Records  of  Isaac  McComas



Amos, Judge                                                 Baltimore

Annie                                                              Isaac’s sister, Baltimore

Barnes, Bro.                                                  Marysville

Bentz, S.                                                         hm

Bloggit, Mr.                                                    Marysville

Bollinger, G. H.                                              Baltimore

Bowen, J. S.                                                  Baltimore

Boyd, Mr.                                                        employed Isaac, Marysville

Brown & Alexander                                       employed Isaac, Marysville

Chandler, Mr. and Mrs.                                 Vallejo, Ca.

Cook, John T.                                                Vallejo, Ca.

Eaton, Bro. John                                           Marysville

Eliza                                                                Eliza Allen McComas, Isaac’s sister

Foam, Jacob                                                 Marysville

Fields, Charles                                              Marysville

Frazier, Ellen                                                 Isaac’s sister, Baltimore

Fuller, Dr.                                                       Baltimore Minister

Gatch, Thomas                                              relative, Baltimore

Gibson, Capt.                                                rented Isaac’s 5th St. house, Marysville

Haskill, Rev. Mr.                                            preacher, Hood’s Mill

Hakley(?) W.W.                                             Marysville Baptist Minister

Hansin, Col.                                                   Gilroy, Ca.

Hays, William B.                                            carpenter, Marysville

Hobbs, James

Hultz, Mrs.                                                      rented Isaac’s 5th St house, Marysville

James                                                                        James Allen McComas, Isaac’s brother, Baltimore                               

Jameson, Rev. Mr.                                        Marysville

Johnson, Mose                                              hm

Julian                                                              brickyard worker, Marysville

Knight, Mr.                                                      San Fransisco, Baptist Minister

Maggie                                                           Margaret Slicer McComas, Isaac’s daughter

McCollum                                                       bought one of Isaac’s properties, Marysville

McDermott, Mr.                                             bought Isaac’s 5th St. house, Marysville

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.                      Marysville

McQuaid, Mr.                                     Marysville

Mercer, Azel

Mercer, Capt.                                                hm

Mercer, Caleb C.                                     hm

Morehead, Dr.                                               hm

Mother                                                            Margaret Widdifield Slicer, Sallie’s mother,  Balto.

Mouttons, Lee                                                on Sacramento River

Pain,  Mr. S.                                                   Marysville

Perry                                                               worked at the Mill, Hood’s Mill, Md.

Powers, Richard                                           engaged shoes, Hood’s Mill, Md.

Reed, Rev. Mr.                                              hm

Rhees, Rev.Mr. Holcombe                           Marysville

Riggs, Dr.                                                       Cooksville, Md.

Sallie                                                              Isaac’s wife

Sam                                                                Samuel Spaulding, Isaac’s brother-in-law

Saxey, Mr.                                                      D. Street, Marysville

Sayer, Dr. L. A.                                              New York

Selby, L. H.                                                    miller at Hood’s Mill

Selby, R.

Shuester, Henry                                             employed Isaac, Marysville

Simpson, Mr.                                                 employed Isaac, Marysville

Slicer, Louis                                                   Sallie’s brother, Baltimore

Slicer, Maggie                                               Sallie’s sister, Baltimore

Slicer, W.                                                       Sallie’s brother, Baltimore

Spauldings                                                     Isaac’s sister Eliza and brother-in-law Samuel

VanDike                                                         Marysville

Wall, John                                                      mill customer

Waters, Mr.                                                    near hm

Wilcox, Mr.                                                     employed Isaac, Yuba City

Willie                                                               William Gees McComas, Isaac’s son

Willis, Mr.                                                       mill customer

Wright, E.M.                                                   Marysville



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