There is always room at the top for the man of ambition, energy and determination.  Possessing these essential qualifications, Elmer Francis Arnoldy has made rapid progress toward the goal of success and is now an influential factor in the business circles of Marysville, his native city.  He was born April 5, 1897, and is a son of Peter and Nora (Heenan) Arnoldy, the former a native of Kansas and the latter of Linda district, Yuba County.  He received good educational advantages, attending the College of Notre Dame in Marysville, and in 1916 was graduated from Marysville High School, after which he became a student in the Christian Brothers College at Sacramento, from which he was graduated in 1917.  He first worked as a clerk in the Marysville Post-office, and then entered the employ of the Associated Oil Company of this city, with which he remained for five years.  Meanwhile he had systematically saved a certain percentage of his earnings; and on April 1, 1922, he invested his capital, purchasing an interest in the Marysville Fuel Company.  He was elected president of the corporation and is giving to the company his undivided attention, working earnestly to promote the success of the firm; and his zeal and cooperation have proved valuable assets in furthering its business, which is a large and growing one.

            On September 1, 1918, Mr. Arnoldy enlisted for service in the World War and was assigned to the engineering department of the Aviation Corps.  For eight weeks he was stationed at Berkeley, Cal., and was then transferred to the division of railroad engineers at Fort Harrison, Ind.  His company was ordered over seas on November 9, 1918, and they were on the eve of departure when the armistice was signed and they received counter orders.  They also received orders to be immediately mustered out, and he was honorably discharged on the 20th of the month at Fort Harrison, after which he made a tour of the East, visiting various important cities before he returned to Marysville.

            In Marysville, on June 14, 1922, Mr. Arnoldy was united in marriage with Miss Geraldine Williston, a native daughter of California, her birth having occurred in Yuba City.  She is a daughter of Ernest and Gertrude (Williams) Williston, natives of Stonyford, Colusa County, and Pennington, Sutter County, respectively.  Mr. Arnoldy is a member of Yuba-Sutter Post, No. 42, American Legion.  Prominent in local fraternal circles, he is Past Chief Ranger of Court Pride, No. 34, Foresters of America, and is now Deputy Grand Chief Ranger.  For the past four years he has been secretary of Marysville Council, K. of C.; and he is also a member of Bishop Monogue Assembly, fourth degree, K. of C., in Sacramento.  Mr. Arnoldy is serving as a member of the State Athletic Commission of the Knights of Columbus in California.  He has always taken an active interest in athletics.  While attending high school and college he was a member of the baseball team, on which he played as catcher.  Although a young man, he has already achieved substantial and distinct success; and in view of his business ability, his progressive spirit and his thorough reliability, his continued advancement seems assured.  His interest in the welfare of his city is deep and sincere, and his admirable traits of character have drawn to him a large circle of stanch friends.

History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924

p. 709-710


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