Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Places mentioned in1855 Diary


Adams & Co.

B.    Street

C. Street

Brumagin & Co.

Buttes mountains

C.   Street 

Cortes Square

Court House

Custom House in San Francisco

D. St.

Daughters of Temperance

Dawson House

Dires (?) Fire Co.

Division, the

E. Street

Enterprise, the   ( ship )

Eureka Engine Company No. 1

Feather River

Firemenís Meeting

First St.

First St. extended

G. St.

Gov. Dean, the          (ship )

High St.

Hudson, St.

Larsaparil                   ( patent medicine )

Maiden Lane

Methodist Church

Middle Fury, the

Muron (?) Hall,     (  D. St. reading room )

Murrys Hotel

Oriental Hotel

Page Bacon & Co.

Pearl, the                     ( ship )

Plaza, the                    ( building on High St. )

Prarie, the                  ( outside of Marysville )

Presbyterian Chapel


San Francisco

7th St.

Singing Club

Ship Lonora                           ( ship )

Sunday School Teacherís Society

Temperance House in L. F.

Temperance Lecture

Temple of Honor

Treadwells                             ( on First St. )

U. S. Hotel

Washington St. Baptist Church, San Francisco

Wells Fargo & Co.

Yuba Masonic Lodge



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