Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Places mentioned in1854 Diary


132 Gay St. , Baltimore                                where Isaac boarded with Mrs Slicer

16th St. Baptist Church                                 New York

Adams & Co. Express and Banking           Marysville

African Church                                               Marysville

Bedford St. Church                                       New York

Beehive Hotel                                                Marysville

Blind Asylum                                                  New York

Burying Ground                                             Marysville

Camptonsville                                                near Marysville

City Hall                                                          Maryville

City Mission Society                                     Baltimore

Court House                                      Baltimore

Crystal Palace                                               New York

Davis & McDonald                                        Isaacís employer, Baltimore

Davis Pain Killer                                           for dysentery

Downeysville                                                  near Marysville

Dr. Fullerís Church                                        Baltimore

Elizabeth Town, NJ

Fairmount                                                       Baltimore

Fosterís Barr                                                 near Marysville

Fremont Hotel                                                Marysville

Frits Flat                                                         near Marysville

Front St.                                                         Baltimore

Grass Valley, Nevada

Harford Co.

Harry Jenkins                                     ferry to Kent Island

Jim Crow Canyon                                         near Marysville

Kent Island

Lodge, The                                                    Baltimore

Market House                                                Marysville

Market St.                                                      San Francisco

Marysville Singing School

Mission Road Catholic Church                    San Francisco

Musical Hall                                       San Francisco

Northern Mines, the                                       near Marysville

Oddfellows Hall                                             Baltimore

Oddfellows Hall                                             Marysville

Oddfellows Hall                                             San Francisco

Oregon Mine

Phoenix Division of the Sons of Temperance    Marysville

Presbyterian Church                                     Marysville

New Fort                                                        San Francisco

Pavilion Hotel,                                               Tabago Island

Poudder House                                             outside Marysville

Poynt Conception

Redwoods Landing                                      near Marysville

Secret Canyon                                              near Marysville

Shugar House   balt

Sierra County

South Amboy, NJ


Steamer California

Steamer Independence

Steamer George Law                                   transported Isaac to Panama

Steamer Golden Gate

Steamer John P. Stevens                            transported Isaac to California

Steamer John Potter

Steamer Sierra Nevada

Steamer W. F. Schott

Steamer Yankee Blade

Tabago Island

Telegraph Hill                                                San Francisco

Trinity Church                                                 New York

Western Hotel                                                Marysville

Williams Temperance House                      San Francisco

wreck of the D. C. Oakes

wreck of the E. L. Buel

Yerba Buena Lodge

Y.     M. C. A                                                     San Francisco

young menís Libria                                       San Francisco

Yuba Lodge

Yuba River Ferry



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