was organized in this city March 10, 1858, but had a brief existence. The officers were:--A. Seavy, W. A. C. R.; J. M. Matthews, W. D. R.; J. Crowley, W. P.; A. J. Mason, W. S.; C. H. Scranton, W. T.; C. W. Cornor, W. F. R.; A. C. Wightman, W. M.; W. Brenan, W. U.; M. Dryden, W. T.


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