Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Individuals who appear in 1865 Diary


Andy                                                                           Andrew Slicer, Sallie’s brother

Amos, Mr.                                                                  Howard County, Md.

Baker, Mr.                                                                  Baltimore

Barry, Mrs.                                                                 steamship passenger

Bell                                                      Isabelle Winfield McComas, Jacob’s daughter

Billings                                                                        employed by Isaac

Bolinger, William                                                       Marysville

Bowen, Dr. J. S.                                                        Baltimore

Bowen, J. S.                          former employee of Isaac’s now back in Baltimore

Brady, Benn                                                               San Francisco

Brandt, Mr.                                                                 Presbyterian Minister, Marysville

Brown, M                                                                    Marysville

Brown, Vincent                                                          Marysville, architect

Cheany, Rev. Mr.                                                       San Francisco

Cheesmann, Mr.                                                        San Francisco Mint Treasurer

Coffen, Mr.                                                                 New York

Cole, Rev., Mr.                                                           M. E. Minister, Baltimore

Cook, John                                                                carpenter

Cory, James                                                              employed by Isaac

Cunningham, Cousin Ann                                        Jacob’s relative by marriage

Dorsey, Bell                                                               Howard County, Maryland

Dorsey, John                                                             Howard County, Maryland   

Edward                                               Edward  Wise, husband of Martha McComas  

Eliza, Sister                           Isaac’s Sister in Rock Hall, Kent county, Maryland

Frazier, Mr. Willie                                                      Cincinnati, Ohio

Fuller, Rev., Dr.                                                          Baltimore

Gees, Mr. and Mrs.               Sallie’s sister Mary and her husband B. F. Gees

George                                                           George Austin McComas, Jacob’s son

Gill, John                                                                    employed by Isaac

Hartman, Dr.                                                  McComas family physician, Baltimore

Hartman, Lizzie                                                         Isaac’s aunt

Hawley, William                                                         employed Isaac

Hays, Dewey                                                             employed by Isaac

Jacob, Bro.                                                    Isaac’s brother, Howard County, Md.

James, Bro.                                                               Isaac’s brother in Baltimore

Kimball, Mr.                                                                employed Isaac

Knapp, Evan                                                              employed by Isaac

Lothrope, Mr.                                                 Marysville

Love, I. S.                                                                   Marysville

Lowber, A. B.                                                             Captain of Steamship Ericsson

Mary                                        brother Jacob’s wife, Mary Cunningham McComas

Martha                                                            Martha McComas Wise, Isaac’s sister

Mathews, Frankie                                                     Marysville

Mathews, Mr.                                                 Marysville

McComas, Annie      Anne Elizabeth wife of Isaac’s brother James McComas

McComas, Martha                                                    Isaac’s sister

McCormack, James                                                 employed by Isaac

McDonald, Mr. Thomas                    husband of Elizabeth Slicer, Sallie’s sister

Merry, W. L.                                                               Captain of Steamer America

Miller, James                                                             employed by Isaac

Montgomery, Mr. S.                                                  photographer, San Francisco

North, George                                                            Marysville

Owen  Fitzpatrick                                                      employed by Isaac

Revere, Jerry                                                 employed by Isaac

Rhees, Rev.   Henry Holcomb                                  Methodist Minister

Sadie                                                  Sarah Amanda McComas, Jacob’s daughter

Sawders, Daniel                                           of Marysville living in Cincinnati

Selby, S. B. Mr.                                                         Marysville

Slicer, Henry                                                              Sallie’s uncle

Slicer, Maggie                                               Margaret Slicer, Sallie’s sister       

Starr, Mr. A. D.                                                          employed Isaac

Taylor, Mary                                                               Isaac’s aunt

Taylor, Richard                                                          Isaac’s uncle

Thompson, George                                                   Austin, N.Y.

Sartett, Mr.                                                                 San Francisco

Sawtell, Bro.                                                              San Francisco

Shanabrook, Mr.                                                       Baltimore

Shellingberger                                                           Marysville

Slicer, Henry                                                              Sallie’s Uncle

Smith, William                                                           bricklayer, Sacramento

Spaulding, S.             Samuel Spaulding, husband of Eliza, Isaac’s sister

Swain, William C.                                                      employed Isaac

Thompson, George                                                   Baltimore

Thompson, James                                                    Baltimore

White                                                                          carpenter

Ways, Mr.                                                                   Baltimore

Williams, W. L.                                                          Marysville

Woods, Hyram, Esq.                                                Madison Avenue, Baltimore



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