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Marysville Daily Appeal
June 7 1873   page 3
Saturday Morning........June 7th.
    LIST OF TRIAL JURORS.--- The first drawing of Grand and Trial Juries, under the Code, took place at the County Clerk's office yesterday morning.  The law requires the presence of the County Judge, Sheriff, County Clerk and two citizens when the names are taken from the box.  The Drawing Board yesterday morning consisted of Judge Bliss, Sheriff Woods, County Clerk Meek and citizens Wm. Brady and J. H. Krause.  The names were drawn from box No. 1, the same having been previously prepared under the law by the Board of Supervisors.  The jury drawn will serve at the next term of the County Court, which meets on Monday, July 7th, but the jurors are subpoenaed to answer to their names on Monday, July 14th, at 10 o'clock A. M.  The following is the list:  J. A. Hall, farmer, Marysville township; S. P. Pumyea, farmer, Marysville township; Wm. T. Binninger, farmer, Long Bar township; Wm Brooks, farmer, Linda township; John Franciscovich, restaurant keeper, Marysville; John E. Deal, miner, Slate Range township; Augustus Bean, farmer, Northeast township; Emanuel Bemminger, farmer, Long Bar township; H. T. Hutchinson, farmer, West Bear River township; John Bottrick, butcher, Marysville; C. A. Stratton, merchant, Marysville; Christopher Cockrill, capitalist, Marysville; T. W. Kent, carpenter, Marysville; V. L. Earnshields, harness maker, Marysville; Sylvester Andrews, painter, Marysville; A. C. Buss, farmer, Foster's Bar township; Isaac T. Harris, farmer, Marysville township; Isaac N. Aldrich, printer, Marysville; Fielding Darneal, farmer, Parks' Bar township; John W. Curtis, carpenter, Marysville; Samuel Bailey, farmer, East Bear River township; Simeon Botsford, hotel keeper, New York township; George W. Crowell, butcher, Marysville; Henry Bushnell, butcher, Rose Bar township; Wm. H. Hogle, miner, Long Bar township; Augustus Rupert, farmer, Marysville township; Wm. Harding, farmer, East Bear River township; J. T. Campbell, saloon keeper, Marysville; and David Bryden, farmer, Linda township.
    LIST OF GRAND JURORS.---The following jurors were drawn yesterday for the July term of the County Court:  B. F. Henderson, miner, Rose Bar township; J. T. Birmingham, blacksmith, North East township; Richard Clow, miner, Slate Range township; John Learmont, clerk, North East township; Peter Pumyea, stable keeper, Marysville; T. C. Wisner, farmer, Long Bar township; E. Cohn, clothier, Marysville; John Hanson, saloon keeper, Slate Range township; M. C. Ellis, miller, Marysville; Henry L. Johnson, farmer, Long Bar township; John Wemselman, miner, Slate Range township; H. S. Taylor, farmer, Marysville, Peter Labadie, farmer, Foster's Bar township; Charles Furlong, foundryman, Marysville; Asa B. Clark, hotel keeper, Foster's Bar township; James M. Braden, furniture dealer, Marysville; John H. Jewett, banker, Marysville; Thomas Casey, capitalist, Marysville; Dennis McGrath, farmer, Linda township; Josiah P. Rischer, farmer, Long Bar township; Hugh McCafferty, miner, Slate Range township; Thomas H. McFadden, miner, Rose Bar township; Asa B. Ford, farmer, Long Bar township; Lafayette Brooks, cattle dealer, Slate Range township.  These jurors are required to appear on Monday, July 7th, at 10 o'clock A. M.

Marysville Daily Appeal August 9, 1882
At Maple Spring Ranch, Yuba county, August 8th, Peter Labadie, aged 61 years, 10 month and 26 days.
The funeral will take place at Indiana Ranch cemetery Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Friends are invited to attend.
Marysville Daily Appeal April 22, 1897
At Forbestown, April 18, by Rev. Mr. Heist, William Laubhauser and Miss Daisy Labadie.
Marysville Appeal September 1, 1900
At Dobbins, August 31, A. P. N. Labadie, a native of Canada, aged 74 years.
Funeral services will be held at the Catholic church, Dobbins, Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment Dobbins cemetery.
Marysville Daily Appeal Sept 1, 1900


Anthony Philip Nicholis Labadie, a pioneer resident of Yuba county, died at
his home at Dobbins at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

The deceased, who was familiarly called Tom Labadie, was born in Canada
about 74 years ago, and came to California in 1849. He did not remain in
this State very long at the time returning East, but coming back to
California in 1851, at which time he took up his residence at Dobbins, where
he followed mining, and has resided there ever since. He was naturalized in
the Superior Court of Yuba county on May 12, 1881.

