Sutter Cemetery

Also known as South Butte Cemetery, it is on the north edge of the town of Sutter. This database is a combination of lists from the Sutter Cemetery District and an older cemetery reading by the DAR.  If the note field contains "*1" then some or all of the information in that record is from the DAR list. The database contains errors, especially in the older burials. Several of the pre-1900 listings have burial dates which are off by 100 years, so if you see a single year after 1928 it might be a burial from 100 years earlier. For example, if someone is listed as buried in 1986 with no day and month, the burial may have occurred in 1886.

Original transcription was done by Jay Bond, Sandy Geer, Jo Daniel and Charles Davis. Susan Thompson and Laura Tyler were responsible for obtaining the lists.

April 17, 2006 - List updated by Kathy Sedler with information added that has been received from Laura Tyler at the Sutter Cemetery District.  All information transcribed as given. 

****Date of death/burial is from the cemetery list under the heading "Svc Date."  It is NOT the date of death.  You will want to check the names against the California Death Index, Social Security Death Index, or pre-1905 Death Index records for a more accurate date of death (until I am able to do so).  It appears that the service dates of some persons are the same due to the fact they were cremations and buried together - which could be delayed for a time after death.  The links for the death indexes are in the "Resources" section under the sub-heading of Death Records.

This index reflects burials up to and including 24 Mar 2006.

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Sutter Cemetery District
7200 Butte Ave
Sutter, CA 95982