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            An experienced, wide-awake and successful dairyman who well represents the general spirit of progress and substantial, permanent advancement now so characteristic of Sutter County, is Ulrich Antone Capaul, the dairyman of the Winship district.  He is a native of Switzerland, born in Canton Graubünden or Grissons, on September 20, 1872.  His father, John Ulrich Capaul, was a dairy farmer who lived all his life in Switzerland, and there died in 1905.  He had married Miss Ana Casanova, and she passed away in 1917.  They had seven children who grew up:  John, the eldest, who was killed in a snow-slide when nineteen years of age; Ulrich, the subject of this sketch; Joseph; Mary, Mrs. Casanova, who died at Ferndale, in Humboldt County, where Dora, Mrs. Regli now lives; and Victoria and Martha, still in Switzerland.

            Ulrich Capaul attended school in Switzerland, and at the age of twenty-one came to America and to California, settling in Ferndale, where he worked for wages for eight years, for the first year receiving only fifty cents per day.  When he commenced to farm for himself, he leased seventy-five acres of land for two years; and after that he leased 160 acres of land for ten years, having seventy-five cows.  He then came into Sutter County, in 1915, and bought forty acres of the Tisdale ranch, besides leasing forty acres of pasture.  This ranch was open land, and Mr. Capaul developed it to alfalfa, also building a residence and other necessary farm buildings and putting in irrigation. 

            In 1906, Mr. Capaul returned to his old home; and there, in Canton Graubünden, on January 7, 1907, he was married to Miss Anna Meer, a native of the same place as our subject, and the daughter of Jack and Agnes (Walters) Meer.  The father was an industrious, experienced and successful farmer, who enjoyed the respect of everybody.  Anna Meer was the second of eight children in her parents’ family.  Mr. and Mrs. Capaul have five children:  John F., Agnes, George, Joseph, and Barbara.  Mr. Capaul is a Republican.


History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p. 1127





            There is no phase in Sutter County’s early development with which Michael McNamara is not familiar and his reminiscences of the early days are most interesting, presenting a clear picture of life in this section when this was a frontier region.  His birth occurred at Lakeport, Ill., November 20, 1841, the second in a family of five children born to John and Mary (Norton) McNamara.  In 1853 the family started across the plains to California with a covered wagon drawn by two yoke of oxen and one yoke of cows; then they had two other wagons drawn by ten horses and one mule, and on September 15, 1853, they arrived at Sacramento.  John McNamara and his sons did grading work on K and J Streets after the flood of 1852-1853 at four dollars per day, and for one year they were thus employed.  In 1854 the family removed to Sutter County where John McNamara took up 640 acres on Feather River, which has been the family home ever since.  He and his wife died here in 1896 and 1897.

            On September 3, 1872, at Nicolaus, Mr. McNamara was married to Miss Catherine Claquez, born in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., a daughter of Philip and Caroline (Harris) Claquez; natives of Spain and New Orleans, respectively.  Philip Claquez was a furniture manufacturer in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., but died when Catherine was four years old.  The next year the mother brought her family via Panama to San Francisco in 1857, and thence came to Sacramento.  There she met and married C. P. O’Neil, a pioneer whose portrait is now exhibited in Sutter Fort.  The mother died in 1864 and Catherine came to Nicolaus and it was here she made the acquaintance of Mr. McNamara whom she married.  Mr. and Mrs. McNamara are the parents of six children:  Henry resides at Nicolaus; John resides at Lincoln; Michael F. is a rancher at Dixon; Philip resides at Galt; Carolyn is the wife of William Peckham and they reside at Wheatland; Anita is the wife of James A. Worth a rancher on the old McNamara ranch, whose sketch will be found in this volume. There are seven grandchildren in the family.  On September 3, 1922, Mr. and Mrs. McNamara celebrated their golden anniversary  at their old home which was attended by one hundred of their relatives and friends, some of whom had been present at their wedding fifty years ago.


History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p. 1127-1128



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