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This is a list which I hope will connect all you "cousins" out there who are doing research on your Yuba County ancestors.  It's a way to share information, family trees with each other, and get to know relatives you didn't know existed before!  If you would like to have the surname(s) listed that you are researching in Yuba County, please email me, so that others can connect with you! (Please notify me if your email address changes, so that we can keep this list current!)

 I've had several emails from people saying that they have connected with "cousins" through this list, and are now further along in their research because of it.  One of the greatest things is connecting people with common goals (two heads are better than one), and finding "cousins" is the icing on the cake!

Kathy -   yubaroots@gmail.com

Surname you are researching Contact person Any notes
ABBEY Antionette Miller  
ALLREAD Farris L. Allread  
AYERS Karen Ayers Connel  
BABB Jacilyn Mascitelli Lorenzo Hale Babb
BAINBRIDGE Richard Metz  
BAVOUZET Rex Bavousett  
BEATY Rosemary Tonjes  
BLEVIN Margene  
BOOTH Michelle Moore  
BROW Mary Ann Errigo  
BROWN Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
BROWN Karen Hagen Phillip - would like contact with living relatives
BROYLES Darlene Garner lived in Parks Bar, Oregon House and Foster's Bar
BUTTLE Jackie Searl  
CAMPBELL Kim Evertse  
CARNEY Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
CAUTHRON Barbara Snyder  
CLAY Anna Shelton  
COHN Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
COLLINS Shauna Gordon Wm. Neale m: Catherine Collins, lived in Marysville 1850-1873
CONLEY Lois Conley Cross  
COOK Karen Ayers Connel name changed from Koch
COSTELLO Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
COVILLAUD Kathy Sedler  
CRAMSIE Mary Ellen Gilbert  
CREPS Bea Barton  
CROWELL A. Kennady  
CRUTCHFIELD Page Nickell researching Albertus Crutchfield, enrolled Union Army in Yuba Co.
CURRY Lois Conley Cross  
CUSICK Kee Rodgers  
DABENSPECK Mary Ellen Gilbert  
DAUBENSPECK Mary Ellen Gilbert  
DAVIS Jil Sather  
DAY Cliff Day  
DEAL Sharon Suckow  
DECK Michelle Moore  
DEMPSEY Pat Engman  
DOVENSPECK Mary Ellen Gilbert  
DOWANE Wendy Deakins  
EARLY Karen Ayers Connel  
EARLY Margene  
EICH Karen Ayers Connel  
FENTON Marilyn Woods  
FERGUSON Cindy Garces  
FITZPATRICK Mary Ann Errigo  
FLINT George Speer  
FORTNA Suzanne Miller looking for descendants of Emma Spilman Fortna
FOSTER April Hennes  
FOSTER Kathy Sedler  
FULCHER Molly Mann Richard & Catherine
GABY Mary R. M. Nunneley Emma Jane Gaby m: James A. Nunneley 30 Apr 1885 Yuba Co.
GARDELLA Wendy Deakins  
GARMIRE April Hennes  
GEBALLA Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
GIBLIN Lois Conley Cross  
GREY Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
GROPPER Sonja Hofer 1889-1900
GUNNING Scott J. Smith  
HAGGERTY Margene  
HAINES Chris Bare http://www.genealogy.com/users/b/a/r/Chris-Bare/index.html
HARBIN Karen Ayers Connel  
HARDING Sharon Suckow  
HARDING Wendy Deakins  
HARDING Bea Barton  
HARRISON Chris Bare http://www.genealogy.com/users/b/a/r/Chris-Bare/index.html
HAVEN Barbara Snyder  
HAWLEY Steve Hickman Wm. m: L. Missouri Hoblitzell 1863
HIBBERT Robert Oates  
HOCHSTRAT April Hennes  
HOSKINS Mary R. M. Nunneley Rev. Emanuel Hoskins m: Mary Nunneley 30 Aug 1871 in Yuba Co.
HOUSH Karen Ayers Connel  
HUGHES Kee Rodgers  
HUMPHREYS Sharon Suckow  
JESTER Sherry Williams  
JOHNSON Karen Duval Yuba County Foothills
JONES Harriette Lockhart  