He leaves a wife, five sons, three daughters and a brother, Louis Labadie,
to mourn his demise.

During his many years residence in Yuba county he made many friends, who
will regret to hear of his death. He had been troubled with heart disease
for the past four years, having been in very poor health during that time.
For many years he was a strong robust man, and on one occasion arrested a
stage robber at his home and brought him to Marysville, receiving the then
State reward for his act.

The funeral services will be held at the Catholic Church at Dobbins tomorrow
(Sunday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. The interment will take place in the
family plot at the Dobbins Cemetery.

Marysville Appeal
April 11, 1901 page 3

Near Browns Valley, April 9th, Mrs. M. Wyllie, a native of Minnesota, age 45 years.
The remains were taken to Forest Hill, Placer county, yesterday, for interment.
Marysville Daily Appeal June 16, 1903
Death of Henry Labadie.
Undertaker J. K. Kelly was notified yesterday morning of the death of Henry Warren Labadie at the Stockton Hospital for the Insane.
The deceased was a native of California, about forty years of age, and a former resident of Dobbins Ranch. His death resulted from paralysis.
The remains arrived from Stockton last evening, and were taken to the undertaking parlors of J. K. Kelly.
The deceased leaves a mother and five brothers.
The remains will be taken to Dobbins Ranch this morning. The funeral will take place from the residence of the deceased's brother, Benjamin Labadie, tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment at the Indiana Ranch cemetery.

The Daily Appeal
June 13, 1905 page 1


Mrs. Margaret Labadie, the relict of the late Peter Labadie, died yesterday at her home near Dobbins. She crossed the plains in 1852 from Indiana, and took up her residence in Yuba county, and has resided here ever since. She was the mother of a large family and was much respected.
The funeral services will be held at the Catholic church at Dobbins Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. Interment Indiana Ranch cemetery.

Daily Democrat
June 15, 1905 page 5


Mrs. Margaret Labadie died at her home near Dobbins Monday. She was the widow of the late Peter Labadie and was the mother of several children. She crossed the plains in 1852, coming from Indiana, and has made her home in Yuba County since that time. The funeral is set for Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, when services will be held in the Catholic Church at Dobbins. The body will be interred in the cemetery at Indiana Ranch.

Marysville Appeal
December 31, 1912 page 1

Notable Record in Longevity Is Held by Labadie Family

A. O. Labadie, one of the most prominent residents of District No. 10, will celebrate his sixty-third birthday January 6, 1913. He is the youngest of a family of six, all of whom are living and enjoying good health. The combined age of the six is 418 years. One of the most striking things in connection with this remarkable family is that there have been only three deaths in it in seventy-seven years. A sister died forty years ago, while the father and mother were claimed by death twenty-two years ago. This is some record in the matter of longevity and it is doubtful if there is a parallel for it in California. Mr. Labadie is naturally proud of being a member of such a remarkable family and he intends to make the sixty-third anniversary of his birth a notable event. 

The Marysville Appeal November 18, 1915
Camptonville last Sunday paid homage to Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Labadie at the even of their silver wedding anniversary, according to word which has reached this city. The entire day was given over to the festivities and all citizens, including a number from Hammonton and Smartsville, were in attendance at the Hotel Francis, which is conducted by the popular couple.
The program of the day opened at 8:30 a.m. with the celebration of mass in the parlor of the hotel by Father Enright of Smartsville, Mr. and Mrs. Labadie, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Goldwaite and Mrs. Richards of Hammonton, Mrs.. O'Connor of Browns Valley and a host of friends from the surrounding country being in attendance.
   Relating the story of the affair, our correspondent writes:
"In the course of the day music and songs were enjoyed and at 2 p.m. a sumptuous banquet was served, it being featured by the variety of delectable things to eat and elegance of service.
Compliments Couple
"At the banquet Father Enright was called upon to speak and paid a well deserved tribute of praise to the worthy couple in whose honor he was present. In the course of his remarks the reverend speaker said, in part: 'I congratulate you, Mr. and Mrs. Labadie, in being able to day to celebrate amid so pleasing conditions the silver anniversary of your marriage ceremony. I am glad that I am here and that I see around you so many well wishing and admiring friends who are here to bear testimony to your real worth and to renew a friendship that is life long and shall continue to endure through the years before you. You have occasion to feel proud on this day for Providence has blessed you. You were assured he would on that morning 25 years ago when you knelt to promise fidelity to your marriage vows in the presence of God's representation in St. Joseph's rectory at Marysville.'
Mr. and Mrs. Labadie were the recipients of many valuable presents, including silver sets of various designs and elegance. Boxes of choice flowers were sent to adorn the festive board. In the evening the younger folks enjoyed dancing, music and games. Light refreshments were served and the occasion passed leaving impressions that will long be cherished in the memories of those who came from near and far to come compliment the esteemed jubilarians."
Marysville Appeal
May 16, 1917 page 8


