Keystone Cemetery

Photo by Raymond Wright

This Cemetery is also known as Indiana Ranch Cemetery and is located on Indiana Ranch Road north of Dobbins.  From Marysville, take Hwy. 20 East toward Nevada City/Grass Valley.  Turn left on Loma Rica Road.  Continue to end of road – about 14.5 miles -  and go left (Marysville Road).   About 2.6 miles turn right on Marysville Road – Willow Glen store on the corner.  Continue 6.5 miles and turn left on Indiana Ranch Road (not Indiana School Road).  The cemetery entrance will be 1.5 miles on your left.  You will see the chain-link fence on the left.  Hours are posted on the gate, but that is for the main large gates.  To the left is an open area for you to walk into the cemetery.

Headstone Photos

A plaque at the front of the cemetery reads:  “Keystone Cemetery 1853 – 1985.  Dedicated to the pioneers that settled this area, built by the community to honor the memory of Alvin & Ruth Clark, caretakers for 30 years, and to Martha Clark Griffith & Ethel Jones Allnett, who deeded the land to the County.”

Thank you to Colleen Driscoll and Jessica Maldonado for their help with photographing this cemetery.

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Panoramic pictures of the cemetery.

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