JORDAN Michelle Moore  
KEEGAN Gladys Parker  
KEITH Cliff Day  
KENNADY A. Kennady  
KIEFFER Rebecca  
KIMBALL Barbara Snyder  
KINCH Margene  
KLENZENDORF Rosemary Tonjes  
KLEVESAHL Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
KOCH Karen Ayers Connel  
KOCH Carol Stevens  
KUMLE Linda Kumle Lambert  
LABADIE Marilyn Woods  
LANCTOT Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
LANDRIGAN Barb Gamba  
LANEY Harriette Lockhart  
LAVERTY Karen Ayers Connel  
LeBOURVEAU Mary Ellen Gilbert  
LOFTON Bea Barton  
LUKEN George Speer  
LUMBARD Jackie Searl  
LUTZ Mary Ann Errigo  
LYONS Pat Engman  
MAGONIGAL Bea Barton  
MANSFIELD Carol Stevens  
MARQUARDT A. Kennady  
McASSEY Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
McCOMAS Charles McComas Robb  
McCOMBER Jean Cammon Findlay George Anton McComber - probably a bachelor; gold miner in Dobbins ca. 1900-1940 (died 1941 in Marysville)
McCRACKEN George Speer  
McMAINS Shawn Haley  
METZ Richard Metz  
MICHELS Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
MILLER Jil Sather  
MILOT (Melo) Linda Kumle Lambert  
MILOT Marilyn Woods  
MORAN Rosemary Tonjes  
MOTT Karen Duval  
MURPHY Pat Engman  
MURPHY Kathy Sedler  
NANCE Mary Ann Errigo  
NEALE Shauna Gordon Wm. Neale m: Catherine Collins, lived in Marysville 1850-1873
NORWOOD Mary Ellen Gilbert  
NUNNELEY Mary R.M. Nunneley Mary, Alice and James, children of John R. Nunneley of Oregon & Butte Co., CA
NYE Kathy Sedler  
OLIVER Michelle Moore  
ORR George Speer  
O'SULLIVAN Margene  
PAGE Linda Kumle Lambert  
PEARDON Kathleen Smith Rose Bar, Smartsville
PETRIE Steve Petrie James buried in Wheatland (Scotland>Vermont>Wheatland) & son Alexander
PHILLIPS C. East Ray - marr: Vivian Ernestine Wilcox - contact with any living relatives
PRESLEY George Speer  
QUINN Lois Conley Cross  
RAMM Rex Bavousett  
REILLY Margene  
ROBBINS Jacilyn Mascitelli Parks Bar, Brownsville
ROSENBERG Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
RYAN Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
SAILOR Karen Duval  
SANDERS Karen Duval  
SCHINKEL Mary Ellen Gilbert  
SCHNEIDER Marsha Klein Marysville in 1860's
SEXEY Bruce Mathers Charles Eamer - Marysville 1849-1888
SHEPHERD Maggie Shepherd Walter, Lilje, & children
SHOCKLEY Barbara Snyder  
SIMPSON Stan G. Kain James & family - James shot 9 Sep 1859 - wants to share information on this family
SKINNER Rosemary Tonjes  
SLUMAN Lois Conley Cross  
SMITH Kathleen Smith Rose Bar, Smartsville
SOMMERS A. Kennady  
STEDMAN Laurel Paulson-Pierce  
STEELE Megan Steele  
STEVENSON Mary Ellen Gilbert  
STOODLEY Jackie Searl  
STRAIN William J. Strain  
STRAIN Rosie Walker  
SULLIVAN Margene  
THOMAS Jil Sather  
TUCKER Barbara Snyder  
VANCE BLACK Karen Ayers Connel  
VARNEY Emily Larsen Family of Joshua Atwood Varney (b/d Strawberry Valley Cemetery) and descendents
VIEBROCK Nancy Viebrock looking for Turn Verein records - in Msvl 1850-60's
VINEYARD Mary R. M. Nunneley Wm. B. Vineyard Jr. m: Alice Nunneley 13 Dec. 1871, Yuba Co.
WASHBURN Grace Collins  
WELCH Mark Phelps descendants of Radford Ellis Welch (Linda Twp, Rose Bar - 1880s)
WELCH Ryan Hawk David Alvin - OH > CA 1976
WHITESIDE Bea Barton  
WILCOX C. East Vivian married Ray J. Phillips - 1906-1993 - contact with any living relatives
WILCOXON Margene  
WILSON Kendra Bernal Tom Dobbie - wants to connect with any friends or family
WYATT April Hennes  
WYLLIE Marilyn Woods  
WYMAN Wendy Deakins  
WYRICK Karen Ayers Connel  
YOUNG George Speer  


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