Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Individuals who appear in 1862 Diary


Andrew                                                           Andrew Slicer, Sallie’s brother

Armor, Mr.                                                      friend in San Francisco

Barrett, Mr.                                                     Sheriff , employed Isaac

Bowen, Josiah                                               Isaac’s former business partner

Boyd, Mr.                                                        Sutter Co. Treasurer, employed Isaac

Broadt, Rev. Mr.                                            rented Isaac’s house on D. Street

Charlie                                                            Charles Slicer McComas, Isaac’s son

Chenny, Rev.                                     San Fran. Baptist Minister

Collins, Conney                                             bricklayer

Cook, Mrs.

Covellow, Charles                                         Sheriff’s Sale 3/26/62

Curtis, Miss

Deal, Rev. Mr.                                                Methodist Minister

Dewey, Mr. S. G.                                           Oroville, employed Isaac

Dorsey            Dorsey Slicer, Sallie’s brother who accompanied Isaac to Cal.

Ellen                                                                “our girl”

Gettis, Mrs                                                     friend in San Francisco

Gilkins, Judge

Grand Master, The                                        visited the Lodge 11/18/62

Green, Miss Carry                                         Sallie’s friend

Green, Isaac                                                  employed Isaac

Gwynn, William

Johnson, Mr                                       proprietor of the St. Nicholas Hotel in Oroville

Hamilton, Willey                                             member of Isaac’s Sabbath class

Hapgood, Charles

Hapgood, Mrs. Emily,

Hartwell, Mr.                                                   employed Isaac

Hoesch, John                                     employed Isaac

Jewett, Mr.                                                     banker, employed Isaac

Kincade, Mr.                                                  employed Isaac

Latharn                                                           “a good Union Democrat”

Lindey, Miss                                                  baptised 3/30/62

Love, John

Lowery, Mr.                                                    employed Isaac

Mathews, Mr.                                     employed Isaac

McCarty, Pat                                                  bricklayer

McDaniels, Dr.                                              attended Charlie’s croop

Moore, J. W.                                                  employed Isaac

Nightengail, Mr.                                             employed Isaac

Ogden, Mr.                                                     employed Isaac

Owen                                                              bricklayer’s tender

Poston, Mrs.                                                  employed Isaac

Rearden, mr.                                                  employed Isaac

Rideout, Mr.                                                   Alderman, employed Isaac

Rigbey, Miss                                                  friend in San Francisco

Rhees, Mr. and Mrs.

Root, Miss

Selby, Mr                                                        employed Isaac

Seward, T.                                                     bricklayer

Shakespear, Benjamin F.                            friend and bricklayer

Smith, Mr.                                                       employed Isaac

Stephenson, Mr.                                            Yuba City

Stoops, Mr.                                                    Isaac’s competitor

Strong, Frank                                     member of Isaac’s Sabbath class

Suber, Mr.                                                      employed Isaac

Sutter County Supervisors                           member of Isaac’s Sabbath class

Swartz, Charley                                             employed Isaac

Tompkins, Col.                                              employed Isaac

Thompson, Dr.                                               dentist, employed Isaac

Walton, Miss Mollie

Wickersham, Mr.                                           employed Isaac

Wilson, Annie, Miss

Wright, John. H.                                             employed Isaac



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