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            A representative business man of Yuba County is Arthur H. Boulton, president of the S. G. King Company of Marysville.  He was born at Columbia, Mo., on January 2, 1867, the son of David R. and Obera (Cave) Boulton, who came out to California, in October, 1874, with their family of four children, locating fortunately at Marysville, from the start.  His father was for a time in W. G. Murphyís law office, and then was with Weightman & Hampton, now the Hampton Hardware Company, and he continued in the store, and especially in charge of the crockery and stove department, until August, 1887, when he passed on.  Mrs. Boulton died in 1910, leaving behind a memory cherished by others than her near-of-kin.

            Arthur Boulton went to the public schools in Marysville, mastering the excellent courses of the high school; and then, in the employ of the J. G. Cohn Company, dealers in first-class dry goods, he clerked for five years on the spot where he is now himself engaged in business.  He next gave his services for a year and a half to Messrs. Weilander & Hexter, and after that he was with S. Ewell & Company.  Then he was head salesman for the late S. G. King.  Before Mr. Kingís death, the company was incorporated; and at his death, in February, 1896, Mr. Boulton and two other employees purchased half of the stock of the company, and a year later they bought the entire stock.  At present the only stockholders are Arthur H. Boulton, who owns the controlling interest, and D. L. Sharp, his experienced associate.  The store, when the company was incorporated, was small, with only a twenty-foot front.  In 1906, Mr. Boulton purchased their present site and the stock of the Cohn Company, where Mr. Boulton first worked, closed out the clothing, and enlarged the store.  Later, he bought out the H. A. Bruce stock, formerly the Weilander & Hexter store, which he closed out, and put in a furniture stock.  Mr. Boulton has bought out the business of every company he has worked for, with the exception of one firm.  The S. G. King Company now have three different departments in Marysville, including dry goods, ladiesí wearing apparel, and furniture; and they have a second-hand department.  The firm has become one of the invaluable assets of the town, a popular rendezvous to every housewife desirous of better things.

            In 1890, at Marysville, Mr. Boulton was married to Miss Nellie Rainey, of Lancaster, Ohio, an accomplished lady, who has become the center of a circle of warm personal friends.  Mr. and Mrs. Boulton attend the Christian Church, in which for a long time he was superintendent of the Bible school.  He is and  has been for some years president of the local Young Menís Christian Association, belongs to the Rotary Club, and for years has been chairman of the Yuba County Probation Committee.


History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p. 980





            For the past six years Faustino Campa has been occupied as road-master of the Brownsville district of Yuba County.  He was born in Texas on February 15, 1847, a son of Casmiro and Frances (Castillio) Campa, natives of Spain and Mexico, respectively.  Casmiro Campa died in 1857, and Mrs. Campa was subsequently married to William Elliott.  The family removed to Yuba County in 1868, where William Elliott engaged in placer and quartz mining until his death in 1882; the mother passed away at the family home in Brownsville in 1880.

            Faustino Campa was reared in the mining district of Brownsville, and the greater part of his life has been spent in mining and at his trade as stone mason.  Six years ago he took charge of the road work near his home place at Brownsville.  Mr. Campa has always been a liberal contributor to all worthy causes.  In politics he is a Democrat.  He is a member of the Owl Club of Challenge.


History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p. 980



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