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Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1933, page D 9

Woman 79 Is Club Leader
    Despite an age near to four score years, Mrs. Rachel E. Presley is among most active workers in Oakland Washington P.-T. A., according to her associates. She is chairman of its philanthropic department and has served in that capacity for the past 10 years.
    Mrs. Presley, who is now in her 79th year, keeps close contact with Washington School, where her three grandsons were students many years ago.
One hundred and eight garments have been given out to needy families during the past year by this energetic worker. At Thanksgiving time she superintended distribution of 11 baskets of food to those who otherwise would have been without holiday cheer. Mrs. Presley is planning similar philanthropy for the Christmas holidays.
    [unreadable] baskets at Thanksgiving time were 36 quarts of canned peaches, prepared by Mrs. Presley. She canned 154 quarts of peaches for holiday philanthropy of 1932.
    Money to purchase other supplies for the baskets was contributed by Washington association members.

[Transcription by Kathy Sedler]