Records  of  Isaac  McComas

Places mentioned in1857 Diary


Building Association             Baltimore

Catholic Burying Ground

Chiney town

Colored Baptist Church                    High and Sixth Sts.

Corinthian Lodge                              Isaac initiated

Court House                                      Isaac boarded

Cow Bell Ranch

Crummoor Blacksmith Shop

Debating Society                              Isaac elected president

Dorson House

Empire Hotel                                     Oroville

Episcopal Church

Feather River Bridge                       

Filomethean Society             Isaac a member

Gwinn Lime [Company]

J. C. Fallís store                                First Street

Library Association

Liciom,  The

Merchantís Hotel                               J. C. Fall

Oriental Lodge

O. H. Pearsonís Stables                  D. Street


Oroville Court House

Presbyterian Church


San Francisco & Marysville Railroad

San Francisco Vigilantes                 military or fire company

Suter County

Virgin Alley

Western House, The

What Cheer House, The

Willow Ponds

Yuba City

Yuba Lodge

Yuba River Bridge                             Isaac construction project



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