Bangor Cemetery

Cemetery sign visible from LaPorte Road - © Feb. 2006, Kathy Sedler.

This cemetery is only about 10 miles from Loma Rica (Yuba County). 

Directions:  From Marysville, take Hwy. 70 toward Oroville/Chico.  About 8 miles outside Marysville, turn right on Ramirez Road.  After you turn on Ramirez Road, you will pass the Butte County line (7.4 miles), and 3/10 of a mile further the road will end.  Take a right onto LaPorte Road at the stop sign.  Down this road, you will see a cemetery on the left off in a large field (this cemetery is strictly off-limits to the public and the owners of the property will enforce “no trespassing”).  You will pass through one 35mph zone.  Immediately before the next 35 mph sign (7.7 miles from turning at stop sign onto LaPorte Road) there will be an arch sign on the left for Bangor Cemetery. Turn left here and go up the dirt road.  There will be a residence on the right.  After passing the residence, the cemetery will be at the end of the dirt road.  Total miles from the time you turn onto Ramirez Road will be 15.4. 

There are many burials at Bangor which were not recorded and for which there are no stones, also several handmade wooden crosses which have no writing on them. Several ground-level stones are overgrown with vinca and are not visible. Writing on many stones is distorted from thick layers of moss/fungus.

This list was compiled by Cathie Manwell Adams using the following sources:
        Survey by Kathy Sedler, with many photos; conducted in February 2006
        Documents from the files of James Lague;
        California Death Index (CDI);
        Social Security Death Index (SSDI);
        Pre-1905 Butte County Death Index (BCDI), Books 1 and 2
        Federal Census records;
        Birth, death, and marriage records for Yuba County;
        Contributions of descendants.

n/o = native of
mmn = mother’s maiden name
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
w/o = wife of
h/o = husband of
dob = date of birth
dod = date of death
UN = unknown
Note: Locations were furnished by James Lague from his survey in May 1979 and not verified at this time.  If the location column is blank, a stone was found but location has not been identified.  Several “UN” locations may actually be buried at Upham or other nearby cemeteries, but without stones to verify.

Views of cemetery

Headstone Photos

An X in the first column indicates a photo was taken.

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