Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Individuals who appear in 1860 Diary


Andrew                                                           Andrew Slicer,  Sallieís brother

Backious, Mr.                                                employed Isaac

Barns, Mr.                 

Blass(?), Mr.                                                  carpenter

Bliss, Judge                                                   employed Isaac

Bolinger, Mr.                                                  employed Isaac

Bowen, Josiah S.                                          Isaacís business partner

Brophy, Mr.                                                    employed Isaac

Charles, Mr. H.                                              employed Isaac

Chittenden, Mr.

Coor, Mr.                                                        employed Isaac

Cox, Mr.

Decker, Mr.                                                    employed Isaac

Dorsey                                                            Dorsey Slicer, Sarahís brother

Eckart, Mr.                                                     employed Isaac

Fall, J. C.                                                        employed Isaac

Fieldre, Mr.                                                    employed Isaac

George, Mr.                                                   employed Isaac

Gingle, Jacob                                                employed Isaac

Green, Carry, Miss

Haskins, Mr.                                                   employed Isaac

Haun, Mr.                                                        employed Isaac

Howell & Cook                                              Isaacís competitors

Jacob                                     Isaacís brother, Jacob McComas in Baltimore

James, Bro.                           Isaacís brother, James Allen McComas in Baltimore

John, the Italian

Keller, John                                                    employed Isaac

McLean, Dr.

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs.

McHannon, Mr.

Muday(?), Rev.                                              M. E. Minister

Reynolds, Mr. C.                                            banker, employed Isaac

Rhees, Rev.                                                   Baptist Minister

Selbey, Mr.                                                     employed Isaac

Shafer, Mr.                                                     employed Isaac

Shakespear, Benjamin F.                            bricklayer

Shannon, Mr.

Sherman, Mr. and Mrs.        

Shuck, Rev. Mr.        

Slattery, Father                     

Slicer, Andrew                                               in SF

Smith, W.

Soul, Mr.                                                         employed Isaac

Stanley, M.

Steel, Mr.                                                        Isaacís competitor

Strong, Mr.

Theall, Mr.                                                      employed Isaac

Wallsworth, Rev. Mr.

Walton, Miss Molly

Walton, Mr.                                                     Mollyís brother

Williams, Mr. and Mrs.

Wood, Mr.                                                      employed Isaac

Woodward, Mr.                                              employed Isaac

Wright, Mr. John H.                                                   Hardwareman



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