WYLLIE Michael G. Wyllie, in this city, May 15, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. Carroll, 615 E street, husband of Mary Wyllie; Father of Mrs. J. Carroll of Marysville, Mrs. Fannie Schaffer of Nevada City, Mrs. Richard Bernard of Nevada City, Edward Wyllie of Forest City, Frank Wyllie of San Francisco, Clayton of Marysville, and Howard of Sutter Creek; brother of William of Oregon, John Wyllie of Santa Rosa, Mrs. Ella Previne of Petaluma, Mrs. Annie Starrett of Sacramento county; a native of Pennsylvania, aged 63 years; a member of I. O. O. F. of Forest City, Cal.; F. & A. M. of Allegheny, Cal. Remains at the undertaking parlors of Kelly Bros. Funeral notice hereafter.

Marysville Daily Appeal
December 29, 1917


Miss Mary Labadie, 24, and William Frederick Josselyn, 34 both of Camptonville, were married yesterday afternoon by Father Guerin. Miss Labadie, who was a resident of Indiana Ranch, has been making her home in Camptonville for several years with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Labadie, proprietors of the Camptonville hotel.
Miss Labadie, who frequently visited in this city, has many friends who are offering congratulations on the happy event.

Marysville Appeal
January 30, 1919 page 5


CAMPTONVILLE, Cal., Jan. 29.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Labadie of Camptonville have opened their hotel to the public, after being closed for three weeks on account of the influenza scare at the highway camp at Depot Hill.

Marysville Appeal
September 14, 1921 page 7

J. L. LABADIE, Born Here, Drops Dead In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Sept. 13.---While serving a customer in the John Breuner Co. store, John L. Labadie, 54 years old and one of the oldest employees of the company, dropped dead at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, apparently from heart failure. He had been with the John Breuner Co. store since August, 1886.
Labadie was a native of California, having been born in Marysville. His wife and daughter Clara are at present in Riverside and arrangements for funeral services will not be made until they have been communicated with.
The deceased was well known in fraternal circles here and was a member of the Masonic lodge, and the Shriners. He was widely known and held in high esteem.

Marysville Democrat
February 17, 1926 page 8


Clayton Galloway Wyllie, overseas veteran of the world war, died this morning at the home of his brother Howard C. Wyllie in Seventh street.

He was born at Forrest, Sierra county, March 31, 1891, and has lived in Marysville for 12 years. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and they will have charge of the funeral services which will be held at the Lipp & Sullivan chapel Friday at 10 a.m. Interment will be made in the soldier section of the Marysville cemetery. Rev. Benjamin Franklin Butts will be the officiating clergyman.

Clayton Galloway Wyllie volunteered when the world war started and served overseas three years, where he received injuries that he never recovered from, which caused him to not have a well day after the war ended and he came home. He has divided his time here with his brother and his sister, Mrs. John Carroll, but most of the time has been spent in government hospitals trying to regain his lost health.

He is survived by the following sisters and brothers: Mrs. J. H. Carroll, Marysville; Mrs. R. Bernard, Nevada City; Mrs. G. G. Scheffer, Alleghaney; Edward J. Wyllie, Forrest; Frank W. Wyllie, Oakland and Howard Wyllie, Marysville.

