Civil War Rosters


Name Index


From the book “Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867”

by Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton, pub. 1890




This index has been compiled, formatted and transcribed by Kathy Sedler, June 2004.




Ab - Ay Ba - Bennett Benninger - Brates Braun - Bywaters Ca - Chism Cholet - Conway
Conwell - Cutting Da - Dolan Dole - Dyson Ea - Ey Fa - Flynn Fogg - Furnung
Ga - Godfrey Goetz - Gwyther Ha - Hawley Hawn - Holman Holmes - Hyson Ic - Iv
Ja - Ju Ka - Ky La - Lewin Lewis - Lytle Ma - Mazy Meacham - Moon
Mooney - Myers McA - McGee McGeehen - McWorther Na - Ny O - Oz Pa - Philbrook
Phillip - Putney Qa - Qu Ra - Risoner Ritchey - Rynerson Sa - Shower Shrader - Sr
St - Sy Ta - Tighe Tillapaugh - Tyrrell Ub - Ut Va - Vu Wa - Wentworth
Wenzel - Wilsey Wilson - Wynkoop

 no X files

Ya - Yo Za - Zo  

A name may appear multiple times -  just as it did in the original source.

You may want to try searching for spelling variations in the lists above.  Some names were also reversed with first name appearing as surname in the military records.  Check all possibilities!

This index lists over 18,000 entries.  According to the book:  approximately 17,000 California men volunteered for the war.  Some of them were stationed in other States during their enlistment.  There were 400+ California men who also volunteered to serve for the 2nd Massachusetts regiment, and were involved in many battles which helped decide the outcome of the war.  Some of our men were there when General Lee surrendered!



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