Yuba  County 

The Records and Diary of Isaac McComas -

an early Yuba County pioneer

These records have been generously shared by Charles McComas Robb, who is Isaac's great-great-grandson.  Charles has transcribed the following original documents in hopes that it may help other Yuba County researchers.  Isaac came from Maryland to Yuba County in 1854 - returning to Maryland 12 years later - then coming back for a time in the early 1870's..  He was a brickmaker who lived in Marysville - the first time - from 1854 through 1866.  He kept a daily diary all of his life.  The following are diary entries, and other information, spanning those years.

If you are descended from Isaac or Jacob (his brother) McComas, please feel free to contact Charles.  He is willing to share the vast amounts of research he has done, as well as photos and family letters.


1854 Account ledger

1854 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1854 Diary

Places mentioned in 1854 Diary

1855 Account ledger

1855 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1855 Diary

Places mentioned in 1855 Diary

1856 Account ledger

1856 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1856 Diary

Places mentioned in 1856 Diary

1857 Account ledger

1857 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1857 Diary

Places mentioned in 1857 Diary

1858 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1858 Diary

Places mentioned in 1858 Diary

1859 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1859 Diary

Places mentioned in 1859 Diary

1860 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1860 Diary

Places mentioned in 1860 Diary

1861 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1861 Diary

Places mentioned in 1861 Diary

1862 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1862 Diary

Places mentioned in 1862 Diary

1863 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1863 Diary

Places mentioned in 1863 Diary

1864 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1864 Diary

Places mentioned in 1864 Diary

1865 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1865 Diary

Places mentioned in 1865 Diary

Project Compilation - in the back of the 1865 Diary was a compilation of every project Isaac worked on during his 11 years at Marysville, where, what, and who paid him

1866 Diary in relation to California

Note:  Family oral history had said that Isaac stayed in Marysville until 1866.  In fact, he left to return to Baltimore in June of 1865.  However, he receives mail and does business back and forth for several years.  He made two trips to "settle affares". 

Note:  As of 1869, Isaac still has financial interests in Marysville.  As of 1869, he and his brother, Jacob, have purchased a large milling operation in Maryland.  During certain periods when "times are hard", Isaac sells some of his Marysville gold out of necessity.

1870 Diary - Isaac and family return to Yuba County.

Individuals who appear in 1870 Diary

Places mentioned in 1870 Diary

1871 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1871 Diary

Places mentioned in 1871 Diary

1872 Diary

Individuals who appear in 1872 Diary

Places mentioned in 1872 Diary


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