Marysville Appeal
February 19, 1926 page 8

Rites This Morning For Clayton Wyllie

Funeral services for the late Clayton Wyllie, resident of this city, will be held from the chapel of Lipp and Sullivan this morning at 10 o'clock. Interment will be made in the G. A. R. plot in the Marysville cemetery.

Appeal Democrat
October 9, 1935 page 1

Alfred Labadie, 30 Summoned by Death

Alfred Labadie, member of a pioneer family of the Browns Valley district, son of Mr. and Mrs.. W. J. Labadie, died at the Weimar sanitarium near Colfax Tuesday evening. He was a native of Yuba county, aged 30. He was a brother of Mrs. L. Calvin Herman of Marysville.

Labadie was well and favorably known here and leaves many friends in his home community.

Funeral arrangements are in charge of Hogle & Byrne, who brought the body from Weimar.
Appeal Democrat
January 8, 1938 page 2


Mrs. Henrietta Labadie, wife of B. F. Labadie of Dobbins, died Friday at the age of 72 years. She was a native of Yuba county and a member of a pioneer family, and widely known in the Dobbins district.
Six daughters survive her, being Mrs. William Josselyn of Dobbins, Mrs. Win Glidden of Challenge, Mrs. O. J. Rogers of Susanville, Mrs. C. S. Helman of Wendel, Mrs. T. E. Sawyer of Oakland and Mrs. J. H. Spelker of Oakland. Sixteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren also survive her.
Brother and sisters surviving deceased are William Klenzendorf of Dobbins, Mrs. L. M. Peterson and Mrs. Doretta Halvey of Yuba City, Mrs. Louise Yaber of San Francisco, and Mrs. Mary Miller of San Jose.

Marysville Appeal Democrat
February 21, 1940 page 1

DIES at Age of 81

Benjamin F. Labadie, 81, lifetime Yuba county resident and widely known rancher and stockman of the Dobbins district for more than half a century, died Tuesday afternoon at his home. He had been retired for several years, and was in failing health recently.
Born at Stanfield Hill, Labadie worked as a blacksmith, miner and rancher, operating a ranch near Browns Valley for three years before acquiring property in the Dobbins district. He was a road overseer in the foothill district and for some years a school trustee.
Labadie's wife preceded him in death by about two years. Surviving are six daughters, Mrs. Leanor Rogers of Susanville, Mrs. C. F. Helman of Wendell, Calif., Mrs. T. E. Sawyer of Oakland, Mrs. Rose Spelker of Oakland, Mrs. W. Glidden of Challenge and Mrs. W. F. Josselyn of Dobbins. He also leaves three sisters, Mrs. T. J. Williams and Mrs. William Goldthwait of Dobbins and Mrs. Mary Ann Fenton of Berkeley, and two brothers, J. L. Labadie and Jim Labadie of Sacramento. He leaves also 16 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.
Rosary will be said at 8 p.m. today at the family home near Dobbins. Mass will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Dobbins Catholic church, followed by interment in the Dobbins Catholic cemetery. Lipp & Sullivan of Marysville has charge of the arrangements.


Appeal Democrat
December 31, 1951 page 5


LABADIE ----- Mrs. Alice Sarah Labadie, 80, died Sunday morning in her home, 618 Chestnut St., Marysville.

Mrs. Labadie, the widow of O. P. Labadie, has been a resident of District 10 and Marysville for 45 years. She is survived by a son, Al Labadie and a daughter, Mrs. Gladys Wade, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, all of Marysville.

Funeral services will be held in Hutchinson's Colonial chapel, Marysville, at 2 p.m. Friday with Rev. John Moy, pastor of the First Baptist church officiating. Interment will be in Sierra View Memorial park.

Appeal Democrat
August 5, 1959 page 9

Howard C. Wyllie Dies In Oakland

Howard C. Wyllie, a former resident of Marysville, died last night in Oakland. He was born in Forest, Sierra county, later moving to Marysville and residing here until about 10 years ago when he made his home in Oakland.

Wyllie served with Base Hospital No. 30 in World War I and is a member of the Veteran of Foreign Wars in Oakland.

Survivors include two brothers, E. J. Wyllie of Grass Valley and F. W. Wyllie of Oakland; three sisters, Mrs. Edith Miller of Stockton, Mrs. Oliver G. Scheffer of Oakland and Mrs. J. H. Carroll, 903 Fourth St., Marysville.

Funeral services and interment will be in Oakland.

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