The Daily Appeal - Sunday, April 5, 1896, p5

Our Churches and Their Pastors

The Christian Church

    In 1870 W. G. Murphy and wife, pioneer residents of this city, attended the State meeting in Woodland, and depositing their membership with the Woodland congregation, laid the foundation of the church.  The following year they secured the services of Elder J. F. McCorcle, and a meeting was conducted in the Court house.  As a result, a congregation of eleven members was organized.  The congregation met regularly for more than a year in the rooms of W. G. Murphy and wife.  In 1884 Elder W. A. Malone held a protracted meeting in the old county courtroom, when a reorganization was effected with elder and Deacons; a Bible school was organized with W. G. Murphy as superintendent and Mrs. Murphy teacher.  In 1888 Elder J. T. Jones was secured for one-fourth of his time, in the Good Templar's Hall which was rented for church and Bible school services.  At the close of a prosperous year his services were secured for one-half of his time the second year.  Regular services were kept up by Elder W. G. Murphy, who ever faithful has been to his official duties and Christian privileges.

    Elder P. S. Grant was called and served this congregation one year.  In May, 1893, Elder B. J. Dillon held a five weeks meeting, when eighty were added to this congregation, beside those that joined other churches, making in all about one hundred converts.

    Elder L. F. McCray served the congregation for seventeen months at a salary of $1200.  It was during his pastorate that Elder S. M. Martin held his revival services, and thirty were added to the membership.  In 1888 there were 13 members; 1896, 161, loss by death, 3; removals, 18; present membership, 140.

    The congregation expected to be able to build during the past year, but the stringency of the times has delayed the perfecting of the arrangement.  The congregation has secured a temporary home by renting the German Methodist church building on the corner of F and Seventh streets, where regular services are held each Lords day, 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

    The church is in a prosperous and healthy condition, with high hopes and unbounded determination of having a neat and comfortable church home, with all the necessary appointments, in a desirable location in the near future.

    The officers of the church this Easter Sunday, 1896, are:  Elders, W. G. Murphy and Prof. F. S. Carr; Deacons, A. H. Boulton, George A. Griffith, W. B. Green, George Russell, Joseph Hardy and E. L. Bozarth; Deaconesses, Mesdames J. L. Rarnes [Barnes], N. M. Miller, F. D. Clark, E. J. White, T. J. Green and W. Leach.

    The Bible school, A. H. Boulton, Superintendent, and Mrs. G. A. Griffith, Miss Lula Murphy, Miss Grace Sanders, Mrs. J. L. Barnes, Miss Kate Murphy, Miss Grace Rambkee and the pastor as teachers, meets at 10 a.m.  The membership residing in Yuba City have a Bible school at 3 p.m., meeting in the Court-house, Mrs. A. M. Walthers (nee Melissa Green), Superintendent, with W. C. Murphy, George Russell, Miss Alice Robinson, Mrs. Walthers and Miss Mattie Hill, teachers.  The two schools number about 120 pupils.  The ladies' aid society of the church is of vital importance to the church, and a strong aid and support.  Among the members are Mesdames C. E. Danforth, Barnes, Griffith, Sanders, White, Clark, Taylor, George Russell, Robert Russell, Miller, Green, Leach, Boulton, Carr, Lane, Murphy, and Misses Green, Murphy and Dennis.  More than $400 since last July has been raised by this Society.  Mrs. A. Sanders, President; Mrs. C. E. Danforth, Vice-President; Mrs. George Griffith, Secretary; Miss Rebecca Green, Treasurer.

    The Endeavor Society:  Miss Grace Sanders, President; Mrs. A. H. Boulton, Vice-President; Miss Kate Murphy, Secretary; Miss Lou Dunning, Treasurer.  The Society is live and wide-awake, with some forty members, and meet regularly at 6:30 p.m. Sunday.  All the members, active and associate, take great interest in the work.  There is a Junior Endeavor of some fifteen members.  Miss Grace Rambkee is leader.  They meet at 5 p.m. Sunday.  Every arm of the church work seems to be earnestly engaged.  Our prayer meeting Wednesday evenings are largely attended, sometimes fifty and even sixty in attendance.  The average must be about thirty.  The study of the scriptures is the feature of the evening.  A book in the hand of each, with questions propounded by the leader, is very profitable.  Our Easter lesson, Acts 13th chapter.  We study the lesson consecutively - one chapter each evening.  On Easter Sunday the church will be decorated by Mrs. C. E. Danforth.  The choir will render "The Easter Anthem," and the sermon will be "The Easter feast; its origin not scriptural, but its object now beautiful."   

    The Endeavors Societies of Northern California of the Christian church meet in convention here, April 14th to 16th inclusive.  It is expected fifty to 100 delegates will be present. Miss Grace Ranbkee of this city is President and Ed Lewis Corresponding Secretary.

    With thanks to the editor of the enterprising Appeal for courtesies to the church people of this city, I am fraternally,            A. SANDERS, Pastor.