California  Civil War Rosters


From the book Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867

by Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton, pub. 1890

Transcribed by Sandy Neder,  pp 307.


First Battalion of Native Cavalry

Field and Staff Officers




Place of Enrollment

Date of Enlistment

Date of Muster


Andreas Pico


Los Angeles, Cal.

Feb. 10, 1863


Never mustered; commission declined.

Salvador Vallejo


San Francisco

Dec. 9, 1863

Aug. 18, 1864

Resigned; resignation accepted per Dept. Pacific S.O. No. 40, of Feb. 20, 1865, to take effect Feb. 28, 1865.

John C. Cremony


San Francisco

Mar. 17, 1865

Mar. 24, 1865

Disch'd as Major of 2d Cal. Cav. Vols to accept commission in same grade in 1st Bat. Native Cav.; mustered out at San Francisco, Mar. 16, 1866, per instructions from Dept. Headquarters.

Vincent Geleich

Asst. Surg.

San Francisco

June 2, 1864

Aug. 25, 1864

Discharged April 22, 1865, per S.O. No. 89 to accept a commission as Surgeon in the 4th Inf. Cal. Vols.

George B. Tolman

Asst. Surg.

San Francisco

May 8, 1865

May 19, 1865

Was Asst. Surgeon 6th Inf., Cal. Vols. From Jan. 11, 1865 to May 19, 1865; mustered out at San Francisco, April 2, 1866 with battalion.

Louis V. Leese

1st Lt. Adjt.

San Francisco

June 24, 1864


Never mustered.

John G. Donevan

1st Lt. Q.M.


Dec. 18, 1861


Never mustered as 1st Lieut. And Q.M.