Records  of  Isaac  McComas



Barnes, Bro                                       superintendent of Baptist Church

Baulding family                                  employed Isaac

Booth, Mr.                                          political candidate

Bowen                                                J. S. Bowen, Baltimore

Buidle(?), Major                                 Chico, Ca.

Burbee, Mr.

Buttler, Katie                                      friend of Sallie

Chandler, Mrs.

Chin, An                                             Chinese  tender

Conger, Mrs.                                      Chico, Ca.

Curtis, John                                        employed Isaac

DeMott, Henry

Emmell, J.                                          employed Isaac

Fergason                                           worked with Isac

Fisher, Rev.                                       Baptist minister

Fordham, J.F.                                    Chico, Ca.

Francis, Dr.                                        Baptist preacher

Gaven, John                                       Isaac’s tender

Glaser(?), Isaac

Greely, Mr.                                         Employed Isaac

Hale, James A.

Hays, W.B.                                         employed Isaac

Hultz, Mrs.                                          Lived in Isaac’s house, now in Sacramento

Jacob                                                 Isaac’s brother, Hood’s Mill, Md.

Johnson, Perry                                  Hood’s Mill, Md.

Knight, Rev. J.B..                               San Francisco preacher in Marysville

Larance, Mr.                                      employed Isaac

Ludlow, Rev.

McDonald, Mr.                                   employed Isaac

Moody, Mr                                          traveling Chicago revivalist

Mortin, Rev. Mr.                                 Marysville

Peris, Mr.                                           Isaac’s neighbor on D. Street

Pettersson, Mrs.                                Sallie’s midwife

Phites(?), Rev.                                   Baptist preacher

Poston, Mrs.                                      employed Isaac

Quinn, William

Revere, Jerry                         Yuba City

Rhees, Bro.                                        Baptist Minister

Richardson, Rev. Mr.                        Baptist minister

Rideout, Mr.                                       employed Isaac

Rogers, Dr.                                        Marysville

Salaway, Tom                                    employed Isaac

Sam                            Samuel Spaulding, Isaaç brother-in-law, Hood’s Mill, Md.

Saxey, Mr.                                          employed Isaac

Selby                                                  L. H. Selby, Hood’s Mill, Md.

Shelinburg, Amos                             San Diego

Stoops, Robert                                  pork packer

Stratton, Mr.

Swain, William C.                              employed Isaac

Tegarden, Dr.

Trainer, Sister

Ward, Mr.                                           employed Isaac

Wilber, Mr.

Williams, Bro. W.L.                           San Diego

Williams, Col.                                    employed Isaac

Willie                                                   Isaac’s son, Wiliam

Wimple, Dick                                     employed Isaac

Wood, John                                       carpenter, Marysville

Worth, Rev. A.J.                                from Grass Valley

Wright, Mr.                                         died January 3, pork packer



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