Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Individuals who appear in 1864 Diary


Atcheson, S. M.                                                         rented Isaac’s 5th Street house

Barnes, Bro.

Barnes, Mr. A. P.                                                       employed Isaac

Billings                                                                        employed by Isaac

Carrill, Harry                                                               bricklayer

Ely, Rev., Mr.

Farrell                                                                         employed by Isaac

Haun, Jack

Hamilton, Mr. E.                                                         employed Isaac

Hedges, Mr.

Jacob                                                                         Isaac’s brother in Baltimore

Josiah                         Josiah Bowen, previous employee, now back in Baltimore

Kerr                                                                             employed by Isaac

Lyden                                                                          sold lot to Isaac

Maguire, Mr.                                                              druggist

Maggie                                                                       Isaac’s sister in Baltimore

Mccarty, Pay                                                              Isaac’s employee

McClay, Bro.                                                              Santa Clara

McDonald, [-]. B. and wife                                        Isaac’s employee

Moore, Mr. V. W. (Sutter County)                            employed Isaac

North, George                                    employed Isaac, had store in Masonic Hall

Pat                                                                              Pat McCarty, Isaac’s employee

Peckham, Mr.                                                            employed Isaac

Rhees, Rev.

Rickards, J.                                                                sold horse to Isaac

Ross, Mr.                                                                    employed Isaac

Scholl                                                                          employed Isaac

Slicer, Andy                                                               Sallie’s brother

Smith, Warren                                                           employed by Isaac

Smith, William                                                           Sacramento

Star, Mr.                                                                     employed Isaac

Swain                                                                         employed by Isaac, carpenter

Tombs, Jacob                                                           employed Isaac

Warren, W                                                                  died Nevada Terr. 11/23/64

Wilkins, Dr.                                                                employed Isaac

Wright, John                                                               employed Isaac



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