Another rancher of experience, whose attractive farm is situated about three miles to the northeast of Meridian, is C. P. Reische, who was born at Meridian on November 11, 1882, the son of Samuel and Emma (Paine) Reische.  He attended the grammar school at West Butte, and later the school in the Farmer district, finishing his formal education with the courses of the high school at Sutter City; and in 1902 he commenced to farm for himself.  He rented a ranch of 110 acres, known as the J. W. Howlett farm, and later purchased eighty-five acres of the same, as a home ranch; and here he has lived ever since.

            At the Plaskett home, near Yuba City, on August 29, 1905, Mr. Reische was united in marriage with Miss Bertha Plaskett, who was born on the old Plaskett ranch, a daughter of J. E. and Emma Plaskett, whose life story is given elsewhere in this history.  She received her early education at the Franklin school, and for a time also attended the Chico State Normal.  Mr. and Mrs. Reische are the parents of five children, Gordon, Stanley, Ramona, Harold and Vera.  Mr. Reische is a member and Past Grand of the Odd Fellows Lodge at Meridian; and both he and his wife are members of the Rebekah Lodge at Meridian, of which Mrs. Reische has been Noble Grand.  Mr. Reische is a Republican, believing in the policies of that party as best calculated to conserve the interests of agriculture and other industries.


History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p  727





            Among the industrious and thriving ranchers of the Tudor district of Sutter County is Samuel G. Poole, who makes his home on his ninety-two-acre ranch one and one-half miles northeast of Tudor, ten acres of which have been developed to orchard, and the balance to general farming.  He is a native of Monroeville, Ind., born May 23, 1872, a son of Joseph Tidwell and Mary Horton (Waring) Poole, both natives of Ohio.  Joseph T. Poole removed to Monroeville, Ind., and there practiced law until 1888, when he brought his family to Sutter City, Cal.  He passed away in 1920, aged seventy-eight years; his wife died about fifteen years ago.

            Samuel G. Poole received a grammar-school education in Monroeville, Ind., and at the age of sixteen began to make his own way by working on farms.  On April 10, 1905, he was married at Sutter City to Miss Lorena McPherrin, born at Sutter City, a daughter of William H. McPherrin, who was born in Knox County, Ill., came to California in 1859, and the same year settled at Sutter City, where he was married to Miss N. Stevens, a native of New Jersey.  Four children were born to them:  Mary A., William H., John J., and Lorena, the wife of our subject.  Mrs. Poole received her education in the Sutter City Grammar School. Mr. Poole built a store building in Tudor and for a time was in the general merchandise business; but later the business was sold.  Mrs. Poole owns 160 acres; located near Sutter City, which she inherited from her fatherís estate.  Mr. Poole is a Democrat in politics, and has served as a member of the County Central Committee.


History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p  728



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